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America's Best Contacts & Eyeglasses

Optometrists, Eyewear & Opticians, Ophthalmologists

14635-b Baltimore Ave Laurel, MD
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W T.

Optometrists: 5 star
Store Staff: 1 star

I've been reading other reviews for America's Bests and it seems that every store operates in the same manner. The optometrists are there to provide the appointments and are generally friendly and reasonable, and the store staff are there to sell you up at every possible turn.

My experience at the Laurel location (which I think is fairly new) was no different. The doctor, Dr. Hussein (I think) was polite and not forceful. He walked me through the appointment process and during my follow up he gave me a copy of my prescription with no questions asked (good luck trying to get a prescription copy from one of the store staff).

However, when I finished my appointment and walked out I was greeted by an associate who I hadn't seen when I first walked in. She asked me to sit at one of the tables. I was a little hesitant because coming into the store I had no intention of purchasing anything. But I ended up doing as she said because I figured that was the only way I was going to get a receipt for the appointment and my trial contacts. As I suspected she ended up trying to sell me on several boxes of contacts. I told her I didn't want to buy them (because Costco sold the same contacts for two dollars cheaper a box), but she kept forcing it on me. I was already a member of their "Eye Club" but apparently they wanted to suck out even more of my money. Eventually, I buckled and agreed to buy a box for each eye.

I would like to recommend the optometrist I had my appointment with, but the overall experience left a bad taste in my mouth. If he worked in a standalone office I would be more than happy to recommend him, but since he works in an America's Best Store, I'm afraid I can't. I wouldn't encourage anyone else to have to deal with the pain that is America's Best.

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Edith G.

Avoid, avoid, avoid.
They're very nice, until you find out the true cost. That "2 pairs for" isn't the real price. After they finish upselling you the price is much, much more. I refused to pay all the extras, and ordered just 1 pair at only double the price I'd been led to believe, only to have them done wrong. So they sent the glasses back to the lab and here we are, 2 weeks later (almost 3 since I ordered them!) and I still don't have my new glasses.
This place is a total rip off.

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James L.

"I was expecting the big upsell, but once I said I was getting the package there was no further discussion. It was supposed to cost 69.95 and it did."

Never received the second pair of glasses.

Went in to get them, was told they couldn't find them and they re-ordered the second set.

Still waiting 4 months later for the phone call to get them. Too bad I'm in a different state now.

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Tivona R.

Really, 3 1/2 stars due to communication issues...

Yesterday I got a phone call hat my glasses were ready.. Very pleased..

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Kim G.

Worst experience I've ever had. It's pretty hard to have a bad experience at a eyeglass and contacts store. The people at the desk and operating the vision test machines do not know what they are doing. They didn't wipe down the machine after numerous people put their forehead on it. Very disappointed considering this place is new.


America's Best Contacts & Eyeglasses

Optometrists, Eyewear & Opticians, Ophthalmologists

11139 Lee Hwy Fairfax, VA
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George C.

What a stink comes off this corporation. "Two pairs of glasses for $69 and a free eye exam." REALLY? What's really nasty about this is you can't read the fine print in the TV ads. They need to post, in large letters, under those words: "Sucker born every day," either that, or the words: "RESTRICTIONS APPLY."
You'll get in there and they nickel and dime you; you discover you need all of these other things: glare protection coating, scratch protection coating, an additional fee because your lenses are over a certain weight, an additional fee because you wear bifocals, ETC., ETC., ETC.
You end up paying $400 or $500 for just one pair of glasses, which you could have gotten in any eyeglass store, without going 20 miles out of your way.
Yes, "Suckah born every minute" should be their slogan.
And then you pay the big bucks, and the frames break every six months from normal wear and tear.
Such losers.
I will avoid this place in the future like a leper colony.

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Dixon M.

Call me "crabby." That's okay with me. Maybe I am.

When I choose a healthcare provider, the office staff are at least as important as the doctor is. After all, you will spend a lot more time interacting with the staff than you will with the doctor.

I made an appointment at this America's Best Contacts and Eyeglasses location, but I am going to call back to cancel this afternoon.

I spoke to two people at the store (the person who answered the phone and the person who booked the appointment), and their phone manner was terrible. Both of them sounded irritable and bored. I don't know what I was interrupting, but I did not feel welcomed at all.

I don't expect them to treat me like royalty, but I expect that people in service industries are cordial, at least. These staff members failed to do that.

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E C.

