Sean Smith

Thursday, October 02, 2014

Dear Dr. Melki & Boston Laser Staff,

It has been about six months since my surgery and I wanted to take a minute in order to check in and let you know how my life has changed. It is very difficult to sum up how happy I am with my decision to get LASIK at Boston Laser. After struggling with poor eye sight for 29 years, you have truly brought comfort and convenience back into my life.

Sports and fitness have always been very important to me. Regardless of the season, I have always been and always will be involved in some form of physical activity. Although contact lenses were a big step up from regular glasses, there were still major inconveniences. First and foremost there was always the fear of losing a lens at any point during the activity. I also remember playing basketball in dry dusty gyms. By the second half of games my eyes would be partially shut due to irritation from the dust in the air. Also as I'm sure anyone who has ever worn contacts will attest too, there is no greater pain than getting sweat into an eye with a lens in it. An almost equally painful occurrence of having dirt and debris blow into my eye was a constant threat during outdoor activities.

Needless to say, I will never have to worry about any of these hassles again. Two weeks after my LASIK procedure I was up and active. Only this time I no longer worry about a dusty gym, a windy day on the golf course, or simply losing a contact in the middle of a game. It is as if I see the playing field from a new and improved perspective. I would HIGHLY recommend LASIK at the Boston Laser to anyone from the weekend warrior to professional athletes.

Having to deal with travel for business was always a major problem when I relied on contacts. I remember that if I fell asleep on a flight I would wake up with dry and even on one occasion a torn lens. There is always the added burden of making sure to pack contact cases, solutions, and glasses. Now that I have had LASIK I never worry about these headaches. I am relaxed on flights and can nap at will without the fear of waking up with what feels like a potato chip on my eye. Traveling to different parts of the country and being exposed to different allergens used to make putting my lenses in next to impossible. This procedure has removed one of the biggest burdens that I had to deal with as a sales professional that travels on a regular basis.

There are countless ways in which LASIK has improved my life. I think it's the little things that I hardly notice and the time saved from not dealing with contacts and glasses which may be the most important. I really want to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of your staff members that did everything to make me feel safe from the first consultation to the day of the procedure to my follow up appointments. You made sure I was comfortable with everything from appointment times, financing, what my options were, and what the final procedure entailed. Now I feel it's my duty to tell others that there is no need to go through life with the burden of poor eye site! Thank you again for bringing comfort and convenience back into my life.

Sean Smith 
Medical Sales Representative 
MEDA Pharmaceuticals

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