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Eyewear & Opticians, Accessories

5330 Western Ave Chevy Chase, MD
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Amanda C.

Washington, meet Iliori.

This is a sunglasses only retailer that makes Sunglass Hut look like Pizza Hut. Iliori has class, style, vision, and caters to one major demographic: people who have good taste.

In comparison to other Iloris, this one is understandably small and edited. People in Washington just aren't ready for certain designers. Astounded to find Chrome Hearts, I asked how well those have been selling. The saleswoman paused. "I sold a pair last week to a very fashion forward lady," she replied optimistically. (The cheapest pair run around $800)

In addition to Chrome Hearts sunglasses, you will find Tiffany and Co., Stella McCartney, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Oliver Peoples, Blinde, Proenza Schouler, Balenciaga, Chloe, and many more. You'll also find the obligatory Gucci, Chanel, Ray Ban, and Oakley glasses.

I've had fabulous experiences with this company and -in particular- a saleswoman here. If you need a single pair of functional sunglasses or want to add to your "collection," Iliori is a perfect place to start. As long as the glasses aren't worn or damaged, you can return your purchase within 30 days and they'll replace glasses if broken within a year of purchase.

And if these glasses aren't edgy enough for you... leave DC while you still can. You don't belong here.

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Michelle A.

I love sunglasses but paying for nice ones hurts. Since I wear them daily, especially on my face and usually my eyes I think it is ok to spend more for designer glasses.

I found a pair I liked but the design caused my hair to get caught in the arm. Design or design flaw? Either way I was bothered enough after 3 months to come back to the store to see what could be done. I expected them to either tell me to get out and swat me with a broom on the way or nicely give my contact info for the parent company.

Neither. The lady looked, saw the problem and exchanged them.

You might save 10% online but who knows if the online things are legit. I was happy when I bought them and happier now knowing that I can buy there without worry. Plus they have a sweet return policy if I had decided that I hated them. That's what brought me there in the first place. So far I have bought 3 pairs and have been happy with everything

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Wendy Marie T.

Hands down the best eye glass boutique in the Metro area! I love Ben and Brandi. They are so attentive, kind, and honest. I am a picky shopper and when it comes to fashion for my face (eh, em...glasses) I take weeks to make a decision. They were so patient and so pleasant, and most of all gave genuine feedback on how the frames looked, and what would take me to the look I wanted. I've gone to another high-end boutique, and they were not either honest or not able to understand what would look best on my face. Ilori is the best! I trust them and enjoy them. Give it a try, you won't be disappointed.

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M. L.

After buying several pairs of sunglasses here over the years, I finally pulled the trigger on eyeglasses!

I got a cute Chanel pair for about $900 all in, which isn't too bad for a decent pair. Brandii was wonderful as always. She is super helpful and genuine, but also puts you at ease. I wish more of the high-end retail on this strip (I'm looking at you, Jimmy Choo) had service half as great.

I've been wearing the new glasses for about 6 months now with no issues. They also took their time fitting the frames to my face, so they sit comfortably and straight.

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Matthew P.

Went in here looking for a pair of sunglasses, and was sorely disappointed by the quality of customer service. The staff attitude was essentially that they were doing me a favor by offering sunglasses for sale -- even basic stuff like asking simple questions was met only with a shrug of the shoulders and lack of willingness to help, eventhough the store was empty (and really I'm a dude so I'm really not that high maintenance...).

Quite frankly, you'll get more helpful customer service picking an ice cream flavor around the corner than you will finding a pair of $250 sunglasses here. They have a relatively good selection and nice store (very open), but neither of those is any good if you don't have a good staff. Head elsewhere.


IDOC Optical

Eyewear & Opticians, Optometrists

923 F St NW Washington, DC
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Mary H.

I've never had such a negative experience with a medical professional. Bad on so many levels: Went in for a routine eye exam and was told I had a medical condition (dry eyes) and doctor suggested, among other things, some kind of plug implants that I happened to know are recommended for only the most severe problem. (I wasn't even aware of this "medical condition," so obviously it's not dire. I have since had it checked by an ophthalmologist who informed me my condition is "typical" for a woman my age (i.e. old). Next: The doctor told me she would be billing my medical insurance company -- even though my vision insurance company automatically covered this exam. Finally, I was told that she had ordered my contact lenses (which is what I'd come in for after all) but then a few days later someone called back to tell me that the doctor hadn't taken a key measurement that she needed to get me contacts. So I needed to come back. I said thanks, but no thanks. I will NEVER go back there again and caution others to steer clear. Be particularly cautious if you're told your routine eye exam has turned into a "medical exam."

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Lauren D.

