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A Visual Affair


Pentagon City, 1101 S Joyce St Arlington, VA
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Vera A.

I love this place... the staff is wonderful and their selection stellar. I went in to get a pair of glasses done and walked out with an extra pair of sunglasses. I'm very picky and they were very patient as I took hours to select two frames. Actually, when I came back to pick up my glasses (I live in DC and went to the VA location because they are open on the weekends) I didn't check to make sure they were open (it was 11:30 on a Sunday and they open at noon) I was so sad when I realized the door was locked up tight but I called anyway and they picked up! and let me in so that I could pick up my glasses. They even did a quick fitting .... great customer service. Thank you!!!

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Tyler C.

The staff is always very welcoming and helpful. Dr. Bindal is courteous and does a good, thorough eye examination, but is also chatty and friendly. It's not the cheapest in the world, but think that's because they sell higher-end frames. Plus, they've yet to yell at me for eating a ton of their mints, which is always a concern of mine (I really like mints).

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Chikkibee S.

This place has really poor customer service. Their glasses are higher-end designer frames. Took my Prada glasses in to be fixed bc a screw fell out. They had poor follow-up, and when I went to pick them up, they had dirty fingerprints all over them! You'd think being a glasses place you would at least clean them!

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S V.

Really snobby place, both the doctor (not Bindal) and the person helping pick out glasses. Just amazing. They were clearly competent, but the attitude - whoa.

The doctor did something interesting/impressive and I said ''How'd you do that?' and she copped an uppity doctor attitude to perfection, 'I've been doing this for years. I didn't start just yesterday'. Really? Is that necessary? My response was to qualify that I wasn't questioning her abilities or experience, I was just curious. It went downhill from there. I missed something she said and asked about it and then she started talking vvverrryy slowly. Nice. Oh, and I almost forgot, when we started talking about my contact options, she assumed I wasn't going to go with the 'pricey' option. Really, there were no holes in my clothes. At that point, I knew there was no way I could work with her. I disengaged the contact discussion. It was only towards the very end of this that she started to act a little bit better, knowing I was not happy. I'm not sure she ever introduced herself, and I definitely never got her name when I booked the appointment nor when I arrived. Which is odd now that I think about it because the website implies the doctor is only Bindal if you're surfing casually.

Then, no one told me what to do or who to talk to after I was done with the doctor. I finally asked and was told, 'Well have you picked out your frames? Are you ready?" This was before I actually started the selection process. Strange disconnect between them.

The optician picked out frames completely unrelated to the ones I picked out and rejected every one of my choices. Fine, points for honesty, but does it really make sense to ignore the customer's taste altogether? He clearly had attitude as well. And even told me stories of his disdain for other customer's choices! Style is not codified and especially not by one person; a balance may be struct between taste and what looks good personally. Just because it's a ladies frame doesn't mean that's what I have to wear or what *will* look best on me. That's silly. To his credit, I was a challenge and kept changing my mind and he remained pretty mellow. He also explained the charges and options well and let me know how I could save money with additional frames. And the frame selection was definitely decent. But the attitude is something I will never tolerate again. Never. I encountered 4 people in that office and only the receptionist was genuine and sweet.

I have to take a shower after being around people like that.

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jymil t.

Dr. Bindal and staff are excellent they always are inviting. Dr. Bindal has helped me tremendously with my eye condition. He has worked diligently to provide me with optimum vision. He has worked diligently to find contacts to aid my Keratoconus.


A Wink & A Smile

Optometrists, Eyewear & Opticians, Orthodontists

19369 Promenade Drive Leesburg, VA
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Allen B.

Just had my first visit today. Lucy was great! The staff at the desk was as friendly as could be. The eye exam took exactly 30 minutes. I read the rest of the eye exam reviews for other docs in Leesburg and this was the best. You'll like everyone there...go get your eyes checked here!!

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Joey W.

Good customer service, good selection, outrageous prices, completely inept with insurance claims and contacting them.

overall it was overpriced and the staff were phony

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Kim D.

Dr. Lucy Lee is great. So,patient as I tried many different contacts to find the best for me. The staff is friendly and helpful. The customer service is outstanding!

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Leonard F.

I have been seeing both Dr. Lee's for my dental work and eye care. Both Leonardo Lee (dentist) and Lucy Lee (optometrist) are skilled young professionals. The care provided is first rate. I really like the dental hygienists that are part of the practice. The front desk staff are superb. I have never had a problem scheduling an appointment at a time that is convenient for me.

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Edward W.

Very friendly staff and the Doctor was very professional. Helped me with my issue and made my visit very pleasant. I would definitely visit this Doctors office again.


Ayman Boutros MD

Optometrists, Ophthalmologists

4900 Seminary Rd Alexandria, VA
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Marianne T.

Here's a tip, come at least 30 minutes late to your appt time. This office is notorious for overbooking and it's not uncommon to wait 30-60 min past your scheduled time!! I don't know about you, but my time is valuable so I strongly urge you to not be on time. As a further aside do not come 15 minutes early as they counsel. The front desk used to be extremely surly but they have new people now who are nicer. Should anyone give you a problem for coming ' late ' just tell them your time is as valuable as the doctors so when they start taking patients on time you will adjust your arrival time! On the positive side, Dr Reisner is very good. He goes the extra mile and has a nice manner.


