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A Visual Affair


1150 Connecticut Ave NW Washington, DC
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Sarah J M.

I first stumbled upon A Visual Affair because I had heard of these new things called 'Groupons' a few years back and didn't have visual included with my insurance plan Dr. Bindal was very professional and courteous, as well as his staff - and trust me each time I'm there I spend at least an hour and a hand picking my new set of frames with the assistance of the 'girls' upfront! It's so much fun! The girls upfront won't let me leave if I'm unsatisfied as a customer, they are truly one of a kind. Ohh and for Dr. Bindal it's hard to find doctors of any kind who actually care about their patients anymore; but Dr. Bindal clearly loves his job and his patients! I know I've kept going back to both the DC and VA location! Good Luck! Maybe I'll see you there next time?

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Herb T.

over priced and difficult. I gave my wife a "living social" coupon for exam and $ towards reading glasses....Geez this is not that complicated but this place is over priced and after several corrections still couldnt get the lens right. Why pay beverly hills/rodeo drive prices ($400 OVER the coupon) and get CVS store bought service? ps address is connecticut ave but entrance is 18th street.

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Daniel O.

I made an appointment with Dr. Bindal through ZocDoc. His staff called twice to reschedule the time and a third time to request insurance information. When the day of the appointment came, I rushed from another appointment across town to be on time. When I arrived, the receptionist told me that Dr. Bindal was running late and wasn't in the office yet. I waited 20 minutes and Dr. Bindal never showed. The entire point of scheduling through ZocDoc was to avoid wasted calls and time. Everyone is entitled to some understanding in a bad day running late, but my time is valuable too. A little advance notice that he would be late would have been courteous and professional, and there's been no apology for the missed appointment.

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amy g.

I have been here several times and have had nothing but wonderful service. Dr. Bindal and his staff are wonderful and welcoming.

If you haven't tried it - try - you won't be disappointed.

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Honeybee D.

The incompetence of this business is astounding!!. Where do I even begin!? Not only was the doctor not in the office on my scheduled follow-up visit, I wasn't even listed in their appointment book for that appt. Then in my follow-up (2nd try) Dr. Bindal hadn't noted in my file what contact lens strength he'd given me to try, the receptionist was tasked to write my prescription from his notes and made errors - which I caught, and when I went to order contacts later I realized that the doctor had also made a careless error in my actual prescription. Per the latter, an office staff member made excuses for him, saying he writes these a lot and can therefore make mistakes. Well, of course, it's his JOB and people's EYES are a serious matter. This experience has been so disturbing, I hope others aren't subject to it as well.

The staff's apologies for every mishap don't make up for the pathetic service. They've completely lost my trust. I'd give this review zero stars but the system prompts for at least one.


A Brighter Image

Eyewear & Opticians, Optometrists

1720 Connecticut Ave NW Washington, DC
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Ni C.

What a refreshing change to have a store that knows what they are talking about!

The staff is friendly, they have an amazing selection of glasses, and they offer very competitive prices on their contacts. They also accept VSP insurance which not everyone does.

Would highly recommend for their honest opinions on frame shapes and sizes and their customer service.

I got my glasses in 4 business days. FYI-They have a lab in the back, so everything is done in house and not shipped out. Impressive.

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Sara M.

Seriously awesome. The doctor was AMAZING, thorough, and really super nice. His staff that helped me find some frames were also super friendly, professional and extremely nice. They did a GREAT job. I highly recommend this place to anyone looking for an eye doctor.

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Stephanie V.

I had a similar experience to Arturo. I feel trust is important in my doctors, and this place has not earned my trust by up-selling and over-prescribing. My one positive is that the staff is very nice. 2 years in a row I was over-prescribed for my contacts. By the 3rd year, my prescription was back where I started.

Also, I similarly felt the doctor was up-selling options. While it is admirable that they have the newest and fanciest machines for checking my eyes, I'm not sure that I need to pay extra every check up.

