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5330 Western Ave Chevy Chase, MD
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Michelle A.

I love sunglasses but paying for nice ones hurts. Since I wear them daily, especially on my face and usually my eyes I think it is ok to spend more for designer glasses.

I found a pair I liked but the design caused my hair to get caught in the arm. Design or design flaw? Either way I was bothered enough after 3 months to come back to the store to see what could be done. I expected them to either tell me to get out and swat me with a broom on the way or nicely give my contact info for the parent company.

Neither. The lady looked, saw the problem and exchanged them.

You might save 10% online but who knows if the online things are legit. I was happy when I bought them and happier now knowing that I can buy there without worry. Plus they have a sweet return policy if I had decided that I hated them. That's what brought me there in the first place. So far I have bought 3 pairs and have been happy with everything

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Amy P.


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M. L.

After buying several pairs of sunglasses here over the years, I finally pulled the trigger on eyeglasses!

I got a cute Chanel pair for about $900 all in, which isn't too bad for a decent pair. Brandii was wonderful as always. She is super helpful and genuine, but also puts you at ease. I wish more of the high-end retail on this strip (I'm looking at you, Jimmy Choo) had service half as great.

I've been wearing the new glasses for about 6 months now with no issues. They also took their time fitting the frames to my face, so they sit comfortably and straight.

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Amanda C.

Washington, meet Iliori.

This is a sunglasses only retailer that makes Sunglass Hut look like Pizza Hut. Iliori has class, style, vision, and caters to one major demographic: people who have good taste.

In comparison to other Iloris, this one is understandably small and edited. People in Washington just aren't ready for certain designers. Astounded to find Chrome Hearts, I asked how well those have been selling. The saleswoman paused. "I sold a pair last week to a very fashion forward lady," she replied optimistically. (The cheapest pair run around $800)

In addition to Chrome Hearts sunglasses, you will find Tiffany and Co., Stella McCartney, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Oliver Peoples, Blinde, Proenza Schouler, Balenciaga, Chloe, and many more. You'll also find the obligatory Gucci, Chanel, Ray Ban, and Oakley glasses.

I've had fabulous experiences with this company and -in particular- a saleswoman here. If you need a single pair of functional sunglasses or want to add to your "collection," Iliori is a perfect place to start. As long as the glasses aren't worn or damaged, you can return your purchase within 30 days and they'll replace glasses if broken within a year of purchase.

And if these glasses aren't edgy enough for you... leave DC while you still can. You don't belong here.

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Wendy Marie T.

Hands down the best eye glass boutique in the Metro area! I love Ben and Brandi. They are so attentive, kind, and honest. I am a picky shopper and when it comes to fashion for my face (eh, em...glasses) I take weeks to make a decision. They were so patient and so pleasant, and most of all gave genuine feedback on how the frames looked, and what would take me to the look I wanted. I've gone to another high-end boutique, and they were not either honest or not able to understand what would look best on my face. Ilori is the best! I trust them and enjoy them. Give it a try, you won't be disappointed.


IDOC Optical

Eyewear & Opticians, Optometrists

923 F St NW Washington, DC
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Dominique R.

This is a great eyeglasses store. The doctor was super-friendly and I got the most thorough eye exam I've ever had. She talked to me about my contact options and gave me sample solutions and drops to try. The entire staff is very friendly and they were super helpful when I picked out a frame. The have alot of frame options and some really cute contemporary styles. The frames are on the pricey side, but my insurance covered the frames. The staff also goes through each line item of your receipt and tells you what is and what isn't covered by your insurance, which is great and clears up any confusion over pricing.

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Julie W.

I've been wearing glasses/contacts since age 9 and I've always been lucky to have had only the best ODs. Until IDOC. IDOC has scarred me for life. I will be filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and the DC Board of Optometry.

TL;DR: This place is a sham and the doctor is a quack. IDOC only cares about your money. Dr. Rezvani pushes one brand of contacts; even after I told her they give me horrible migraines, she simply gave me more samples from the same brand. Those samples FELL APART IN MY EYES. It was incredibly painful and took me an hour to flush all the pieces out.

I first had my appointment with Dr. Rezvani 6 weeks ago and I still don't have new contacts. I'm on the last pair in my old prescription, just praying that I don't lose them before my new ones get here. So begins my saga:

-1st appt: Dr. Rezvani tells me to try some brand of dailies, even though I tell her I am perfectly happy with my Acuvue Oasys. She gives me some samples, claiming that they are the best on the market. On my way out, Rodney tells me that IDOC offers the best pricing for the brand so I should be sure to order from them when I decide.

