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Doctors On Sight


Tysons Corner, 8369 Leesburg Pike Vienna, VA
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Amy S.

Great find. I demand great selection and great service for eyeglasses, and received both at Doctors on Sight. My first experience there with both the eye exam and choosing frames (distance and sunglasses) was painless and informed. I will be returning for my next eye exam. They are helpful and professional.

I do not know anyone that works here or owns any part of this business.

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Natasha S.

The 4 stars is primarily for the selection they carry. This has to be one of the best locations in carrying designer style frames. I found so many pairs I loved, and ultimately had to be able to walk out with just one. The woman that worked with me was great and patient. I don't remember her name, but she was African-American and just real sweet!

They told me it would be 7-10 days to have my glasses completed, and boy they weren't kidding. It really took them 10 days exactly. I was hoping for the 7 day mark.

When I came to pick up the glasses, the woman that helped me wasn't in. Instead I was helped by another woman who just was real bland and not friendly at all. I needed to have my glasses adjusted slightly to make them tighter and she was unable to help me. She asked me to sit at a table and wait for the optician in the back to assist me, which I thought was odd. I have worked and been to many opticals where employees on the actual sales floor could help with minor and basic things as adjusting the arms of a frame. This took a long while, but nonetheless, optician was nice and got the job done.

The customers that come to this store aren't very friendly or well mannered. I was with my partner who is a woman, and both times I had customers just staring at us like we were disease. Pathetic.

Prices are OK.
Service is GOOD (for the most part).
Selection is GOOD.

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PauLine R.

I literally was in and out in less than an hour. I was in a rush to get back to work and I notified them of my major time constraint as soon as I got there. The whole staff was super friendly and adjusted their schedule to accomodate mine. Greatly appreciated!

They've got a wide array of frames and a huge selection of designer ones (bonus for me!)

Definitely will be back for next year's eye exam :)

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tarun u.

Very nice. People here are really knowledgeable and helpful. Specially, the owner. The doctors they have are just okay but the staff that helps you pick specs is very good.

I can not go anywhere else.

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E C.

I've used this place for several years. Frame selection is big, with designer frames seeming to be the emphasis. I have always been impressed with the doctors and staff, both at start and end of the eyeglass-procurment process. Also, I needed emergency glasses replacement at a different geographic location and when that optician called Doctors on Sight for the prescription, DOS faxed it within ten minutes, no hard feelings or delay. (I was afraid they wouldn't want me to buy glasses from a different provider.) I heartily recommend them. Store is very light and bright and appealing and I've never had to wait more than three minutes even without an appointment. I guess the only reason I don't give DOS five stars is because they are kinda pricey - but I go back because they are good and my glasses have NEVER fallen apart, unlike my experience with Hour Eyes two years back. I go to DOS now and then while shopping at TJ Maxx nearby and ask them to tighten my glasses and they are always very nice about it. They also provide lens cloth and cleaner with a new set of glasses.


Dupont Optical

Eyewear & Opticians, Optometrists

Dupont Circle, 1615 17th St NW Washington, DC
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Imo M.

I've shopped for glasses all over town, high and low -- and over the years Dupont Optical is by far the most consistent in product quality, service, and selection.

Doug is attentive and listens to what you want/need. Eyeglass shopping can be a bit overwhelming, but he will guide you patiently.

Pricing varies depending on frames and the types of lenses you need. You can spend a lot, but you can also stay within a budget if you want to. No pushy sales there.

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Chris F.

wonderful people; great service; great selection!

one may find a cheaper optician and cheaper frames, but one gets what one pays for.

here, you get HIGH QUALITY.

definitely recommend!!!

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Mo H.

Very disappointed. I went based on Yelp reviews, just to buy glasses. As everyone else says, very expensive, but I don't mind paying for service. When the proprietor tried to sell transitions, I said I didn't like them, but he assured me that they're not the same as they were before and said they would replace sunglasses, which was compelling for me, so I spent far more on transitions than I would have on the lightly tinted lenses I prefer plus clip-ons.

Unfortunately, transitions are no better than they were a decade ago, specifically, they barely darken in full sun. When I went back, the other proprietor asked me to come back when there was full sun so that he could show me that they DO darken in full sun by looking at them next to a piece of white paper. This is ridiculous. I can look at myself in a mirror and see that they look lightly tinted, not like sunglasses. The second gentleman said that of course they're not like sunglasses.

So now I have a $700 pair of glasses that are not lightly tinted, as I wanted and was talked out of, and I still have to buy clip-ons.

They don't stick by their assurances.

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Christine M.

This place is great--a fantastic selection of frames, and prices are comparable for the names they carry. When I went in, I told them I was on a limited budget, and they were very sensitive to that without making me feel bad. I was presented with a lot of choices in my price range. I also feel like the quality of their lenses is much higher than some of the "factory" eye places. You really do get what you pay for. Since then, I've stopped in several times for adjustments (and once for a minor repair)--Doug has always been incredibly gracious and professional, and never charges me a cent. I'm really happy to have them in the neighborhood. Check them out!

