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America's Best Contacts & Eyeglasses

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3460 Crain Hwy Bowie, MD
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iamlarry w.

I get to this place at 4:10PM to purchase contacts the day before Thanksgiving and they're closed??? There was NO signage about closing early. The door says 6:00PM.I needed contacts. Now Im not gonna be able to see for the entire weekend. KCUF THIS PLACE!!!

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Vincent R.

Bad customer service. I felt like a number and a nuance to the optometrist work day. Purchased 2 glasses and I made a courtesy call after 7 days to see if they were in. One pair was in and was told to wait a few more days for the second pair to come in. Was rudely greeted when I arrived to the store at day 12 to see if my glasses were in yet. She was less reluctant to help me because it appears unless the store calls the customer back, they assume the glasses aren't in. Was more or less shoved out the door with the one pair that was ready. The rep just handed it to me and sent me on my way. No adjustments or anything. Just plopped it on the table and said here. When I questioned the second pair, she told me to wait another 3 days.

I understand they can't make my glasses appear, but if the glasses were not ready by day 10, it would have been nice to have been given a call. I spent good money on two pairs of glasses to be sent on my way without anything more than an attitude.

Would highly suggest going to the location in Lanham instead. Have had a much better experience there.


I finally received my glasses on day 19! my own intervention I might add. After my not so pleasant experience I reviewed earlier, I was still in limbo about where my glasses were. No one called me to give me an update on my glasses. I was fed up waiting and went in on day 19 to see if my glasses were ready.

When I arrived I was asked if I was given a call to say they were ready...NO!.....Long and behold there they were in the store. ARE YOU KIDDING ME! The lady who I assumed to be the manager dealt with me in a 180degree manner than the other employee. Asked if I needed adjustment, the whole nine. As if someone had tipped them off to my bad review. Kudos to them.

In all fairness, the glasses were VERY affordable comped to others in the region. And the quality was top notch. The glasses are a very good deal for those looking for a decent pair. Just have to sacrifice good customer service.

Bump to 3 Stars for corporate getting back to me and at least delivering good product.


America's Best Contacts & Eyeglasses

Eyewear & Opticians, Optometrists, Ophthalmologists

11654 Sudley Manor Dr Manassas, VA
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Katia A.

I have not been impressed with my experience here. It took a month in half to receive my other pair of glasses . I called about 5x within the month and they just said they were on their way and it might take a while since they were coming from Hong Kong. Come to find out, I came in today to pick up my other pair( they finally arrived yesterday) and was told by an associate that he blamed follow-up because they didn't bother to call the company to see where they were. He said they had to be remade for some reason but I was never made aware of that, I was just told the same thing. He said I could have gotten them earlier if follow up had called the company and had been proactive. It's not great to know if I break my glasses I could possibly go 2 months without them. I am reluctant to order any glasses from this company again if I know efficiency is not their top priority.

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Teresa R.

I went there with an eye emergency they took me with out an appt within 30 min. Appointment was only $30.00 which I thought was a very fair price. They have a good membership plan that is also very cost savings.

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Susan A.

I've been going to America's Best since 1993 when the closest one for me was in Rockville. Now that they have many more stores located through the northern VA area it makes it so much easier to get my eyes checked and get my contacts.

Even though they don't take my insurance it is far cheaper for me to pay for the America's Best membership and get the ultra low prices in contacts and glasses. I love knowing that a box of my contacts is about $13.

I was able to make an appointment at the last minute and get my eyes checked by an awesome optometrist. The associates at the America's Best in Manassas were very friendly and made you feel at home. I'm happy that I got my 5 year membership with them and look forward to getting a new pair of glasses in the near future.

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Joseph C.

Okay,, Decided that I had to redo this review because the District Manager called me and genuinely seemed concerned about my experience in their store,

For the first time, I walked into America's Best a few weeks ago and I can tell you that I was quite impressed by what I saw on their sales floor. This place is immaculately clean and inviting and the staff is very friendly. Honestly, if you're looking for frames, I haven't seen a place that offers as wide a selection and not nearly as many brands! At the time, I came in to take advantage of their $69 special but I had a bad experience with one of their associates who told me that I didn't qualify for that special. I paid something like $45 for a "FREE" eye exam and left with only my written prescription to show for it. Needless to say, I was TICKED OFF.. so I wrote about it on every blog post that I could find.

Days later, I receive a phone call from the District Manager, Turns out that I did qualify for their special and that their was some type of confusion with their rep, and they offered to resolve the issue, Honestly, I had no intentions in doing business with them again at all but the DM seemed genuine.

As of now, I am happy with my glasses and you will be too! Be warned, though.. don't let the associate tell you that you don't qualify for their specials. They are a commission base environment and, in the end, that could cost you some big money if you don't ask the right questions.