Finally, I was frustrated with a recent glasses-lens experience. I had the lens for two years and took them in because I couldn't clean them. These are glasses I where very infrequently - I usually where contacts. It turns out my seldom used glasses had an anti-glare coating that does occasionally scratch. The only fix is to replace them, and conveniently the warranty runs out after a year. I was frustrated that I was not told there were cheaper lens option and equally frustrated the optometrist would not call the wholesaler or manufacturer on my behalf.

I advise taking your eyes else where.

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Arturo G.

I couldn't decide whether to give A Brighter Image a "1" or a "2". On the one hand, a "1" would be a warning sign to others to find another place in Dupont Circle. Then again, Dr. Vater was very accommodating when I came back 3 times to get my lens fitting right. Then again, the fact that I came THREE times is a bad sign--actually five but who's counting? The reason I went back five times was because Dr. Vater tried to upsell me to Oasys contacts from Acuvue 2. A previous optometrist had tried them and they didn't fit well on me. But I figured I'd give them another shot.

There some warning signs things wouldn't go well. First, the prescription Dr. Vater was way off from my previous prescription. I can accept that my vision got worse by a little bit, but not by the amount Dr. Vater said. I had to come back two more times to try other prescriptions because my vision was "off." Dr. Vater definitely was definitely patient with me and finally settled on a prescription one step up from my previous one. Still, I wasn't happy with the vision with Oasys and I called to switch back to Acuvue 2. I had to make 2 trips before I they had the right prescription for the Acuvue 2s.

Since I came back so many times, I got a chance to check out their frames selection, and I wasn't impressed. It's limited and there are a few recognizable high-end brand names. I wouldn't go there to pick out frames.

I want to give a "1.5" for the staff, which doesn't seem to really care about their job--in more than several instances, they argued with me about small things and made me feel like I was asking too much of them. They definitely aren't very welcoming.

Another reason I recommend going elsewhere is the high prices. I was charged $30 for a box of Acuvue 2 contact lenses. My previous optometrist charged about $17-$20 for one box, but you can get them cheaper online or at Costco for about $14/box. The lens exam costs about $135 if you don't have insurance (at least that's what the my insurance statement said).

If you just need an Rx for contact lenses or glasses, I would say Dr. Vater is ok. But if you need any other services (contacts, frames), you'll get more and better quality for you money elsewhere.

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Thomas D.

I have been going to A Brighter Image for over 15 years. I had Lasik surgery in 1999, but still need glasses for reading. If anything, I am the one who constantly pushes for the upgrades and am told by the staff to tone it down. I find Dr. Vater to be an excellent doctor, and I have no problem with the "extra" tests primarily due to the fact regarding my Lasik...these tests help detect if there is any issue regarding that concern. The selection of frames is outstanding, far better than any "chain" and the service and attention to detail is comforting. As a consumer whom, if I have an issue, I go right to the CEO of the organization, bypassing any middle management, I would highly recommend them. Believe me, if I felt I had any issues, I would not be going there for the past 15 years.


America's Best Contacts & Eyeglasses

Eyewear & Opticians, Optometrists, Ophthalmologists

5031 Indian Head Hwy Oxon Hill, MD
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Crystal H.

This location is in Eastover Shopping Center. The guy and I went in to check on the 2 for $69 with a free eyeglasses exam. However, my guy has some bad vision, so he needs more than that deal includes! However, the people working in this location, were nice, but extremely hood!! LOL! They were friendly, but whew...they were a bit much!

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Orishas L.

To make a long story short don't waste your time patronizing this store. They have RUDE employees who mirror unprofessional and quite ghetto behavior. I had an employee raise her voice at me while using obscene language, just because I choose to stick up for myself. And it's sad because everyone else that works in the store seems to be quite nice.

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Alan B.

Well, well, well. It looks like it is up to me to balance out the perception of this place since the other reviewers have portrayed it as a festering cesspool full of screaming lunatics. This is not the case.