If you don't want to read my novel then just read this: the other reviews are nearly a year old and you should take your money and patience elsewhere.

I began searching for an eye doctor in dc as I needed new contacts and knew my prescription was due for an update. I read the yelp reviews and decided idoc would be the best and most convenient place to work and home. I scheduled an appointment for a weekday morning figuring I could get in and out. Not the case. There was only one doctor on site (unclear if there are more on other days) and with last minute "emergency" patients I had to wait a significant amount of time until I was seen. They did apologize and waiting is to be expected in a doctor's office but it did not set the tone well. The one shining star in the place is the gentleman who mans one of the front desks. He is friendly and accommodating.

This has little to do with the quality of the place but rather the type of people you may encounter if you go here. Once you have seen the doctor, they dilate your eyes and seat you at either receptionist desk waiting 15-20 minutes until it has taken full effect. As most know, it blurs your nearsighted vision so you have no choice but to sit there and wait (no reading, no iphone) you actually have to sit there with your own thoughts. So, I'm sitting there minding my own business, and a woman comes up to the other desk and starts speaking to nice receptionist. I don't pay her any particular mind but the store is a wide open space, there is no privacy, she's standing maybe 2 feet from me, and talking about her health insurance for everyone to hear. Out of nowhere, she turns to me and goes, "Do you think this is interesting?" I balk and her and reply, "excuse me?" she says rudely, "you just seem so interested in our discussion" and returns to speaking. So I say loudly, "wow you have got to be kidding me". What I'm thinking is: listen crazy lady I'm not just sitting here to ease drop on your conversation, I can hardly see you! I was dumbfounded and annoyed. On her way back to see the doctor, I let the bottom of my sandal covered in city grime slide over her handbag. Extremely immature and unacceptable, I know, but I was slightly blind and fuming. The nice gentleman was so apologetic and dumbfounded himself - I reassured him he had nothing to apologize for as she is clearly insane.

Last rant I promise: With two receptionists you would think they could stay on top of something as simple as a customer's trials coming in. They cannot. I was told it would take a few days for the trials to come in. I schedule a follow-up appointment for two weeks later because the doctor wants to see how I like the lenses at which point we can order a year supply. I wait a few days, then a few days more, and finally its the day before my follow-up appointment. I receive a call reminding me about said appointment and I was like are you kidding me?! Where are my damn trials? It's not necessarily idoc's fault the shipment took so long but it is their fault that a) no one ever followed up with me to say that my particular contact was on back-order and it would take x number of days/weeks to arrive and b) they lost track of the fact that I had not received those trials but still reminded me about a useless appointment - it is clear they only care about the bottom line as it certainly cost a pretty penny. Finally, I receive a voicemail saying the contacts had arrived, I run in and grab them before anyone has a chance to let me schedule a follow-up. I guess I no longer mind their nonexistent customer service because I have no plans to return and would bet good money I won't be hearing from them. I have since ordered a supply from one of the online sites and it was so pleasant.

There are a ton of eye doctors in this city. Go to one of them.

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Joy W.

This place is amazing. Dr. Rezvani is incredibly thorough, nice, patient, and friendly. Rodney spent over an hour with me helping me find the perfect frames. Everyone could not have been nicer or more helpful. This was the best eye care experience I have ever had.

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Stephanie B.

I have been going to I-Doc for about 3 years (3 appointments, 1 per year). 2 out of the 3 times I was given the wrong prescription for my contacts. The first year the change gave me horrifying vision migraines and the second time the wrong prescription made me sick to the stomach. Each time, however, they would EVENTUALLY give me a correct prescription. Each time I also HATED the contacts (I do not get why they could not give me what I always wore before going there. They said it was discontinued but I later learned that was not true). What ultimately made me leave was management related. For the three years they always accepted my insurance (Federal Employee Blue Vision). This past appointment I went through the long, thorough appointment and it wasn't until AFTER I was done and all fitted for contacts did they tell me that they no longer carry my insurance. Then they hit me with the bill for it. How can they not tell you beforehand that they no longer take your insurance? I am STILL sorting this out with them but in the meantime I am out of contacts and need new glasses. I am forced to go to another doctor on my own dime. TERRIBLE business practices here and terrible customer service. I am extremely disappointed.

Just to follow up. IDOC did bill my insurance for everything even though I had to get another exam elsewhere. I found "Vision Source" right up the street though at 800 K St NW Suite 64. They are super friendly and knew all about my insurance. They even told me that my insurance gives certain contact lenses directly to me for free! IDOC never made me aware of that, I'm sure its so that they could sell me the contacts and take the middle money. Vision Source also got my prescription right on the first try!

