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Galleria Optical

Optometrists, Eyewear & Opticians

7700 Little River Tpke Annandale, VA
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Steph W.

I have been to a variety of optometrists in my lifetime, most of them being awkward and "all-business." This lack of customer service led me to become somewhat of a cynical eye-patient. My mentality was find a deal/cheap price for the exam and order contacts online. Oddly enough, I opened up a ValPack (coupons sent to surrounding houses in the neighborhood), and found Galleria Optical's coupon. I decided to try the establishment out because the eye-exam was only $59.

When I walked into the shop, I was amazed. There are glass cases everywhere, showcasing the latest designer glasses. All the glass cases are clean and lit up. There is a couple chairs for seating with magazines to read while you wait. However, I have had to wait once for 10 minutes out of the multiple times that I have visited.

I ended up seeing Dr. Chon who is the nicest optometrist I have encountered. She is down to earth and intelligent. She explains the structural aspects of the eye and subsequent tests in lay-woman terms. I decided to get LASIK and she referred me to a reputable establishment. She conducted all my follow-up care, and made absolutely sure that all precautions were made.

In sum, I walked in here thinking I would come for a one-time eye visit, and move onto the next optometrist "deal," but ended up becoming a regular visitor (by choice)!

An additional note: if you speak Korean, the staff is fluent in English and Korean, making the business accessible to the surrounding community.

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Emily D.

My husband and I saw Dr. Song for eye appointments and also worked with the staff to get new prescriptions and frames. Dr. Song was super friendly and very willing to take his time with us and explain everything in detail. In the past we have felt very rushed at our eye appointments, not here! They seem to really care about their patients and be invested in them.

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Jon A.

Dr. Chon, the optometrist I saw here, is very sharp. She is young, and seems to be well-versed in more modern patient evaluation techniques. I'm not an expert, but I noticed during my exam, she did several additional checks that I have not seen other optometrists do. I also found her to be accessible and easy to relate to. Very positive interactions with her and the entire staff.

I have somewhat severe nearsightedness (contact lens diopters -10 each), so I can be difficult to fit. But Dr. Chon was very patient, and gave me a great fit for new glasses.

The only downside is that they dropped my vision insurance (UnitedHealth Vision) the month after my visit, so I will need to switch to keep going here. Based on my research, none of the best optometrist (as rated on Yelp) take United Vision now, which tells me that insurance is terrible...time to switch.

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Rose L.

I went here for an eye exam based on all the good reviews I saw here on Yelp. Their price was a little over $100 for an eye exam, which is pretty reasonable.
The doctor I saw was indeed friendly but overall I think they could do more in terms of welcoming customers/patients and making them feel comfortable in the store.

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Albert C.

Talk about great service! This place is one of the best Optometrist I have ever been to. I was really surprised. There was no appointment needed and I was instantly provided/greeted with great service the moment I walked in. They are bilingual and speak perfect English if you don't speak Korean. Very nice and friendly.

Little wait time, I had my eyes checked almost immediately and the Dr. Chon was very helpful and explained everything to me clearly. After the eye check the staff was very very patient with me since I was very indecisive on the frames, I think I might have even annoyed them because I took so long in choosing one. But they didn't show it like most staff members do, and I didn't feel pressured at all. All in all, I picked some nice frames and because of the extra coating I'm putting on it, it will take a few business days. But if I didn't want the expensive coating, they could have it ready in hours, which is unbelievable as they have all equipment needed unlike others which usually have to send it in.

I think I'll be coming here for any future eye needs and recommending all my friends here as well. Thanks for the great service. I'll be adding an update to this review when I get my lens/frame next week. Thank you Galleria Optical.