My co-worker recommended America's Best and so far, so good. I'd been going to a very pricey place - good service, no complaints - but when my new Dior glasses were stolen, I decided to look for a less-expensive replacement until I learn to be more responsible with my possessions. Looked up America's Best online, viewed the glasses catalog, printed several possiblities and took them with me to the Lee Hwy store. I called ahead to make sure I didn't need an appt. The phone manner was very professional, BTW. Staff gave me personalized service - located the glasses I had printed out beforehand, offered suggestions re face shape and size when I asked for their honest opinion. Selection was excellent and prices very reasonable. The website makes it sound as though America's Best is a kind of TJ Maxx with designer overstocks in addition to no-name brands. That appeals to me because I am a shopper in search of quality as well as good price.

Nadia was super and I liked that she obtained a second opinion from her store manager when she took lens measurements. My military training says check and double check is always a good idea. I will go back for sure. Give them a try. I think you will be very pleased.

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Patricia H.

I had a very good experience here. Maybe I was lucky, or maybe to be honest I had low expectations but this place delivered for me. I have been wearing contacts for 20+ years (with no problems, very straightforward rx, no/very little astigmatism) so I really just need a cheap way to get my prescription updated so I can buy my contacts online for the best price possible. I had a coupon for $10 off a contact lens exam here and they had the lowest price around so I made an appt. This is what impressed me:

1) Office was modern, clean, and inviting
2) The technician was competent and efficient
3) The DO (Doctor of Optometry, not an ophthalmologist, but I don't need an ophthalmologist) Dr. Megha Puri, was great!! Very professional, no hard sell to buy contacts from the office, and she set me up with a free trial pair of multifocal contacts (since I now need reading glasses). I really liked her efficiency, her friendliness, and her willingness to give me some options for my age-related presbyopia. She appreciated my desire to get the best value for my contact lens dollar.
4) For the first time ever, I was able to JUST get a contact lens exam. Every other place I have ever gone to insists I also have to get an "eye exam" and charges accordingly for both "contacts fitting" and "eye exam" (never less than $100 at a minimum). Here I was only charged for the contact lens exam. Perfect for a long time user like myself.

Now I'm not sure if I had a more complicated prescription or vision needs that this place would be where I would go, but for my situation it worked perfectly.

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Anya P.

Chose this venue due to the convenience of the location and the price, but ran into a little bit of trouble with the mandatory follow-up appointment. Everything seemed to go smoothly enough, and I was out of there in 30 minutes for my contact lens prescription - here is the catch, however: I could not order my contact lenses online because the doctor did not "finalize my prescription." When I called the center, they absolutely refused to cooperate and mandated that I come in for a follow-up without a good explanation, even though I had been wearing contacts for many years. The doctor was very helpful and knowledgeable in working out my prescription with me, so I have reviewed my rating - thanks for turning my experience around. Overall it was a pretty good deal - 5 years of exams (bi-annually) for both contact lenses and glasses, all for just $140! Can't beat it!


America's Best Contacts & Eyeglasses

Eyewear & Opticians, Optometrists, Ophthalmologists

3006 Waldorf Marketplace Waldorf, MD
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Beverly W.

I wish I could give this place 0 stars!! I have been using them for my daughter contacts for over 2 years. Up until now, they have been okay, however they have recently been absolutely horrid. The service is poor. I called to order a refill of her lenses, justas I always did and they continuously told me (for 4 days) that I would have to call back the next day. FINALLY, on the fourth day they decide to tell me that I have to go online and order them- so I did. I got a call from the online vendor telling me my daughter was ONE DAY past the expiration on her eye exam. They called America's Best to see if they would honor the Rx. Guess what? NOPE. I had to come back and pay for another exam if I wanted her lenses refilled. WOW. If they had told me to order online 3 days earlier, her exam would have been good and there would have been no problems with the re-order. I went to Wal-mart in LaPlata and my experience was fantastic. Please save yourself the headache and skip this place. I do not spend my $$ at businesses with horrendous service and will not be spending any more $$ here.

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Crissy H.

This place is awful I had to return my glasses 3 times before they got the prescription right. There is always a wait, but the customer service is not that bad. I would not recommend this place to anyone.

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K M.

Poor Customer Service---especially after the sale (which in my case was a contact lens exam). The doctor wrote a contact lens prescription that noted it was for TWO YEARS for a particular brand of contacts. 5 months later, I just need to switch contact brands and they told me I would have to come back in for another entire eye exam! You've got to be kidding, right? Why couldnt they just allow me to purchase another pair of lenses...I have a feeling it was because i was buying them through another vendor and they only were concerned about their own profits not customer service! Ebony at the Waldorf location needs to be fired...horrible customer service...she made it seem as if it were my fault that the brand of lenses did not work out for me. DO NOT GO TO THIS STORE, PAY A LITTLE EXTRA AND GO SOMEWHERE ELSE. WALDORF LOCATION IS HORRIBLE!