First of all, they were convenient in the sense that they were able to see me the same day that I called. I couldn't say the same about either store that I called in NoVA. I was in, out, and on with my afternoon. Everyone in the store was friendly, straightforward, and helpful. The optometrist was as thorough as any that I have been to in the past.

Second of all, the place was reasonable. I did join the Eye Care Club for $99, and it has payed me back in a variety of ways since early 2013 when I first went to the Oxon Hill store. The Eye Care Club offers members free eye exams for up to three years (that is an additional 5 exams if you go every 6 months). Also, I get discounts on my Proclear monthly contacts. They are only $41 a box, and if you do the math that comes out to a measly $82 every 6 months/ $164 per year.

Thirdly, let's talk about the location itself. Yes, I lived in Alex.,VA in 2013. The prevailing perception of many a NoVA snob is that crossing the Potomac over the Woodrow Wilson Bridge is analogous to crossing the River Styx into the depths of Hades. (As evident by this other reviewer here who said, "my life was threatened.") Got news for ya, everybody in nearby Alexandria: Nobody in this neighborhood is interested in threatening the Professor Emeritus of Economics or your vintage Volvo. Ooh, there is some trash on the ground... ooh, there are some seagulls eating discarded french fries in the lot... I'm not really sure who that guy is having a conversation with outside of the Giant... maybe a ghost? This is a working class suburb, people. It's not the Southside of Chicago. Thus ends my rant.

No complaints here, if it wasn't 700 miles away from me I'd go back.

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George C.

A very bad neighborhood to go into, first of all. Don't risk your life going to this business to (supposedly) save some money.

Just as important: If you go in for the "Two pairs of glasses for $69," you'll find they have one add-on after another, and you end up not being able to pay for two pairs. So you go for one pair, and that one pair still ends up costing $400 because of all the add-ons (the warranty, a special scratch protection coating, a special glare protection name it, a lot of stuff that ends up costing multiples of $69, and just for a single pair of glasses).

So their ads are basically just intended to bait you and draw you in and play you for a sucker.

In that kind of environment, the customer service is as sloppy and as indifferent as you'd expect. They don't care how they inconvenience you, once they've got you on the hook. You need something they can handle over the phone? They'll make you put in an appearance at the store anyway. They don't stay on top of things, so you need to call them and pester them about whether an order has arrived, etc.

It all smacks of dishonesty and people who are just marginally competent in what they do for a living.


America's Best Contacts & Eyeglasses

Eyewear & Opticians, Optometrists, Ophthalmologists

1401 Rockville Pike Rockville, MD
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Willis N.

The ratings made me skeptical but I wanted to go ahead and try them out anyways because my friend said she has a good experience. I don't know why this place has bad ratings but when I went everything went smoothly. So I went there and was greeted right away. I told them exactly what I wanted to do and the lady there told me to fill out some paper work which took about 5 minutes or less. I then met the Doctor for the eye exam which took about 10 minutes. Then after I went to go pick out my pair of glass which for 2 for $69.95. Took maybe about 5 minutes ordering my glasses. The person that worked there told me it would take about 1-2 weeks for them to arrive and would call me when I do. So I went there on Monday and got a call from there two days later on Wednesday saying that they were ready for pick up. I went in got my glasses and I was really happy with them!!! The bad reviews were probably from old employees who used to work here or something because I had a different experience when I went there.

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Jose F.

I wish I could give them ZERO stars. Worst customer service I've ever experienced plain and simple their employees and doctors don't give a crap about you or your time...all they care about is getting your money and getting you out the door ASAP.

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Allan H.

Customer Service was terrible. The doctor was great. Don't even bother making an appointment. It's 1st come, 1st serve.

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Jessie K.

Summary: More than a month later and 4 visits, I STILL do not have my glasses.

