Rodney W. Stevens

Thursday, October 02, 2014

 "I am 33 years old and I have been wearing glasses since I was in the third grade. I remember feeling embarrassed about having to get my first pair. My vision without glasses was honestly like opening my eyes under water. It was so bad that one time I remember setting them down on the bed to change my sweater and it took me thirty minutes to find them again. After a couple of these episodes, I was more than curious about the benefits of LASIK.

What has transpired since my surgery is something of a miracle. I feel completely reborn and my life is like night and day as compared to before. I am now able to see across the bedroom the moment I awake. I am able to read the fine print on the shampoo bottle and see the bottom of the bathtub while taking a shower. I know these seem like simple tasks, but they are extraordinary accomplishments for someone with my visual ability. I must admit that in the beginning I was very doubtful about the outcome of this procedure but I am very satisfied with my decision.

A million thanks to you and to your courteous and professional staff. I have already recommended your name to several of my friends."

Rodney W. Stevens 
Hotel Industry

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