Dr. Samir MelkiSince founding Boston Eye Group in 2000, we have relentlessly pursued both improvement in patient experience and innovation in academic medicine. This stems from our philosophy that only through dedicated emphasis on both scientific pursuit and patient satisfaction can we deliver the best possible medical care.

Boston Eye Group is an academic private practice, at the vanguard of eye care and patient service. Our dedication to research, education, and innovation are embodied in cutting-edge experimental studies, the publication of our findings in medical journals and textbooks, and successful surgical breakthroughs. In patient service, we measure and track surgical outcomes, complications, patient flow, wait times, and overall experience with the goal of achieving the highest level of patient satisfaction.

Boston Eye Group operates locally and worldwide. We serve New England from our two main Massachusetts offices, in Brookline and Lawrence, and are affiliated with major hospitals and health care systems in the Boston area. Our international work centers around cataract surgery in the United Kingdom, and artificial cornea implantation in the Middle East.

This brochure offers an overview of Boston Eye Group’s approach to eye and patient care, our achievements thus far, and a glimpse at our ongoing and determined battle against blindness.

Samir Melki MD, PhD
Founder & Medical Director