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Rachel K.

I went there because I basically have a vision discount through my employer. I live close by and the place looked clean so I thought I'd give it a try. I got my contact lense evaluation and could not afford contacts at the moment. I was out of town for a few days and left my extra pair at home. I called America's "Best" and asked them to fax me my perscription. They faxed a form over saying I needed to fill it out before they could. I really don't see the point in that because anyone could forge a name. Anyways, I tried faxing it back, but the fax machine I was using wasn't working. I called and asked them if I could just e-mail it and they said they have no e-mail address?! Then I asked if they could fax the perscription to a local Costco.
After calling back and forth ALL DAY between them and Costco I FINALLY got them to send my perscription into Costco. It took literally all day. I would never ask them for anything. I will go out of my way to go to another America's Best.


America's Best Contacts & Eyeglasses

Eyewear & Opticians, Optometrists, Ophthalmologists

6635 Ritchie Hwy Glen Burnie, MD
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Jamie D.

Horrible wait, even though I had an appointment. The doctor was nice and took his time. Overall happy with the prices and the glasses and contacts that I got. Just hate wasting my time when I have an appointment.

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Keith Y.

They keep all their glasses individually locked, so for each pair someone has to unlock it. We finally got to see one pair, then she walked off. I wanted to try on a few more pairs but she walked into the back without saying a word. After about five minutes, and with everyone else busy, we decided to leave and shop elsewhere.

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Patricia R.

So, of course I read the previous reviews as I was sitting in the lobby waiting for my eye exam.. lmao - bad yelper! I will say the following -

1 - while I didn't have any issues, there were apparently a LOT of other people that were having them. As I sat in the lobby for about 10 minutes waiting for my appointment there were some customers at the eyeglass counter and 2 at the main counter complaining/ frustrated about something...

2- I just went to get my eyes checked, purchased contacts and eye glasses elsewhere, so I didn't have a problem. The eye dr. is SUPER nice and friendly - so I was OK with it..

I have no problem returning for an eye exam ($69 - how cheap is that?!), but I'm not interested in purchasing my contacts/glasses with them.. Keep the business simple and minimal here it seems.

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B A.

So, the store manager called back to say that the corporate office will offer us a 20% discount - this is the SAME discount that they should have been offering me since we have been patients because I tell them we have vision coverage and they have copied my card. The manager said that the corporate office said I was trying to "double dip?!" EXCUSE ME - this ISSUE was about my daughter's eye sight, SERVICES and PATIENT CARE - not about DISCOUNTS!!!! So on top of the worst service ever now I have been ACCUSED of trying to get an extra discount. Give me a break, this does not excuse a serious lack of regard for a patient's well being and sight. I will let me insurance company also know about the problems I have experienced - maybe they can also do something to address this issue. BE VERY CAREFUL OF TRUSTING THIS ESTABLISHMENT - THEY HAVE QUESTIONABLE BUSINESS PRACTICES, A TOTAL DISREGARD AND LACK OF RESPECT FOR THE PATIENT THEY ARE PROVIDING SERVICE AND THEY BLAME THE CUSTOMER FOR THEIR SHORTCOMINGS!!!

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Danielle G.

I had a 2:30pm appointment and I haven't seen a doctor yet and its now 4:31pm. I understand that its a Saturday afternoon, but if this location is not equipped to handle the patient flow then they need to stop over booking to make a profit. I did see a doctor at 4:43pm and he was great. I just dont have almost three hours to spend in the doctors office.


Associates in Eyecare, Optometrists, PC

Optometrists, Eyewear & Opticians, Laser Eye Surgery/Lasik

42015 Village Center Plz Stone Ridge, VA
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Mehert T.

I went for yearly eye exam . The front desk women was so mean. She gave me forms to feel out. I filed 1 form n gave her back n didn't know she gave me 3. I caught her nodding her head n talk behind me coz I didn't fill out all the forms.. Very mean. And the women was so mad coz I don't want my eyes to be imaged. Don't respect individuals opinion very bad .

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Eddie H.

Great experience. The doctor was great, she gave me very detailed eye exam and tried to understand my lifestyle.

The lady that helped me with choosing new pair of glasses was awesome as well, she and the technicians adjusted my old pair glasses that I purchased elsewhere, they never fit before, now they fit perfectly and I am going to use them as my spare glasses at home.

My ONLY complains are their glasses selection is not HUGE and a bit pricey. But my insurance paid for most of it.

The receptionist was okay, not great. BUT, I am here for eye exam and glasses, so I couldn't care less.

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South Riding M.

