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Capitol Eyes


1201 F Street NW Washington, DC
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Terri W.

Dr. Allouche has been my eye doctor for more than 4 years now and he's amazing. I always feel important and remembered when I go here, and even when it's busy, I get quality service.

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Jasmine B.

So, I finally went! They finally answered the phone! The whole reason I wanted to go so badly is because a friend suggested I go, she said they had very unique glasses for good prices. I went. Nothing special. The guy who was like the "office manager-all in one" was a cool dude.

Now, two weeks later I'm still waiting on my glasses and yet again they're not answering their phone during normal business hours.

However, my friend was right. Very cool frames for a good price. However, pricing for an exam was unclear and not really explained to well until after the fact that they've performed services.

All in all, the frames are worth the mess....depending on how bad you want a unique frame.

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Pedro M.

i think 3 stars is about right for this place. convenient, good prices, nice people

not anything extraordinary about this place, including their selection of glasses. and always seems like they're understaffed when i'm there -- the phone is always ringing, people are frequently coming in, and the 2 guys there are just stretched thin...

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Patti W.

this place is pretty awful. the retail area looks so disorganized with most glasses out of their cases and strewn about like knock-offs on canal street. some of the glasses that were hanging were hanging diagonally, and most were not in their cases. customers' orders awaiting pick-up were sitting throughout the waiting room on chairs. these things gave the appearance of complete disarray, and it actually looked like they were having a going-out-of-business sale it was so messy. the guy up front who greeted me, whom i assumed was the optician/manager was also a little odd and unprofessional. everything gave the appearance that the place was a little sketchy, and the longer i waited for my eye exam the more i considered not even keeping my appointment because i like doctors who know what they're doing and don't have sketchy business practices. thankfully, the guy up front was not the doctor. the doctor was fine--pleasant and professional. i'll end up finding another place next time, though.

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Kim C.

These guys are wonderful. The doctor is very nice and very careful to get your prescription exactly right, and the administrative gentleman was attentive and gave great advice when I was picking out my glasses. He also explained all my insurance benefits really clearly so there was no confusion. The hours aren't great, their office closes early a few times a week and opens late, but otherwise this is the place to go!


Charles F Bahn


4848 Battery Ln Bethesda, MD
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Deborah N.

Dr. Bahn has been treating my family for years. And we're a family of people with very bad vision! I very much trust his expertise. His staff is very nice and friendly. Recommend him fully.


Capital Vision

Optometrists, Ophthalmologists

Virginia Square, 3801 N Fairfax Dr Arlington, VA
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Bauly M.

It is formally recently been pretty much 5 weeks given that my lasik operations as well as my own eye are fantastic. I will view better than 20/20 no halos or perhaps just about any unwanted side effects whatsoever. The staff in Capital Vision is incredibly very helpful as well as warm and friendly as well as Dr. Kotecha is a pro. You will find there's answer why every person goes right here to get lasik done. patients rarely have to come back for enhancements.

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Lissa V.

Dr. Kotecha was one of the few Doctors that actually takes time with patients and explains what she's going to do to you. My dad was very happy after seen her, he had a metal foreign body in his right eye and she removed it with out any problems also prescribe drops not even a week after his eye was feeling much better...i recomend Dr Kotecha to anyone that has eye problems...

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Sophia M.

One of the best eye exam experiences I've had in a very long time.
Booking an appointment was quick and easy. Once I got there, Dr. Kotecha and her staff were super friendly and were thorough with my exam; I didn't feel like they were trying to rush me out of there. She very is professional and intuitive in her field.

Everyone should have a periodic and thorough eye exam as part of their routine primary care. I recommend going to Capital Vision!
They can determine what areas of your vision needs assessing, tests and examinations. If you tell them that you have been having "X" problems in your vision/eye, they will be able to pin-point "Y" cause.

I couldn't decide between two types of contacts, so Dr. Kotecha told me to test-try them both and return for a follow-up just to see which I preferred. My follow-up was quick and simple - she ordered my year's worth of contacts for me on the spot, and sent me a rebate for my contacts. I saved a tone of money and had really great service.
I could not be more satisfied. Definitely recommending to family and friends.

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Mike M.