Alan J. Pollack, MD

Optometrists, Ophthalmologists

4660 Kenmore Ave Alexandria, VA
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Mickey R.

Dr. Pollack is a skilled surgeon, a sharp diagnostician, and a genuinely nice person. He operated on my cataracts last year and the outcomes were beyond my expectations. After some high tech tests, I was told that I was a good candidate for the premium lens (meaning I won't need reading glasses anymore). I know that Dr. Pollack has done hundreds, if not thousands, of these lenses, so I opted to pay extra for the upgraded lenses. I knew I was in good hands. The fact that I don't have to wear reading glasses anymore is amazing to me. Dr. Pollack was very patient with me and took the time to answer all of my questions. His office environment is a positive one. I noticed that Dr. Pollack had a nice rapport with his staff, joking around with them, but also treating them with respect. The staff seemed happy to be working there. I actually look forward to my visits with Dr. Pollack because my experiences have been so pleasant.

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MacRae O.

It's fun trying to do work with compromised vision due to pupils the size of dinner plates. And wearing sunglasses indoors, too, like Roy Orbison only less cool.

I've been coming to this office for over 15 years now -- first when it was Huberman, then when it was Huberman & Pollack, and now that it's just Pollack -- so clearly I'm satisfied. There's a large waiting room with plenty of comfy chairs and lots of mags (good, mindless ones like "People"). The office staff is friendly. Public radio is piped into the exam rooms so news of the latest fuel cell technology can distract you from the instruments poking and prodding your eyeballs. The exam techs are professional. And Dr. Pollack is a very nice doctor...I haven't really *seen* him tho, because we always meet once I've had two rounds of retina-burning eye drops and been forced to take my contacts out. But the amorphous blur I talk to has a very warm and calming persona.

They do overextend the schedule a bit here, which is frustrating. Several people will be given the same appointment time. I know eye exams themselves are time-consuming, but nearly 2 hours for a routine check-up is pretty standard here (is that normal? Maybe it is, since this is one of the only optometrists I've been to). My boss said she was just about to send out a K9 unit when I finally showed up at work this morning.

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Emily C.

I had a very pleasant experience with both the technician and Dr. Pollack. The appointment did seem to take a very long time, but they were down one technician for the day, hopefully that was the only reason for the back-up of patients.

Unfortunately I have had a very hard time with the office staff since my appointment. It has now taken four different calls to the office and two calls to insurance to (hopefully) finally get it sorted out that I had the wrong charge on my statement. They insisted that I owed $135 for my appointment when I was confident (and, it turns out, correct) that I only owed $35. They were rude to me on the phone and continually blew me off when I tried to correct the problem. By the third time I called, it became clear that no one had even looked at my statement to see that I had been charged for the same exam twice (under slightly different codes), which is obviously why insurance wasn't covering it. When they finally directed me to their external billing company, I was treated with respect and the problem was solved.

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D A.

Dr. Pollack was recommended to me by my dentist and a few other people. Had a check up and two other issues looked at while there for my appointment. Office is clean and full of great equipment. The waiting area is comfortable and was not crammed full of people like I had seen with other opthalmologists who seem to overbook.

Dr. Pollack's staff are professional and friendly. I felt very comfortable with them. Dr. Pollack was very thorough in his examination and listed several treatment options for my condition as well as took the time to explain what was going on. I had a very pleasant experience and have found a new opthalmologist for the future.


Appelbaum Stanley A


6509 Democracy Blvd Bethesda, MD
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Samantha E.

I took my 7 year old son to Dr. Stanley Applebaum on Aug 22,2014 for a vision therapy assessment. Vision therapy itself is amazing and the assessment, although long and Dr. Stan being extremely long winded, surprisingly egotistical and arrogant, was helpful (for my son's future needs of vision therapy to enhance his reading capabilities). Here is where it gets more than unprofessional and extraordinarily problematic.. I told Dr Applebaum that we were referred to his office by my cousin who lives in the Washington, DC area. We, however, do not live nearby, so we were doing the assessment to find out if our son needs vision therapy. We would then need Dr. Applebaum's formal evaluation to take to a therapist in NYC. After 2 hours of listening to Dr. Applebaum toot his own horn and paying the $450 fee, I left hoping that the assessment would be done (as the office staff promised) in a week and faxed immediately to our local vision therapist. Over a week later, I called the office, at which time an exceptionally ill mannered secretary, told me that the my son's full evaluation was on the doctor's desk waiting to be faxed and he "will get to it when he gets to it." I was beyond disturbed by this cavalier attitude toward a very simple request for information that we had already paid for. I reiterated that our new vision therapist in NYC needed the assessment to being the work that my son needs and time is of the essence. To no avail...the secretary was completely unconcerned and callous and that was that. Today we arrived back at our NYC vision therapist's office for our #3 vision therapy treatment (they were kind enough to begin treatment without repeating the initial assessment). Our new doctor looked at me again and said the assessment had still not been sent. I called Applebaum's office again and was then told that he mailed it off 2 weeks ago...when it was said to have been on his desk. I then asked for tracking information and or the possibility of reprinting and faxing as previously requested, to which I was told by a different secretary, that she had no jurisdiction in this area and that no one in the office is authorized to make any copies of patient's records except Dr. Applebaum. I would have to wait for the doctor to call me back....

Long and the short is...this therapist/office is less than professional, the office is very difficult to deal with at best. If you are looking for an excellent vision therapist in the Washington, DC/MD/VA metropolitan area, check out Dr. Robert Jacobs in McLean, Virginia.

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