-2 hours after I put in the contacts, my eyes start itching like crazy. No matter how much I blink, the lens won't focus and I feel them scratching on my eyeballs. An hour after that, I develop horrible migraines. I try the contacts again for the next two days with the same results.

-I call to schedule a follow-up with Teela.

-I show up on time for my follow-up, but Teela tells me that no doctor is in and that someone probably called me. I tell her that no one called me, double-checking my phone. She responds "that's weird" and walks away.

-Meanwhile, I make over ten calls to the place to check on my glasses, which I ordered during my first visit. (I was told that they'd be ready in 5 business days, but did not get them until after a month and numerous strongly worded calls.) Every time I call either Rodney or Teela tells me someone will call me back in 10-15 minutes, but no one ever does.

-Since they've already charged my insurance, I call yet again to schedule a follow-up. At the appointment, I tell the doctor about the migraines and pain. She claims that my eyes are just dry, but I say I've never experienced this before. I ask to stick with Acuvue. She again pushes the same brand on me, but a different version. She says she didn't like the previous version either (I guess they are no longer the best on the market?). I also complain to her about Teela and Rodney. She seems to care and apologizes profusely.

-Two hours after I put them in, the contacts again become too irritating to bear. I try to take them out, but they won't come out. My eyes get incredibly painful when I blink; I can barely open my eyes and everything becomes blurry. I call my husband over, who tells me that the lenses seem to have broken apart in my eyes. I rub and rinse out my eyes, but some pieces get stuck in the back, under the eyelid. An hour and a pair of very red eyes later, I am free.

-I call back and ask for an Acuvue prescription. They claim they only have samples in the one brand, but that the doctor can write me a prescription for Acuvue. They keep trying to "call me back later," but at this point I've mentioned that I'm a litigator and tell them that I will not be hanging up until my issue gets resolved.

-I get the prescription via email and type in the order for 1800 contacts. The site (and a customer service representative) informs me that the prescription is impossible; Acuvue does not make lenses in the prescribed base.

-I call the next day. Teela and Rodney both tell me that they will call me back. I tell Teela and Rodney this is urgent because I have no contacts left. They both suggest stopping by to pick up some samples in their brand. I tell them to tell the doctor that they fell apart in my eyes. After I call back the third time, I again refuse to hang up until I talk to the doctor. She acts apologetic and says she will fix the prescription. I finally get the corrected prescription and place my order at 1800 contacts.

I have not yet received my order, and because I didn't get Acuvue samples, I have no ideas if the new prescription will work for me. I wish I'd heeded the 1-star Yelp reviews before I stupidly allowed them charge my insurance.

Teela and Rodney need to be fired. They are nice to you as long as they think they can trick you into giving this place more money and buying their brand. Once they realize you're not falling for their fake act, they find no reason to do their jobs. Every time I walk past the store it is empty. I question the integrity of a doctor who continues to employ these people when she's been made aware of their ineptitude. I also question the competence of a doctor who pushes only one brand of contacts and cannot get prescriptions right.

If you value your eyes, your time, your sanity, or your money, avoid this place like the plague.

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Ali K.

Had I written a Yelp review after my first visit to IDOC, it would have been a 4 star review. But after my visit today I am so upset that giving them 2 stars seems generous.

Let me preface by saying the doctors here are great, my checkup exam about a month ago was thorough but not so long or in-depth to make me itching to escape. The doctor was super nice and seems to know her stuff.

Today, the receptionist totally ruined this place for me. Rude beyond belief (even talked about me to other receptionist while I was still in the room) then gave me a 5 minute lecture on how if my insurance doesn't pay for the visit they will bill me and I'll have to pay myself (yes, I know how insurance works).

I came from work, in work clothes, I don't look like a hobo. I have no idea why she was like that.

To make things more annoying, I have a very specific eye issue, I called and explained my problem to the receptionist who assured me (twice) the doctor has seen this before and they can take care of it. Imagine my frustration when I finally get in to see the doctor and the doctor assures me this is definitely not something they can treat and her receptionists know this so they couldn't have advised me otherwise. Thankfully, after demanding, they agreed to not charging me for a visit.

Thankfully there's more than 1 eye doctor in this town.