Gene Sweetnam, OD PC


8951 Ox Rd Lorton, VA
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Brenitra M.

My previous review was from a parent's standpoint/viewpoint. This review is from my own experience with Dr. Chang. My daughter had Dr. Sweetnam. Again, the staff were so friendly. They knew me by name when I walked through the door, and I was taken back to start the example promptly. My eyes are sensitive to everything!! So each test that is done during my exams are time consuming and frustrating. His support staff were so patient with me, allowing my eyes time to readjust and stop watering. This was very different from previous experiences, where I am rushed or the staff is frustrated with how sensitive my eyes are to light. The visit with Dr. Chang was great. She remembered seeing my daughter last year and asked about her. She took time to answer all of my questions about my eyes watering and allergies. She took the time to explain dry eyes to me and how the brain functions that leads to the excess eye watering. Amazing! I have had this issue for many many many years and no one in other practices really took the time to explain this to me, in medical terms that made perfect sense. She gave me a prescription for both the allergies and dry eyes. They are both working great and have lessened the problem. Overall, I am very pleased with both my experience and my daughter's experience with the doctors and staff. If you are looking for a friendly place, with a touch of southern hospitality , where they really care about your eye health and you as a person, check out this office!

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Luis A.

Dr. Sweetnam and his staff are great. Glad to have them nearby.


Gaspar Maurice L MD

Optometrists, Ophthalmologists

1635 N George Mason Dr Ste 100 Arlington, VA
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Krissy R.

Rude, sarcastic, and unfriendly. He doesn't take the time to explain things to you and is rushed and hurried. I won't be back to him.

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Nancy D.

I don't like going to the eye doctors, but I really like this one. I have diabetes so I have to get my eyes checked every year. They are very patient and caring. There are two Ophthalmologist in office and few optometrist so it can get very busy. When it does the front desk can forget things or who you are, but are better then other front desk offices.


Georgetown Optician

Eyewear & Opticians, Optometrists

Georgetown, 1307 Wisconsin Ave NW Washington, DC
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Patrick S.

I enjoy being able to walk out of Georgetown Optician with a pair of glasses that's stylish without having to be a style expert myself. I appreciate their advice and steering that keeps me from going with something too bland. Finally, they were able to update my prescription quickly. Definitely worth the drive from MD.

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Julie D.

Best selection and excellent service. Did not feel like I was being "sold" a pair of sunglasses, but rather that I was patiently helped and offered unbiased, expert advice. Very high end brands, some unique. Would recommend to anyone local, or it's worth a trip for out-of-towners like myself. Could not have gotten this selection and service at home. Will be back next time I'm in need of a pair of glasses.

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Remy W.

Horrible experience. The knowledge of product from the staff was underwhelming. They had virtually NO opinions about how glasses should work on my face. After 20 min of shopping and I found myself apologizing for taking up there time because they seemed to want to be doing other things. And upon purchasing 550$ frames they could not even be bothered to give me a bag. I walked out with a case in one hand and a receipt in the other. Nice location, some nice frames. But an attitude dictated by apathy. If you want objectivity steer clear. If you want to be told you look good in everything go right ahead.

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Ruth C.

I wasn't approached until a good 15 minutes into my own browsing. While they made an attempt to suggest some options and let me pick some to try out from the locked up displays, it seemed a little half-hearted. I'd have to agree with one of the other reviewers on their complete lack of opinions. Not many frames ran wide enough, and the current season was definitely hipster-round.

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jim g.

I went to the new store on 14th St, in Logan Circle, to buy a pair of glasses. The selection of glasses was very good and I found the pair I wanted after browsing for a while.

That being said, the staff was a real disappointment. The woman who assisted me could barely do anything but snarl and look bored. The experience could best be described as going to a suburban mall and getting dissed by the minimum wage staff at a clothes boutique.

A big disappointment in that I won't have convenient neighborhood optician. Sorry, but I will buy my glasses where there is at least a minimal level of customer service.


Glaser Stephen R, Md


15235 Shady Grove Rd Rockville, MD
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Lauren R.

Was THE WORST Doctor's office experience in my 43 years of life. My daughter's appointment was at 10:30am... we waited in the waiting room til after 11:30am. They took us back and did a 10 minute eye exam and sent us BACK in to the waiting room. At 12:45pm we were still waiting!!??

I finally walked daughter was hungry for lunch and I could see that all the techs were leaving to eat.

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