Customer service is abysmal at best. It was like a high school hallway in between classes on my first visit. The staff was more interested in running around playing games with each other than even bothering to acknowledge the existence of customers. They finally bothered to say something to me more than 10 minutes after I arrived and stood at the reception desk. Having an appointment didn't seem to give me any sort of priority over the walk-ins.

While I was in the initial exam room with the tech other employees walked in and out with boxes and chatted with the tech as if I was not even there (not to mention mid-eye test).

The Optometrist was very nice and professional...the one redeeming quality, although not enough to bring it to 2 stars. I actually felt bad that she had to work with this group.

Selection: The selection was decent. Of course the "fun" frames are not part of the cheap deal...but still less than other places I have purchased glasses. There is also an upsale for thinner lenses and many frames require special lenses.

Again, it took a long time to place my order. There were lots of staff hanging around "playing" and only one guy doing the orders.

I waited 2 weeks and expected a call to tell me the glasses arrived. Nothing. So I stopped in. One pair (of course the cheapo back-up pair that I wasn't really interested in wearing regularly) arrived. Supposedly the other pair had shipped the day before.

I waited another 2 weeks for the promised call. Again, NOTHING. Stopped back in and overheard them telling the lady in front of me that they had lost her glasses. Sure enough, I got the same line. They told me to wait in line for them to reorder (which I am not sure why...because they already had all of the information)...of course I had to wait in a 3 person line (with each person taking 20 minutes). I had to leave. So, more than a month later, I still do not have my glasses. Heading back again to try to resolve.

Parking: Take the bus. There are a few reserved spots in front but they share them with a don't count on parking there on a Friday afternoon. There is $5 parking behind, they may have parking validation, but I wasn't going to count on it.

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Doris H.

Can I give zero? America's WORST contacts & eyeglasses. I come to ask for fax number so that I could send my doctor's prescription for buying contacts. one staff tells me that it takes 5 days for ordering. Cool. Then I return from my car again to ask another Non-white lady staff if she could help me to adjust my glasses. And she gives me attitude and tells me that if I don't buy glasses from their stores. She couldn't do anything about it. She tells me to go to Lenscrafters across the street. And I HAVE to. People in Lenscrafters over there are so helpful. They clean my glasses without asking me anything. It's the way how a neighborhood store should be!


America's Best Contacts & Eyeglasses

Eyewear & Opticians, Optometrists, Ophthalmologists

Brentwood, 1060 Brentwood Rd NE Washington, DC
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T J.

I signed up to Yelp just to tell you how bad this location is. That's how bad it is.

Came here on a federal holiday only to discover that no appointments were available. Figuring that there was a holiday rush, I was fine with this and promptly went home to make a 6:00 appointment. Booked! I'm not gonna be blind anymore!

Or so I thought.

I call at 5:55 to see if the doctor will be there at 6:05 (rush hour metro traffic) Only to find out this doctor does not stay one second past 6 for anyone or anything. Great. I manage to make it off the train at 5:59 and give the store one more call just to check. Yes! The doctor will be there for a little.... But only if I hurry!

I run from the metro in winter weather, as I'm tired of being blind and I will be out of town on the weekend. I make it in around 6:02. AND THE DOCTOR IS STILL HERE!

But she's still with a patient. And she's not taking anymore patients. Even if you have an appointment. Come back tomorrow morning at 9:45. Oh, and someone telling me to come on the phone because the doctor would still be there? That wasn't the official front desk girl so it doesn't count.

Coupled with the lack of good customer service I don't get when I come here other times + the very dry and unenthusiastic girl at the front desk, I will no longer come to this location. I really try to keep my money in my community since I live in the area, but I'd rather take my chances with a more reputable place.

Complete waste of my time and effort.

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Tammy L.