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Amanda W.

iDoc is a beautiful office in a convenient location. I have been going here annually for years, and it's always a pleasant experience. The front office staff is organized and courteous, and I have never had to wait long. Dr. Rezvani herself is a gem. She is gentle and explains everything she is doing. She never makes me feel rushed, and she takes time to make sure I understand my choices, and answers all my questions patiently. She always follows through, and remembers what we talked about previously, even if I haven't been in for a while. It's so rare to have a really good experience with a medical office from start to finish. I'm really grateful for iDoc and Dr. Rezvani.

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Mary K.

IDOC is for the person that values customer service, attention to detail, professionalism, unique and beautiful eyewear, and having full confidence in your optometrist's abilities. I've been wearing glasses for over 20 years - I know what I'm talking about. For the past two years since moving from San Francisco to DC, I've been going to IDOC for my eye exams and new glasses, and it's always a satisfying experience. They keep to their time commitments, their products and services are consistently high quality. For two years in a row, I've walked out of IDOC with a fantastic pair of glasses that fit my face, my style, and are a treat for the health of my eyes. Dr. R's exams are extremely thorough, she's an excellent optometrist. The entire staff is fantastic. Patient but attentive, they make me feel as if I'm on their short-list of preferred customers. As for frames, their selection is on the pricier side but in my view, if you have to wear glasses every day, it's worth paying a little extra to get the pair you're most happy to wear.


Insight Opticians

Eyewear & Opticians

1240 F St NW Washington, DC
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Carsten S.

i have been a long time fan of Blink, afterall, they sold me my last pair of glasses (ic! berlin) which i love and which have been impossible to replace. what i love about Blink is that you go there and they look at you and hand you a pair and you love the pair of glasses.

since i was looking for something to replaced my ic! glasses now (after four years) and i had hear about some other german glasses brand mykita, i gave insight a try (Blink doesn't sell mykita). and Tony who was helping me was great. He was a lot of fun, even took a picture of me with the one pair I really liked so that I could get some additional feedback. And like Blink the help and support was excellent. They didn't wait for you to find the pair you like, but aren't afraid to point you into a different direction than you had planned to go. if you are in the market for a pair of new glasses give Insight a try. they will put a smile on your face with their fun and great service, and in addition put a pair of new glasses on your nose.

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Virginia B.

I'm not sure why Yelp filtered my review, so I am putting it up again.

Yolanda (the owner) and Tony are first-rate! Beautiful frames, a wide range of prices--you're sure to find something you'll like.

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Erika F.

My husband and I found Insite through Yelp, and we have been extremely happy with them. Tony is fabulous and has a good eye for finding the right frames to fit your face. They have a great selection of unique frames, and I get a lot of compliments on my glasses.

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Kelly J.

Really like this place. Wonderful, wonderful staff!

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Micah H.

Needed glasses for the first time in my 33 years on the planet. Went to two other stores, and this was the place. Tony was super-helpful, and he and Yolanda (who wasn't there on my return trips, though also very helpful) found me some frames that look good on me and are a little more, uh, forward than the standard eyewear around DC. Exactly what I was looking for. They had to nudge me a bit, but I ended up with glasses that I'm truly happy to wear every day.



Eyewear & Opticians

10101 Colesville Rd Silver Spring, MD
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Carlotta F.

This is great place. Feels great to support a small business. You can book appointments and fill out your paperwork ahead of time. Dr. Schwartz is excellent and everyone who was there was so helpful. They didn't over sell and got me what I needed! Would go back for sure!

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Catherine F.

Just returned from a visit to iGlasses @ Four Corners and cannot say enough about the service, selection and professionalism!

A fantastic choice of great styles and brands. Judy and David (owners) were delightful, very knowledgeable and willing to take plenty of time and gave excellent advice.

In addition, the shop is beautiful and a much-needed improvement to the Woodmoor Shopping Center!

I will recommend to all of my friends and family.

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aj c.

Great experience. Doc was very thorough. I felt I got a great exam that was easy and quick but covered all the bases.

The eyeglass selection was really great. Be prepared to pay a little more but you are getting much better quality and style than at a big box or chain.

They took my insurance for the exam and explained patiently any extra options (dilation) I could pay out of pocket for. I took one extra exam option and did not feel pushed to pay for anymore.

I feel I made a very good informed choice with iGlasses. I knew all the options without feeling pressured to purchase them. The sign of an effective and hopefully long-standing establishment.

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Kristin B.

