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Anderschat John F MD

Optometrists, Ophthalmologists

1515 Highland Dr Silver Spring, MD
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Catherine W.

Performs unnecessary exams just to get money. I told everything about my history to his office before, and even though my eye doctor gave him all the notes from a full eye exam and refraction, Anderschat still insisted on a full eye exam and refraction and then refused to be the surgeon for my cataract surgery. He referred me to another doctor with a horrible reputation.
Watch out for this guy - not the nice little old man he thinks he is.


Andrew E Holzman, Md, Facs

Laser Eye Surgery/Lasik, Ophthalmologists

11200 Rockville Pike Rockville, MD
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Ramona W.

Very upfront about the procedure and made the process a great experience.


Alison Au Sinyai, OD PC


Falls Church City, 901 W Broad St Falls Church, VA
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Mike E.

This review is about a year overdue, so I'm glad that I finally got to it. Simply put, Dr. Sinyai gave me the best eye exam I've ever gotten. I was having contact problems ever since I went to My Eye Dr. in Clarendon and Dr. Sinyai quickly corrected my issues. Apparently, the My Eye Dr. exam resulted in my contact being an entire point to high on each side, which was leading to my red, constantly itchy eyes. Since visiting Dr. Sinyai, I haven't had a single contact issue. She recommend new contacts, quick worked wonderfully. As long as I live in the area, I won't go to anyone else. She was quick, professional. thorough, and friendly. GREAT experience.

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Yvette P.

I cannot recommend Dr. Sinyai more highly. She is efficient, friendly,and thorough. She helped me work with my insurance and I left paying almost nothing for new glasses and eye exams for all my children. I am so impressed with her that I made my mom visit her (and she lives an hour away). I rarely rave about doctors, but I am so happy with Dr. Sinyai I had to give her a good review.

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Christy G.

Dr. Sinyai is very friendly and very focused on your individual needs and doesn't try to get you to buy unnecessary eye stuff. Her exam is quick and easy, she gives you tons of samples of contacts, solution, etc. I told her my trouble with contacts drying my eyes out, and she let me try a few pairs til I was comfortable. She also made sure I understood how to get the rebate from my contact company when I bought new contacts. She doesn't rush you, focuses on your issues. My husband has since been and had the same experience. No glasses there, but I generally don't buy from the eye doctor places anyway.


Aaron Figler OD and Associates


14904 Jefferson Davis Hwy Woodbridge, VA
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Amy C.

Very thorough and knowledgeable. In the past, I have seen many ophthalmologists for my vision issues but never an optometrist. I was nervous but Dr. Figler was great! He provided information about my eyes that I had never been told before and was really patient with all of my questions.

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Tom H.

Dr. Figler will always go out of his way to take care of his patients. From spending extra time in a difficult appointment to working with patients to understand their insurance benefits to get the best deal, Dr. Figler truly cares for his patients. I highly recommend!

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Khris L.

I moved out of Woodbridge and still go to this practice because of the excellent service and care I get from Dr Figler.
The staff, however, does a disservice to this practice. They're very disorganized. I ordered contacts about 2 weeks ago. I called to check on status and they didn't even know if they had ordered it yet. I understand they're busy but customer service needs major improvement.

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Natasha S.

Dr. Figler is definitely the best optometrist AND boss I have ever had. I worked for him a long time ago, when he was at Sterling Optical in Potomac Mills. (You can imagine how many years have passed). However, throughout my entire experience as his employee, I saw him first hand take his time and really provide comprehensive excellence to his patients. After leaving the office, I run into patients that STILL hike down to Woodbridge just to see him. Including my mother and I whom now live in Maryland. We are willing to take that extra hike to get the best service. After moving to the West Coast, I had gone through 4-5 different optometrists before finding a decent one. So since returning to the area for good, I have visited him and will keep him as my optometrist until one of us moves out of the area! He's a stand up guy, great prices and very thorough. I have probably referred at least 3-4 people to him in the last 3 months!

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Kim T.

Great doctor! I've been to many optometrists throughout the years and he is without a doubt the most knowledgable and best at his job. Very easy going. Definitely recommend!


