Deciding if LASIK Eye Surgery is your Best Option

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Nowadays, it really pays to be practical. While opting for a LASIK Surgery in order to improve your vision is priceless, the overall costs and the process of selecting the right eye surgeon may be legitimate factors to consider. We always want to get what we have paid there when making a decision it is very important that we are knowledgeable and we take all the necessary precautions before taking the big step. 

Laser Assisted in-situ Keratomileusis (LASIK) – Overview

Perhaps, photorefractive keratectomy (PRK) and LASIK procedures are the two most common laser refractive surgeries available today. Both are performed using a laser called excimer, which is a computer-controlled device. Using this device, the surgeon will delicately sculpt the patient's cornea. It has been said that there are a number of vision problems that are treated with LASIK surgery. This includes nearsightedness. This condition causes the light rays coming into the eyes to just focus at a point in front of our retina, making distant objects appear blurry. Farsightedness is another condition that can be treated with a refractive surgery. The condition is also commonly known as myopia where lights rays that enter to the eyes has a focus point behind the retina where objects that are near would appear blurry. When the cornea's curvature of a certain person is uneven the condition is called astigmatism. Since the condition causes distortion in the vision, the objects and images at all distances will appear blurry.

LASIK Surgery Procedures

Before undergoing the LASIK procedure, the eye doctor will be performing a thorough eye examination. It is very important to make sure that they are healthy enough for the process. The evaluation will include the thickness and share of the cornea, refractive errors, size of the pupil and general eye conditions. Also, the level of moistness of the patient's  eyes will be thoroughly evaluated and recommend precautionary treatment to reduce the risk on developing dry eyes after the procedure.

A wavefront technology will be used for wavefront analysis which would send light waves into the eyes for a more precise map of the eyes which affect your vision. Meanwhile, another automated instrument known as corneal topographer will be used by the doctor for measuring the curvature of your eye's front surface when creating a “map”.

The eye doctor will also review your general health history, any eye procedures you have already done in the past and medications you have been taking as part of identifying whether you are a good candidate for a LASIK procedure. More so, the patient should meet other important criteria in order to be qualified for the surgery. In general, there isn't any upper age limit for a laser eye surgery however it must be important to take note that patients who are 40 years old and above may be still using reading glasses even after the surgery to correct vision caused by age-related condition. Meanwhile, LASIK surgery should be delayed for pregnant or nursing since temporary changes on the person's vision may likely to appear which are highly related to hormonal changes. It is best to have the procedure when vision and hormones returned to normal already.


Once you're doctor determines that you're a good candidate, LASIK surgery is performed. The surgery will start with the creation of a thin and circular “flap” in the cornea with the use of either the microkeratome or mechanical surgical tool.  The hinged flap will then be fold back in order to access the stroma – the underlying cornea. Then necessary corneal tissue are removed by the doctor with the use of excimer laser. The procedure may take less than 20 minutes, each eye is performed separately where it may only takes approximately 5 minutes.

Making the Decision

Many people would want to eliminate the hassle of wearing contact lenses and eye glasses while doing their daily activities. Also those people would want to consider such laser refractive surgery are those who want to eliminate the trouble of dealing with allergies when wearing contacts. However, it is essential to know when you a LASIK is a good choice for your condition. Obtaining an accurate assessment of your vision by your chosen eye doctor and balancing your lifestyle could possibly help you decide whether LASIK if just the right option for you or not. Learn this objectivity to avoid further risks, there are many individuals who chose to run directly to the nearest laser center without taking proper information from a trusted eye care provider.

Although there lots of trusted eye surgeons who are among the most highly recommended and qualified eye surgery experts, it is never safe to assume that you could never afford to see any one of them. It is very much essential to look for quotation from different doctors and take time to understand the underlying costs. Also, remember that there are many eye experts who offer financing to their clients.

Besides the price, we would like to have our surgery to be effective and empowering experience, choosing the right eye surgeon is another important decision you need to make before going through the actual procedure. Have you found your doctor yet? Do not rush. There are practically thousands of eye experts you can choose from, however you will need to find someone who does not just meet your expectations and needs, you need someone you will be comfortable working with. When choosing a surgeon, it is best to do an initial consultation of the doctor to know all the ins and outs of the procedure and ask questions.

LASIK eye surgery may be the right treatment for your eye condition. However, with overwhelming options of surgeons, varying costs and many things that must be put into considerations it is very important to have all the information available to help you decide if LASIK is right for you. The decision of having an eye surgery must be made carefully, without hesitation and pressure. Whenever you already have your options you can start weighing their advantages and disadvantages to identify which choice best meets your needs. 

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