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Jessica S.

Full disclosure: I did not buy glasses here.

BUT! I needed my pupillary distance (PD) measured for some glasses I had already ordered online. My eye doctor charges an additional $50 for this measurement when you're not buying glasses from them, so I started hunting around for a place that did it for free. iDoc is the place! Not only did they measure my PD for me, but they were also so very nice and friendly! The store is beautiful, well lit, and their frame selection looked very good. The two employees in the shop when I was there were both attentively assisting other customers who looked very pleased with the service.

I must say if I hadn't already ordered these other glasses online, I would have shopped here and I highly recommend it!


Insight Opticians

Eyewear & Opticians

1240 F St NW Washington, DC
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Mary H.

I had a completely difference experience from the first reviewer. One of the first questions I asked was could they take a digital pic of me so I could see how I looked in the frames I'd chosen and they told me they didn't have one.

The store wasn't busy but neither associate offered to help with my frame selection initially. I had to ask for help. The service I got on all my visits wasn't "individual," even though they had either one customer or no other customer in the store.

Their frames are as pricey as Blink's but I will go back to Blink, or to Virginia Burton in Georgetown (again), when I need my next pair of glasses. Actually, now that I have thought about Virginia Burton, let me recommend her unreservedly. She has a wonderful eye and devotes all her time to your selection process.

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martin d.

I am a value buyer...which often translates into me being somewhat cheap...after visiting a ridiculously priced store on P street where the salespeople were rude, I found Tony at Insight. The first sign that Tony was the man to go to for glasses is the fact that he owns more than 20 pair of glasses and regularly rotates about 10 pair. I've been back twice for minor refitting where I bent the metal frames (which by the way have super cool German engineering) and it's been a perfect experience each time...Tony just replaced the Mykita case I lost.

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Karthik I.

I saw the great reviews on Yelp for Insight Opticians and decided to check this place out. I have been looking for new glasses because the ones I have currently don't fit my face well. The second I walked into the door I could tell this was going to be a great experience. I was greeted with smiles from both Tony and Yolanda (the staff) and I could immediately see how well their glasses complemented their faces. I knew that I had found the right place.

I have a very narrow face so my options are very limited (sizes 41-44) and there were a few selections to choose from. Since I wanted more options than the available selection, Yolanda had me go onto the website for LA eyeworks and see which style I liked and told me to only choose sizes 41-44. I returned to the store with pictures of my selections. Yolanda found me a pair that was the same style but a different color and I loved everything about the style except for the color. She was able to order a blue pair for me (Howser of LA eyeworks). I am excited to have a well-fitting pair of glasses and I could tell how well they fit my face. Yolanda and Tony were very helpful.

Although the glasses here are pricey, they are very generous. I asked them about any possible student discounts and because I asked in a friendly way, I was given a 10% discount on my total. In addition, there is a second pair of glasses that I am interested in that is brand new and the first shipment is only coming in a few weeks. I asked if I could get a discount by buying 2 pairs (the one I bought already and the brand new style) and Tony told me that he would help me out when the new shipment arrives. I will update this review as my glasses arrive and after I check out the new style. If you are looking for a great place to get your glasses, this is it! This is pricey, but I felt it was definitely worth it.

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Virginia B.

I'm not sure why Yelp filtered my review, so I am putting it up again.

Yolanda (the owner) and Tony are first-rate! Beautiful frames, a wide range of prices--you're sure to find something you'll like.

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Betty H.

Athens, Greece.

Stopped by an optical store and found a pair of frames I knew I wanted.

However, while there are plenty of distributors of Cutler and Cross in Athens--and other parts of Greece--the dollar is still weak here, so I decided to look for a distributor in the States where I am based and came across Insight in DC.

But since I can't physically go into the shop now and see their collection, I attempted to call and see if they have the model I want. But no one answered the phone. So a bit difficult from my end to proceed.

And although the fine reviews of the shop here are encouraging, doesn't help when you're across the Atlantic, trying to get info on a difficult-to-find frame.

Don't want to wait until I return to the States in August to find out they don't carry the frame I want. And so, I just might be forced to see the dollar take a hit from the Euro and buy the frames here.

But as I am not a wealthy woman, I would have preferred to shop around a bit in my neighborhood--compare prices, if you know what I mean.

So whoever happens to stop by the shop between now and August might suggest to Tony and Yolanda that they pick up the phone when it rings.

Not that I would want them to ignore a customer who may be in the store while the telephone is ringing...

Still. It would have been nice to get an answer.



