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America's Best Contacts & Eyeglasses

Eyewear & Opticians, Optometrists, Ophthalmologists

Potomac Mills, 2924 Prince William Pkwy Woodbridge, VA
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diane n.

Although it has been about 4 years since my last visit to this store, I must say that the team members here are friendly, personable, and delightful to deal with. Caprice was awesome when I made my appointment yesterday after confusion with the on-line appointment system, I told her that I would like to shake her hand when I got there for my appointment and she didn't forget! Julius is also awesome, after having difficulty with a female license optician, Julius took over, he was able to suggest frames that would best suit my needs and he knew exactly what he was doing and did the best to make this an awesome experience. Thank you all!

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Amy G.

My daughter lost her regular glasses so I went in & asked if they could take out the tinted lenses from her pres. sunglasses & put regular lenses in. NOPE. Wouldn't do it cuz it had been over 2 yrs. since we bought them. You HAVE to have a new prescription every 2 yrs lady said. I said "is this a law or just your rule?" I mean, my daughters presc. is very weak, her eyes haven't changed & we just need glasses that aren't tinted for her. She said "I'm sorry but you'll have to schedule an exam. The lenses would be $129. anyway." Are you kidding me? For lenses so weak that I don't even notice a difference when putting on her glasses. Wow!
That's just nuts. I asked about the 2 pair for $69. & it wouldn't apply for some reason. So we left without getting anything.

Needless to say, they've lost our business. I've been going there for yrs. too for my exams & contacts. But I will now be going somewhere else. Stupid business decision. I guess they have so much business it doesn't matter to them.

UPDATE: I called & got a different story & that we could get the 2 for 69. so we went back & got those. It's much cheaper than trying to replace lenses. I don't understand the confusion with talking to different employees & getting different stories but am glad we got it taken care of. It seems it depends on who you happen to get...

Our next visit went much better & I have since been back to get an eye exam & contacts for myself.

Thank you to the mngt. for writing in response to this. I appreciate you wanting to help/fix things.

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Jackie P.

I went to Americas Best because of the great value and the fact that I don't currently have eye-care under my insurance. There were some problems with my glasses when I picked them up, also there was a huge misunderstandings about my purchase. So I was not happy with glasses. Everyone makes mistakes. Including businesses. I think the key is in how they work to rectify the problem. I can honestly say they were very professional. They went up and beyond to fix the problem and to make me happy. I am very pleased with their business. And will be going there again. Thank you so much for your help.


All Eyes Optometrists

Optometrists, Eyewear & Opticians

Old Town Fairfax, 3950 University Dr Fairfax, VA
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Jolie M.

I used to see Dr. Choe at the Herndon location before I moved, and I just started going to the Fairfax location, as it's a little closer to where I live. I recently saw Dr. Barnett and both doctors are very nice, professional, and knowledgeable. The staff are friendly and welcoming, and the offices are very clean. I love coming to All Eyes.

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Kristin J.

I chose this place because it had great reviews and a good selection of eyeglasses. Eager to try out my new insurance, I made it clear that I wanted service covered by my insurance, no surprises. With the doctor, I felt pressured into trying a new brand of contact lenses despite her not making a case for them being better than my current brand. She did not provide adequate solution with which to rinse the preservatives off the test lenses. The lenses burned my eyes and kept slipping out. They are much larger than the ones I am used to wearing and feel dry and sticky. To add insult to injury, I was charged $78 (after insurance!) for this contact "fitting" and left the office without the prescription I needed. Additionally, they tried to charge me another $35 for taking digital photos of my eyes despite me signing the form saying I only consent IF my insurance covers this charge.

Front desk says, "The owners set the pricing."

The pricing is way too high.

WalMart Vision Center has better service than this and at the exact same price WITHOUT insurance. You can pay $80 to WalMart Vision and leave with an eye exam and a contact prescription. Why make it so difficult? I feel manipulated in more ways than one. This is not how you have to do business. Please be honest upfront with future customers about the charges going into the exam.

The medical industry is a scam if this is the kind of standard operating procedure that is smiled upon WITH insurance. I thought using insurance would be a wise move, but it is not more affordable at all. For the past five years, I have paid for everything out of pocket and am always advised of pricing before I commit. I would appreciate the same from all doctors and All Eyes.

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Steve H.

Not to sound too demanding, but I am very picky and want high quality in all services that I hire/pay for. This includes doctors. I had been seeing an optometrist in DC for the past 15 years, but sought one closer to my work in Fairfax. I saw great reviews for Dr. Choe at All Eyes in Fairfax so I took a chance.

I'm very pleased to say that I was very impressed with everything about these folks. Friendly receptionists, who turn out to be much more. One did the initial computerized eye exam and the other guides you through the glasses selection process. Both were warm and knowledgeable - a rare treat nowadays.

Dr. Choe was very professional and straight-forward. That is what I am looking for in a Doctor. He took the time to answer all of my questions, and explained this in a knowledgeable but easy to understand fashion. He went above and beyond in taking care to explain to me ways I could improve in terms of preventative care for my eyes.

Visiting Dr. Choe and his staff made me realize the deficiencies in my former optometrist. They just gained a patient for as long as I am in the area.

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FunnyGirl Z.

