Smadar Babchuck

Thursday, October 02, 2014

I just wanted to write to you and hope that you will give Dr. Melki my personal and very warm thanks and appreciation for his treatment of my mother.

My mother had no sight in her right eye for over 20 years as a result of the herpes virus. When she lost sight in her left eye last June due to other reasons, and her doctor recommended that she should see Dr. Melki about the right eye, with the hope of restoring her eye sight, we were all VERY skeptical.

Since she had nothing to lose- we came to see him and agreed to a cornea transplant plus a cataract operation. All went very smoothly and, as Dr. Melki promised, she began gaining sight in that eye within a few weeks. At this point she is able to read again, something she was not able to do at all since June, and all due to that operation. My mother feels good and cheerful. She functions completely on her own and able to manage every - day things like writing checks, shop and read the labels, read her mail and watch television.

Dr. Melki always treats her with the outmost respect and is very cautious in his medical decisions as to not risk the success of the operation.

Please thank him from all of us. My mother owes her current quality of life to him alone.

Smadar Babchuck

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