Eyewear & Opticians

10101 Colesville Rd Silver Spring, MD
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Carlotta F.

This is great place. Feels great to support a small business. You can book appointments and fill out your paperwork ahead of time. Dr. Schwartz is excellent and everyone who was there was so helpful. They didn't over sell and got me what I needed! Would go back for sure!

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Catherine F.

Just returned from a visit to iGlasses @ Four Corners and cannot say enough about the service, selection and professionalism!

A fantastic choice of great styles and brands. Judy and David (owners) were delightful, very knowledgeable and willing to take plenty of time and gave excellent advice.

In addition, the shop is beautiful and a much-needed improvement to the Woodmoor Shopping Center!

I will recommend to all of my friends and family.

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B G.

My mom and I went into iGlasses just to kill time. The owner, Judy, was very inviting and helpful. She looked up my vision insurance and gave me a thorough rundown of what's covered and how much things would cost for me. I've been afraid to use my benefits! She made it very clear that I should take advantage of them while I have them. She didn't try to nickel and dime and show me glasses that were out of my league. My insurance covered $130 of my frames and she found glasses for $134! Since I was visiting my mother and had to fly out the following day, she told me to come in the morning and she'd get the eye doctor to come in early so he can see me. He was a delight! Actually, everyone was. After my exam, she told me to give her 15-20 minutes for my glasses to be made. We went next to door get a coffee and my glasses were done as soon as my coffee was. It was a great experience! I feel sassy with these new specks!

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Stafford R.


Dr. Beth Schwartz and David Pollak both provided fantastic service and made the prescription examination and frame selection an extremely pleasant experience.

Dr. Schwartz genuinely listened as I explained my prescription history, while Mr. Pollak took the time to resolve the issue the chain store created with my insurance for me.

I have no need to search any further and will come back to iGlasses for any future optometry needs.

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Raquel W.

This place is fabulous. They have a very unique offering of frames - lots of European and fashion-forward looks. Hardly would have expected this selection in the MD suburbs. Judy is a master at fitting frames. She picked a lens for me that I would NEVER have selected for myself, and not a day goes by when I don't get a compliment from a colleague, friend, or perfect stranger. David cut the lenses and they are perfect. I had to transition to progressives and they work perfectly, no dizziness although progressives take getting used to, but after the first 4 days or so something clicked and they have been perfect since. The staff is also very very nice. No issues that you get in some medical offices - such as attitude, lack of sensitivity to privacy, etc. These guys are great. I had an exam by Dr. Kellner and he is the bomb. Kind, funny, takes his time, explains things fully. Talked through the options on how to address the different issues - distance, close up, computer distance, etc. Really liked him.

Now, glasses here are not cheap, but they do have a discount program that helps. Still, some of the frames are expensive. But you are paying for really high quality style and help selecting the right look.


I Care Doctor

Eyewear & Opticians

15426 New Hampshire Ave Silver Spring, MD
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Bill P.

So far so issues here. Fair price a great doctor friendly staff. Good price on two new sets of lenses for my existing frames that I love and I purchased recently. No pressure on the upselling and the selection of men's frames looked fantastic. Much better than stores in Bethesda fo sho!!!!!! It does take 2 weeks for delivery but I am a patient man. Assistant Yennifer looks just like Selena Gomez......go see her!!!!!! Is the only eye store around for miles and miles.....

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Lucy M.

The doctor got my prescription way wrong and after waiting for weeks for my glasses, it's still not right. But I can't stomach going back there. So, I'm just going to try and prevent others from making the same mistake as me!

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Barbara B.

I would not ever use these people. They are incompetent to say the least. The eye doctor did not measure my perscription correctly. They have had to remake my glasses 3 times and this is going on four. They do not have staff who are trained to fit glasses. Instead of heating them around the temples they bend them back and forth till they snap. They deliver "brand new glasses" with scratches to you and try to blame it on the lap being inferior. They are the worst business I have ever been too!!! Use anyone else to get your glases. I would give them less than one star if possible. Oh and on top of it they are rude about their mistakes.

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Linda S.

Ten minutes after I arrived, I was finally greeted and asked to sign in, which I already did, ten minutes ago.

An hour after my scheduled appointment, I was finally seen by the optometrist.

After the exam, she told me to have a seat and the front desk will print out my prescription and check me out.

Twenty minutes later, I approached the desk and asked them if they could check me out because I've been here for an hour and a half now and they said "sorry I didn't know you were waiting."

Now many of you are probably thinking, maybe they were busy?

No, this was not the case. I've been to far more busier offices and have never experienced such a lack of customer service.

I will say, the optometrist was nice and informative.

You have patience to spare and don't mind an incompetent front desk then by all means, otherwise save yourself the headache and time.

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