This is the first doctor of any kind that I've stopped seeing for any reason other than relocating out of town. I found Dr. Kotecha to be snobbish, arrogant, impatient, and more interested in "selling" than "treating." I went to her for 2 years and although I felt that way after the first visit, I decided to give it another try the following year and it was the same experience. I recently switched eye doctors and was determined to have an eye disorder that Dr. Kotecha no doubt failed to diagnose and in a case where an earlier diagnosis would have been extremely helpful. Also, as others have also noted, her staff is incompetent and rude.

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Jamie D.

I was recommended to Capital Vision because my regular eye doctor at Rosslyn Eye Associates (I would give them 5 stars) was going to be out of town. It was very easy to get an appointment at Capital Vision. When I arrived, the front desk basically threw paperwork at me and then I sat in the empty waiting room for over 15 minutes when I did not see a single other person waiting. Once I was taken back to the room, I waited another 30 minutes to see the doctor. The doctor then spent about 10 minutes with me and did not seem to have solutions for my issue. Due to the amount of time I spent waiting here, followed by an unsatisfactory appointment, I will not return.


Costco Wholesale


11160 Veirs Mill Rd, Wholesale Stores, Bakeries, Optometrists Wheaton, MD
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Dennise W.

I love this location. Shelves are stocked. I always discover something new when I visit Costco. I love love love it. Check out lines were long but was moving fast the cashier Vee was extremely friendly....always a plus

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John And Mindy S.

Great store, Love the samples!!! always packed!

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Libby F.

Sensory overload!

This is only the second time I've been to a Costco. Whaaaat?! Yes, it's true. The Coupon Queen is not a member. There is only so much toilet paper one girl can use (and store).

I'm not a member, so I tagged along with a friend. Don't come here on a Sunday afternoon. Cray cray! However, even as busy as it was, the lines to checkout moved quickly. The samples are abundant! They really do make you want to buy!

I am tempted to join, but I still think I can do better with my double coupon days at Harris Teeter. Plus, I am a sucker and if I went in to buy vitamins and shampoo, I'd walk out with five pounds of chocolate and more frozen foods than my freezer can hold.

Note: My friend says their pizza by the slice is great, and non Costco members can purchase a slice or two because the booth is just outside the entrance.

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Lauren Y.

Costco CONNECTED TO A MALL!? what else can you ask for?

This one has the same layout as most other ones except the "food stand" is outside but inside a mall. Covered mall parking is AWESOME cause most other Costcos have a clusterf of a parking lot.

the ONLY thing is that the tomatos were moldy. but just dig through and you'll find a good one.

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Mala H.

Very well organized and tons of free samples on Sundays.


Crestwood Optical

Eyewear & Opticians

8078 Sudley Rd Manassas, VA
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Rob M.

This is a great place to get glasses. The folks here are super warm and friendly ... and honest. They only have a doctor available a couple times a month (bring a prescription from another doctor if you like). My appointment was in the evening - the cost was $49 plus $10 if you opt for dilation. Considering the thorough exam I received it was well worth the price. They do not take insurance but they don't inflate their prices either. You could possibly spend less money this way; for instance, my wife spent $400 out of pocket at another optometrist and that was after the insurance paid their part.

Lenses are ground on site. I can't say how long that takes since the doctor was honest enough to tell me I didn't need a new prescription. Imagine that - when was the last time that happened to any of us?

If you like to be around down to earth, real people, you will not be disappointed at Crestwood Optical.

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Clifford G.

Bargain prices, quality craftsmanship and great customer service.

If you are angry at your money and really want to get rid of it then I suggest you go buy lenses and frames at those places in the mall (based on the prices the lenses and frames are made of solid gold).

If you want bargain prices, quality craftsmanship and great customer service then come here.

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Tara C.

This place is amazing for multiple reasons: Had an expensive pair of titanium glasses that I had gotten elsewhere that broke, place I got them from was most unhelpful, so I went here since they offered sautering. Unfortunately the gentleman couldn't work with this type of metal, he couldn't have been more friendly & helpful in trying to track down the manufacturer to get replacement parts. Hubby got pink eye & went in assuming he'd have to get new contacts and nope they said he could keep his gas permeables, just get a new case. We were amazed by this & took kids next time they got it. On close examination it was decided they didn't need medication since it was the viral kind. The exams each time cost i think $30?! This place is not remotely out to get your money, they want to keep their customers happy. Forget the chains & support your local business by going here!!!

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