NEVER stuck waiting. Finally a Dr. who respects my time. Dr. has given me great advice on my eye care and now prepping for Lasik. Love the idea they work with TLC for follow ups after Lasik so I can go to them instead of TLC for after care. What a bonus.....As I said.. Finally a Dr. who respects my time. Quality care to boot! Nice office as well. Great customer service all staff professional. No idol chit chat - great. Can't ask for more.

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Samantha P.

I came here all the way from Fairfax (45 minutes to an hour drive with traffic) for a certain brand of frames that I couldn't find anywhere closer. The employees I worked with were all very helpful and nice. I told them my glasses had broken and I needed my new pair ASAP so I could drive and they told me they would try to get them in by the end of the week. I got them in the next day, about 24 hours after I paid for them. I was very impressed. I haven't had an eye exam here so I can't review that, but I would definitely come back.

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Stephanie P.

Convoluted and suspect billing practices even the staff cannot explain. The final bill was more than a year later even though insurance closed out the claims in sufficient time. Then when asked for detailed information all that is provided is a lengthy line by line account via phone that still didn't add up. I was given three different total bill amounts. Everything is not submitted to insurance. Associates in Eyecare is not compelled to or concerned with explaining their billing.


America's Best Contacts & Eyeglasses

Eyewear & Opticians, Optometrists, Ophthalmologists

1100 Connecticut Ave NW Washington, DC
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Michele L.

The staff is normally friendly when I come in. They always seem to be in a rush or just plain busy when you come in, even if no one is in there. I had to call 3 times to find out about my glasses that I had to pick up. I was told that they werent ready, and check back in a few. So finally, I went down there to pick them up. Didnt call or anything and they were there. The young lady said they were there for over a week. But no one seemed to know where they were, the day before.

Let just say, Im going to go back because I can pick my contacts up easily, from here, and its convenient.

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Dominic W.

Went here to get contacts for the first time. Was a little bit worried after reading reviews of the chain online but this store seems pretty good. The eye exam was rapid and they were incredibly helpful in teaching me how to put contacts in and take them out. $99 for three years of eye exams (including contact assessments). You have to have an exam every year for contacts to get your precription renewed so this deal is pretty good. Then you can purchase the contacts (on top of this price) from them or online. Would recommend - seems to be a much better deal than any of the fancy non-chain stores.

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Lexie D.

3.5 stars.

You know that feeling you get when you haven't been to the eye doctor in God-knows-how-long? That nagging, squinty-eyed uneasiness? But you put it off until one day you consume one martini at Medaterra and wake up haunted by 'Nam-like flashbacks of the prior evening and mangled lenses?

Maybe that's just me.

This place is great because:
--they accept Spectera, and probably many more insurances
--I was able to make an appointment online (not talking to people is always good for a +1)
--I was able to make an appointment online for THE SAME DAY, and also, President's Day.
--the optometrist was friendly and competent enough
--no eye drops!
--I was stuck between two pairs of glasses (and no, I didn't need both), and the employee assisting me candidly told me one pair overwhelmed my face. Goodbye, red hipster lenses, I have not the face for you.
--I was able to run in and pick them up on a busy schedule without feeling inconvenienced.

--when I arrived for my initial appointment, the place was a little chaotic. I was the only person in the store, but I still had to wait about 30 minutes before I saw the optometrist.
--Before I had my actual exam, there's a pre-exam with an "optional" test that costs extra. But they "highly recommend" it. How am I supposed to know if staring at a blinking dot is "worth" an extra $15 or so? It was really odd.
--Glasses took ten full days (wasn't able to pick them up until the 11th because they called me right before they closed). Also, I missed the call, and the voice mail was just a recording of their business hours. Odd.

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AllheartD C.

This is the last time I will order glasses or contacts from America's Best. I gave 2 stars because I have ordered glasses and contacts from this company before and the experience was positive with one exception. I opted to have Transitions lens. The first time my glasses had to be returned to the store because the lens barely transitioned. I had to wait about a week for America's Best to correct the problem. I didn't complain at the time but recently I needed a new pair of glasses. I mentioned my previous experience with ordering the glasses and stated that I did not want to deal with the same issue. Of course the same thing happened. Now I have to go back and wait another week for them to get it right. So frustrating and inconvenient. Worst of all, their attitude was....sorry to hear that but we will not compensate you for your troubles. OK fine but don't expect me to buy anything from this company again.

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Dorie C.

I was a little nervous at first about what appeared to be slow service and potential disorganization in the waiting room, but I didn't actually have to wait more than 5-10 minutes as a walk-in. And then they surprised me by doing something very nice - fixing the problem with my glasses (the nosepad had fallen off) at no charge. I'm not a regular customer, so this was just a genuinely kind gesture. Impressed with their service ethic.

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