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Colin S.

Really wonderful locally owned and operated neighborhood glasses store. Excellent, informed, friendly customer service. Went in for an adjustment of frames I bought elsewhere and got lots I great guidance in addition to re adjustment. Reasonable prices and a great selection. Highly recommended!


David Fissel, OD


Capitol Hill/Southeast, 635 Pennsylvania Ave SE Washington, DC
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Michael P.

This place is a disaster. Other than the nice optician Ron, everyone was either rude or incompetent. Only positive is they take most vision plans.

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Heather A.

The doctor I saw was professional and wonderful, but I refuse to go back so long as a particular receptionist is still working there. She repeatedly lost my file, would schedule appointments for me and then act like she had no idea who I was when I showed up for the appointments (this happened THREE times -shame on me, right?), gave me a lot of trouble about applying my insurance coverage to my purchase, and was so rude and so offensive I'm incredulous there aren't more negative reviews on here. For example, when I looked at my bill and told her that they hadn't applied my insurance, she told me that I had an attitude problem. It is time for my annual eye exam and I would like to go back to Eye Central - the location is great and the doctor was good - but this same receptionist answered the phone. I won't go back as long as she's there. How bad does a receptionist have to be to scare away clients? Go to Eye Central and find out.

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Amy M.

I have had two eye exams with Dr. Foley (one of Dr. Fissel's partners at Eye Central) and was very happy with the quality of care. They have a good selection of frames and are willing to spend time helping select the right one. My husband and I have both had repairs made to frames here and they have been very helpful in facilitating this, usually at no charge. I've found the turn around time on repairs or new glasses to be comparable to other optometrists- typically 4-5 business days. They have a website with fairly complete information about insurance, provider bios, and so forth. One caveat: The person who fits glasses seems to have on and off days. The rest of the staff has been consistent, the optometrist is very good, and its an independently owned neighborhood business.

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James R.

I recently had my first examination with Dr. Foley and my first visit to this shop---I was verifying my prescription and completing an order for some contact lens.

My experience was very positive. I found Dr. Foley to be a very professional and knowledgeable optometrist, who patiently answered my questions and discussed different contact lens options with me. I definitely plan on following up with him and using him in the future for my vision needs.

I found the office staff to be patient, polite, and helpful. Having said that, my impression is that this is a fairly busy office, and the office staff do seem to often have to handle several patients at once, so perhaps that explains some of the negative experiences other reviewers have had. This is a Capitol HIll office too, built in an older, historic building, so the waiting area is a bit smaller than more modern offices.

Still, my experience was very positive, even though I had to wait for assistance on a couple of occasions, the staff were very pleasant about it and made sure I was "kept in the loop" as they completed my order.

So I would certainly recommend Dr. Foley and "Eye Central" for those in the Capitol Hill area needing eye glasses or contacts!

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Roy K.

I travel quite a distance to stay with Dr. Fissel and have done so for a decade. Not one time have I had to wait more than a few minutes to be called to the examination room. He is thorough, professional, and listens carefully. He seems to have all the latest equipment and exudes confidence. He is a good find. I did see some older, mediocre reviews here, never of Dr. Fissel, who seems to have universally excellent reviews, but of some of the staff. I understand that there is now a full time office manager, for the first time, which might have addressed those concerns.


Doctors On Sight

Eyewear & Opticians, Optometrists

2955 Crain Hwy Waldorf, MD
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Scott K.

This place is unorganized and dis functional . I've come 3 times in 3 weeks and not once have I seen the same face working here. They didn't document anything from my past visits so I have to explain to them why I'm here each time. They are friendly but that isn't enough to keep me as a customer .


Dominion Eye Care

Optometrists, Ophthalmologists

8140 Ashton Ave Manassas, VA
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Caroline H.

My daughter and I went here to see Dr. Amini. Both her and the nurse were wonderful. Certainly happy and will be back!

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Tom Y.

My wife went here to check on some vision issues at the recommendation of our primary care physician. Doctor could not care less to attend to her. What happened to treat the patient/customer with respect? My annual checkups are going elsewhere now. You need to go to an eye doctor you can trust.

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sheree w.

First my husband and I had an appointment with Dr Jennifer Jacobs about two weeks ago for yearly eye exams. She did a fantastic job. She is very thorough, kind and explains what she is doing in great detail. During the visit, my husband's ongoing issue with an eye problem was discovered and he made an appointment for today. When he was on the way to the visit today, he got caught in a traffic jam and realized he would be late.

When my husband arrived nearly 45 minutes late for his appointment, he expected to be turned away. Not only was he late but BUT he was at the WRONG location!! Instead, he was asked very kindly if he would mind seeing a different doctor?? He was then ushered immediately into see Dr Alan Egge. He was the absolute professional. My husband apologized profusely. Dr Egge said he never looks at the time a patient arrives or the insurance card. He wants to provide great service! WHAT A WONDERFUL experience!!

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