America's Best Contacts & Eyeglasses

Eyewear & Opticians, Optometrists, Ophthalmologists

9337 Annapolis Rd Lanham, MD
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Tracie D.

On Sept. 11, I went to the Bowie, MD store to inquire about purchasing more contacts. When I arrived in the store, it was moderately busy. A gentleman - and I use the term out of politeness only - looked up from what he was doing and asked if he could help me. I said yes. I pulled out the one contact lens I had gotten from them prior, an Acuvue Oasys with Hydraclear. I said it had been awhile since I had been there and I wanted to purchase another contact. Just one. Or a pair. I didn't care.

He led me around to the table where you put the contacts on behind the glasses wall. He asked me had it been longer than 30 days and I said yes, quite a bit. He looked under the sink and pulled out a bin with contacts. Then he went to the computer and looked me up. He looked at me over his glasses - the first sign of his annoyance showed - when he stated, "It's been over 6 months maam, you were here in February". I said, yes, more than likely. I attempted to explain the situation as there was some confusion about my contacts initially - the "February" visit. That I had not been able to come back. He then excused himself and left me sitting there - which was fine as I had work I could do while sitting there. I took out my phone and began reading and responding to emails. He popped back by about 10 - 15 minutes later and said he hadn't forgotten about me and would get right back to me. I said that was fine, I was doing some work while I waited, to take his time.

After some time - not more than another 10 - 15 minutes, he came back. He started right in on telling me I had to come with him and go see the doctor. I stopped what I was doing - actively emailing my boss at that exact moment - to say, "I'm sorry, hold on one second I'm sending an email and I can't type and talk at the same time". I looked AT him when I said it and said it with some self deprecation as I figured he would understand and give me a moment. His response was curt, "Then stop typing." He led right into how it had been so many months, that my prescription was no good, that the doctor had to see me again for another exam. He asked if I was part of some club - to which I responded unsure, the first visit I had bought 2 pairs of glasses and ordered contacts, I couldn't remember if I was part of some club or not. He made a harrumph sound and whisked off to the front leaving me standing there. He then returned saying I was not and that I was to be seen by the doctor. He - and this is the point at which I began to get very annoyed - INSTRUCTED me to sit down. He even pointed to the chair. I said no I'm fine I can stand. He said I should sit again, I said, no thank you, I can stand. I asked him how much was the re-exam - he told me (I don't remember the amount). I asked him again why I needed another exam.

The events that followed are not verbatim. He suggested that I had been irresponsible by not following up. That he doesn't have any record of them "losing" my original follow up appointment and that he has records that they spoke to me to tell me my contacts were in. He was speaking loudly and in front of another customer sitting 2 chairs to my right. He again instructed me to sit down, and when I again refused he adopted an exasperated and condescending tone and began speaking slowly as if speaking to someone who was of limited intelligence. He told me again that I must sit down. That I had to see the doctor. That I hadn't been back. That it had been over 6 months. That it was my responsibility. That I couldn't get a copy of my prescription. I was quite insulted by his tone, his intimations, and the physical way in which he stood close to me.

I finally had enough. I stopped him and told him that I didn't appreciate the tone he spoke to me in. That I didn't NEED to sit down. That I am not a child. That I'm SOMEBODY'S child, but not his. I didn't appreciate the way he handled me, the way he spoke to me and how incredibly insulting he was. I told him that I had sat and waited for HIM after he asked me if I need to be helped, thereby suggesting he was ready to help me. When he wasn't I had no problem waiting. And that, when he returned to finish assisting me, the fact that I wasn't ready right then and there to listen to what he had to say - the "Then stop typing" comment was rude, unprofessional, and uncalled for. I told him that I had spent over $600 the last time and was in no 'discount club' nor did I use insurance. I paid cash for glasses, cases, exams, and paid good money for them too. That all I had wanted to do was buy my contacts. Pay for them that day if needed and pick them up. But I would never spend my money there. Not ever again. His response to all of this was "Ok". During what I had to say, he tried several times to interrupt me with, "maam, calm down." And "Okay, but". I then instructed HIM that no, I am the customer, I had listened to him speak down to me long enough and now he would listen to me

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Bee S.

I called. Thinking I would get better service. I was placed on hold ASAP then after I told them what I needed I was placed on another 15 minute hold. I just hung up. So aggravating, especially when all I need is my prescription!

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