I got my glasses from America's Best about 6 or 7 months ago. They were really inexpensive -- $39 for the frames, and the thinned out lenses were around $89, which includes a 1 year warranty on the entire frames and lens package for pretty much anything, accidents included. My glasses are the most comfortable glasses I've ever owned, and I've gotten glasses from both chains and private offices before.Their selection of frames is somewhat limited, though. I found that many of them were made for very small faces, but there are a couple of gems that can be found if you already know what shapes fit your face. If you happen to find two that are nice, they have good 2-for deals, starting at $89, I think. Special lenses will be add-ons.

After I got my glasses, I've heard that America's Best is not that great of a place to go for glasses, but I had a really good experience there. I brought my prescription from my regular eye doctor, and just picked out my glasses there, so I don't know if their eye doctors are good. The staff were helpful and friendly, though.

Minus 1 star for limited selection.

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Naomi K.

The office staff is very nice and helpful but the doctors are awful. DO NOT go here unless you want the doctors to mess up your prescription and sub par service. They hardly answered any of my questions when I asked and did not have the kind of contacts I wear in the store.

The doctors are really really awful. I would never go back here!

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Mary B.

I'm getting old and I can no longer read with my regular prescription, so I went to my doctor and got a new one. I took the new prescription to America's Best and they made the glasses in the time they said they would. I found the staff helpful and the selection of frames, while not huge, was big enough for me to find something I liked.

I have to say, on price, that they were totally up front about the fact that my glasses would cost more than the advertised price. This is because I need high-index plastic or something like that for my prescription. They weren't upselling me, either, because I am always told this. But at least I knew from the beginning what the total cost would be. I was pleased to be offered a 20% discount because I have health insurance. I didn't need to do any paperwork, just show them my insurance card. (Personally, I think the poor people who don't have insurance need the discount more than I do. But apparently the deal has something to do with an arrangement America's Best has with the insurance companies.)

The bad news was that I hated the new prescription. So I went back to my doctor and got a new one. I was freaked out about the fact that I was going to have to pay for new glasses until he told me that the industry standard is for the lens shop to make the new lenses free of charge. He wrote "Doctor's courtesy" or something similar on the bottom of the prescription. The kicker is--my doctor said some of the chains don't do this. He specifically warned me not to go to Hour Eyes. He wasn't sure if America's Best worked this way or not.

So I take the new prescription to America's Best and what do they do but give me the new lenses free of charge! But wait, there's more--the new prescription is better but I still can't see right. So I decide to make the new prescription into reading glasses. This means I need new distance glasses in my regular prescription. (The ones I have are scratched and messed up.) So I go BACK to the store and this time I ask them if I can retroactively take advantage of their 2 for 1 deal. They called out the manager and she said she could give me 50% off the second pair of glasses. Which I think is totally fair.

Another good thing to know is that they warranty the glasses for a year for everything except loss and theft. I've already made a note to go back in 11 months, if need be, and get new lenses for the glasses I'm buying this year. (Don't you hate the way sunscreen and stuff like that messes up the lenses?)

The bottom line? Friendly, helpful staff and good prices. I'd recommend these guys without any hesitation.

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Amber J.

I went there for their $69.95 deal for glasses. I arrived 15 minutes early and I didn't get seen until 15 minutes after my appointment time (sucks). The staff was nice and helpful. I had my eye exam completed and I later went to look at frames. I WAS VERY DISPLEASED WITH THE SELECTION of frames they had however I found two frames that I found attractive considering my options to choose from.

When I got to the desk to make my purchase for the frames(NO HIDDEN FEES), the lady assisting me pointed out the eye doctor suggested on my prescription that I should get "poly something" lenses which I was confused about especially since the doctor did not express that to me (tisk tisk) so I politely declined...but I couldn't help but think if the doctor made a suggestion for a specific lens she should have discussed why and additional information to me so I was a little pissed about that.

I left content and I am currently waiting for my frames.....TO BE CONTINUED.....

So I got my frames the were bent all crazy I had to reorder one of my frames because it ran super small and my other frame was bent as well I was able to get my issues resolved however I'm not sure if I'll be returning

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