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Michele R.

Customer service sucks! I had to wait 30 minutes just to pick up glasses....I don't care about the price, I will never come back. The glasses were ordered over two weeks ago and I never got a call that they were ready. When I called to check, I was told the glasses had been there for a week...WHAT?!?! So when we go to pick the glasses up, my son and I were made to wait 30 minutes to pick up his glasses. The associates kept servicing the other customers that came in after us as we waited. And my son is five and he waited quite patiently for his age. I will pay the extra money to get better service. I will never go to America's Best again.

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Leellani C.

Glasses are ready still no issues they took my insurance and my copayment for the upgrades my insurance would not pay for was under 30bucks


America's Best Contacts & Eyeglasses

Optometrists, Eyewear & Opticians, Ophthalmologists

528 Fort Evans Rd NE Leesburg, VA
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Terry B.

I found the optometrist here, Heather Burton, to be a master technician. If you want a really good eye exam go to her.

Jason, however, could use a bit of brushing up on some basic manners. A please, or thank you, goes a long way instead of the dreaded, "Hey, no problem."

It is a problem, because I'm calling back to find out if you mailed what you said you would mail.

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Blaire R.

My sister in law moved to Virginia last week and, as luck would have it, broke her glasses beyond repair. America's Best advertises the lowest prices so of course she went there as she only just started working. When she arrived for her appointment, she was told they wouldn't honor the two pairs for $69.95 deal due to the strength of her prescription. The fine print doesn't say this anywhere but the tech didn't give her any alternatives. She immediately left and came home in tears, so I called and spoke to the manager.

I demanded to know why the advertisement wasn't honored for her. The conversation started off fine - he explained that for stronger prescriptions they recommend a polycarbonate lens. I get that - but, that also means she has the option to decline and go with the basic package. I asked him if he knew what the tech did was called bait and switch. His response? "Ok. Whatever." I told him I was sending her back and expected they would honor the deal, then hung up and called corporate customer service.

The representative was very responsive and even called the location while I was on hold to ensure my SILs appointment was going smoothly.

In the end, she did order the glasses she wanted (will be ready next week). She also liked everyone else who worked at the office.

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L S.

I hate hate hate this place. After wasting my time and being told that I was given my prescription I had my husband attempt to fill it for me since I had to leave town.
He went to Costco to fill it, oh no they say this is not a prescription for contacts you need to go back and get the correct prescription, so he goes there.
They lie and say oh we didn't have your wife's prescription for contacts so we ordered them. She needs to come in and wear them for a week then come back and then we will give you the prescription.
UGH!! What a bunch of idiots, I left there wearing the trial pair and was told that the prescription I was given was good.
So then I call and get the same story from the same girl, when I tell her I have the trial pair in my eyes she is all flustered and puts me on hold for 14 mins. I finally get the manager who is like oh well sorry you still have to come back. When I explain my experience and the fact that I will never step foot on there again and I want a refund she says nope. You will have to come back we will not give you the prescription that you paid $ 79 cash for until you do.
Save yourself the agony and stay far far away. Supposedly a manager sent me info to discuss my experience. Like the non existent prescription I paid for his correspondence is also non existent

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Buster M.

I found the customer service to be great. The staff is super friendly. Jose is a terrific employee so you might want to ask for him. He spent extensive time making sure my glasses fit perfectly to my face by adjusting them to fit down to the smallest detail. I've never had customer service like that at any glasses shop. I also found the manager to be very knowledgeable and also friendly.


America's Best Contacts & Eyeglasses

Optometrists, Eyewear & Opticians, Ophthalmologists

45591 Dulles Eastern Plz Sterling, VA
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robert s.

what a great place! I have a difficult prescription and very sensitive to minute variations in manufacture. I visited/priced many other establishments before choosing this store - for the low price, sure, but for the professional and friendly manner the salespeople showed me.
The poor souls were very patient with me, having to make 4 pairs before finding the grind that works for me - no fault of them, but because of my peculiar eyes.
At every visit, they never grumbled or complained; not once did I ever feel like I was just a profit-center, but as a valued customer and a patient.
Finally. Stephanie with her wonderful hands, adjusted the frames so I could see perfectly and clearly.
I highly recommend you visit this store when pricing glasses; you won't regret a purchase from here.

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Barbara L.

Very friendly and knowledgeable staff.
It helps that they were part of our insurance too.
Hubby, who is very particular, was able to locate reasonably priced glasses and he is quite happy with them.

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