Patient's Guide to LASIK Surgery

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A thing that is worse than being blind is having sight but no vision. Lasik is one of the most highly available refractive eye surgery and has the most successful treatments to reduce or even completely eliminate a person's daily dependence on contact lenses or prescription eyewear. Improving your eyesight is perhaps one of the most important, life-changing decisions you would ever make. Considering for a Lasik procedure involves painless and short recovery period that you could ever imagine.  

Guide to Lasik

It has been said that visions of millions of people have been successfully improved through Lasik eye surgery however, the decision of getting one must be approached with great caution. Remember that it also involves some potential risks, just like any surgery procedures. Therefore, an informed decision is highly necessary to obtain a high success rate and excellent safety profile for your Lasik eye surgery. One of the most highly important factors that you need to be fully aware about is the basic criteria of candidate for successful Lasik surgery. 

Determining if Lasik is Good for You

Remember that in order to be successful for a Lasik procedure, the client should meet the patient criteria to determine if Lasik is the right refractive procedure for you. The following checklist should be a good start to determine if this is right for you. Are you Over a Certain Age? While there is no upper age limit for patients to undergo laser eye surgery, it is very important to take note that clients who are 40 and above would still need contact lenses or reading glasses even after their Lasik eye surgery. This is because age-related condition such as presbyopia may still persist even after the procedure, which is very normal. A patient should also be in a good health condition, a patient who has any issues regarding his health and healing may face even a higher risk of unsatisfactory Lasik eye procedure outcome while certain medications could also significantly affect your healing process. Another important thing that a patient must remember is that Lasik eye procedure is not suitable for pregnant. This pertains to the hormonal changes which can highly possibly alter the shape of the person's cornea that also greatly affects the vision temporarily. It is highly recommended to delay the surgery few months after giving birth,  enough time for the person's hormones and vision to return normal. Aside from the person's overall health, it is necessary that the person's eyes are healthy. For patients who are currently having any condition that could possibly affect how their eyes respond to the healing process and surgery itself, it is recommended to wait until that certain eye condition is already resolved. Examples are pink eye, infection, healing injury to any parts of the eyes and severe dry eye syndrome. Proceeding with your Lasik surgery without taking these into considerations may just aggravate after the Lasik surgery. Pre-operative exam is usually taken by your surgeon to determine your eyes' overall condition and determine if they are suitable for Lasik surgery. You must have heard it already that vast majority of Lasik procedure results are successful and excellent however you should still be fully aware of potential complications and possible side effects.

Potential Complications and Steps to Reducing the Risks

Unlike the common myths, Lasik procedure is typically safe with increasing success rates especially as technology and modern medical procedures continue to improve. Though given this known fact, the possible risks the procedure associates shouldn't just be ignored or taken for granted. Even though there are only very few and rare instances recorded of Lasik eye surgery resulting to infections, there are several things you can do to reduce the potential risks. One, choose a highly qualified and experienced surgeon. In order to achieve successful results, the procedure must be done right and with utmost care. An ophthalmologist who has extensive experience performing Lasik surgery, specifically is the most fitted practitioner who can employ the right methods during surgical procedure. Choose a doctor who has been using sophisticated technology and has good track record from his patients in terms of his surgical skills. Another important thing that you need to make in order to achieve a desirable outcome is to do all the necessary preparations prior to your actual surgery. There will be diagnostic examinations to determine your eye condition, this process should be done to avoid complications and even speed up the healing process. While, the procedure will only take shortly, you will be required to have a regular visit to your surgeon few months after your surgery. A regular visit is highly necessary not just to ensure that vision problems have been reduced or completely eliminated but to avoid any possible development of infections and detect complications as early as possible.

Always have A Realistic Expectation

When you are considering a Lasik procedure, it is important to have a realistic expectation. Lasik would  allow you to have a better vision and do the things you always wanted to do without wearing your corrective lenses, however too much high hopes of getting a perfect vision after undergoing the surgery could only lead to disappointment. If you are not sure you can handle any possible result after  your surgery, might as well step out of zone and think again. There is no way to assure you that you can fully obtain a perfect result from any surgical operations and there is such thing as safe medical procedure even if it is generally successful to most people. However, there is always medical alternatives and options to opt for to enhance and correct the process.

Lasik (laser in situ keratomileusis) is just one of the most highly successful and widely available refractive eye procedures today. Although, the process cannot be reversed and cannot perfectly eliminate vision problems (age-related) it has been a very successful method that was able to change many people's lives. With the right knowledge and an informed decision, your Lasik procedure would allow you to attain a better vision that you always deserve. 

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