We had a blast! My husband and I went in for contact lens exams and had an excellent time. Dr Lazerow was very knowledgeable and was able to see each of us immediately. Once the exams were finished, Judy and Colleen did an excellent job assisting us with our insurance and the purchase of contacts and new lenses for our glasses. iGlasses has the ability to adjust lenses on site, so we were able to walk our with the correct prescriptions in our glasses that day (our lenses were in stock). The contacts came in promptly within the next two days. This was a huge plus, as some places can take one to two weeks to send your glasses out to a lab and order contacts. Overall a very positive experience and very glad I made an appointment here!

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There are many good businesses out there, but how can one tell a really GREAT business? For me, it is when the business goes above and beyond, and not only owns up to a mistake, but goes out of its way to make it RIGHT, which is exactly what iglasses did for me. My hubby and I scheduled our eye exam with Dr. Schwartz in the office, and could not have been more pleased with the results, especially after having a terrible prescription from a prior Dupont Circle eye doctor. Dr. Schwartz got my prescription right on to 20-20, and I have had no problems with her exam. She is very personable and fun as well.

We decided to have new lenses put into our current frames, rather than purchasing a whole package, because we both liked our frames and they were rather high end, and we didn't want to lose them. So, we used their lens replacement, and David and Judy ordered our lenses for our new prescriptions. When they arrived, David took care of my husband's glasses, and there were no problems at all. However, David was not able to work on my 2 pairs (Ray Ban New Wayfarers and Chanel frames), and his assistant took over my work. Unfortunately, the assistant adjusted my Ray Bans incorrectly , and damaged the frame, which I did not notice at the time. When I discovered the situation, I brought my frames in and explained the damage that was done, and David and Judy offered to replace the temple arms, even though they do not stock or sell Ray Bans. As well, I showed them the lens in one of the eyes in my Chanel frames didn't seem to be sitting properly, and I just wanted to confirm that it was ok. David took a look at it, declared he was not happy with the quality of work, and offered to replace this lens as well---all at no cost to me.

I was floored that this independent business was so worried about making me happy that they would not only order new temple arms for the Ray Bans, having to go out of their way to do it, but also wanted to replace a lens that didn't look perfect! In the end, they couldn't order just the arms, so instead ordered an entirely new Ray Ban frame and placed my new lenses in that, as well as replaced the lens in my Chanel frame that wasn't sitting properly (which I didn't even ask them to do, they offered!). So, based on how well they took care of me, at their own expense, I would not hesitate to recommend iglasses for anyone looking for new glasses, or to have lenses replaced. I will definitely be shopping with them again once I need another exam and for a new pair of glasses! Visit this lovely establishment and keep a GREAT business in operation! We need more like them!


I Care Doctor

Eyewear & Opticians

15426 New Hampshire Ave Silver Spring, MD
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Linda S.

Ten minutes after I arrived, I was finally greeted and asked to sign in, which I already did, ten minutes ago.

An hour after my scheduled appointment, I was finally seen by the optometrist.

After the exam, she told me to have a seat and the front desk will print out my prescription and check me out.

Twenty minutes later, I approached the desk and asked them if they could check me out because I've been here for an hour and a half now and they said "sorry I didn't know you were waiting."

Now many of you are probably thinking, maybe they were busy?

No, this was not the case. I've been to far more busier offices and have never experienced such a lack of customer service.

I will say, the optometrist was nice and informative.

You have patience to spare and don't mind an incompetent front desk then by all means, otherwise save yourself the headache and time.

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Lucy M.

The doctor got my prescription way wrong and after waiting for weeks for my glasses, it's still not right. But I can't stomach going back there. So, I'm just going to try and prevent others from making the same mistake as me!

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Bill P.

So far so issues here. Fair price a great doctor friendly staff. Good price on two new sets of lenses for my existing frames that I love and I purchased recently. No pressure on the upselling and the selection of men's frames looked fantastic. Much better than stores in Bethesda fo sho!!!!!! It does take 2 weeks for delivery but I am a patient man. Assistant Yennifer looks just like Selena Gomez......go see her!!!!!! Is the only eye store around for miles and miles.....

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Barbara B.

I would not ever use these people. They are incompetent to say the least. The eye doctor did not measure my perscription correctly. They have had to remake my glasses 3 times and this is going on four. They do not have staff who are trained to fit glasses. Instead of heating them around the temples they bend them back and forth till they snap. They deliver "brand new glasses" with scratches to you and try to blame it on the lap being inferior. They are the worst business I have ever been too!!! Use anyone else to get your glases. I would give them less than one star if possible. Oh and on top of it they are rude about their mistakes.

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