*4.5 stars*

I have been looking for a good place to replace my old optician, Voorthuis Opticians in Old Town Alexandria. The original optometrist there, Dr. Arias, was absolutely wonderful, but he has long since retired and been replaced multiple times by optometrists that were unimpressive. I needed a family go-to optometrist when my kids all got older and needed eye prescriptions. The doctors here seem knowledgeable and personal, and the front desk girls are very professional and friendly as well as knowledgeable.

I didn't give the full 5 stars because one of the doctors, I felt, wasn't very friendly nor did she seem very interested in fully answering my questions, but because this was only one visit, I didn't want to judge the whole practice lower (maybe she was having a bad day). Still recommend and consider our experiences positive on the whole.

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Anonymous P.

The appointment was easy to make and I only waited about 5 minutes past my scheduled time. The best part was not having to be around the crowd at Costco's Eye Center or god forbid, Walmart or the Mall.

It's directly next to The Green Turtle so I had a few beers after I was done. Free parking garage too.

My exam was with Dr. Choe who is in the small percentage of doctors that actually care about their patients. He's top notch so no worries about his expertise.

No one here pressures you or tries to sell you on anything which is one of the reasons I was compelled to buy my glasses here. The selection is small but everything is fashionable and new but better for women. I think I saw Rayban, RL, Izod, and Oakley for guys.


America's Best Contacts & Eyeglasses

Eyewear & Opticians, Optometrists, Ophthalmologists

3118 Donnell Dr Forestville, MD
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Walter B.

My dad dislodged both of his lenses from his eyeglass frame. I took his eyeglasses to the nearest store and it happened to be America's Best in Forestville. When I was asked whether the eyeglasses were purchased from this store, I couldn't say yes as they were purchased from Hour Eyes in NW DC. Despite not being able to confirm purchase from America's Best, the lady there not only efficiently fixed the eyeglasses, she cleaned them and gave me a free case. Great experience and awesome customer service!


America's Best Contacts & Eyeglasses

Eyewear & Opticians, Optometrists, Ophthalmologists

6875 New Hampshire Ave Hyattsville, MD
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Megan M.

So I absolutely love Dr. Rice. She is so friendly and pleasant that she almost makes up for the staff. They are rude and not helpful! I have had so many issues with them it's not funny. There was only one staff member who was a complete sweetheart who worked here but I think she is no longer there. I have had glasses with the wrong rx given to me, I had one staff member "steel" my phone number and repeatedly call me after I told him it was unwanted and I wasn't interested, and currently I have been waiting more than 10 days to get 2 boxes of contacts in. When I call to find out the deal I get one friendly staff member and then an extremely rude one picks up the phone to explain to me if I haven't received a call they aren't there! I work as a medical assistant and I would never treat one of patients like that. If we call it's for a reason and you need to be REASONABLE and not snippy. I plan on getting my rx from them and taking my business elsewhere. I have only been with them two years and that was a waste of two years! I'm sorry Dr. Rice, but your staff is miserable!

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Ayankha S.

I've been going to this location for years and have had pleasant experiences. The staff is nice, although a bit lax at times. The real reason I've stayed here is Dr. Robin Rice. She is very knowledgeable and very friendly. She makes what time she can spend with you seem un-rushed and takes the time to answer questions about eyes and billing- something I'm not confident the staffers could answer.

As for eyewear, they've got a pretty decent collection, but I would still get two pair, as one of my pairs broke in half after having it less than 2 years. And for contact lenses, you can certainly get better prices elsewhere, but it is nice that you can get your contacts onsite if needed (for those without a strong prescription).


Ashburn Vision Source

Optometrists, Laser Eye Surgery/Lasik, Eyewear & Opticians

44075 Pipeline Plz Ashburn, VA
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Tressa W.

Ashburn Vision Source delivered the BEST eye care I've ever gotten. The staff is so helpful and friendly - they explain what they are doing every step of the way. They are also very organized and on top of things around the office. It was SO WONDERFUL to not sit around waiting. There is also no pushiness surrounding sales of glasses. The office itself has been recently remodeled and had some new equipment I had never seen. Which reminds me:

NO AWFUL AIR PUFF MACHINE (tonometer, I believe they are technically called). AVS has a machine (handheld) that does not blow into your eye - it actually feels like someone is tickling your eyelashes.

Dr. Hinkle is very professional and pleasant, and I am not dreading any return visits. So glad I happened upon this place!

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Julie B.

It is by chance that I ended up having a routine vision screening at this office and I consider it a lucky chance. I had made an appointment a week out at a different office in the area that had to cancel on me last minute. I found Ashburn Vision Source in my insurance directory (VSP), called them up, and they were able to get me in the same day.

The entire staff of this office made me feel welcome, calm, and at home. I arrived a few minutes early to fill out some paperwork and Allison took me back for some of the basic exams (depth perception, color blindness, etc.) right on time. After that was completed, she and a new office assistant who was shadowing her helped me sort through the different frames that were available for my potential new glasses. They were both very sweet and made that task fun.

I met with Dr. Hinkle for the medical evaluation. He has a very calm, comforting demeanor and explains everything that is happening during the exam and why it is important. He also took the time to explain his findings regarding my eyesight. He asked me to make a short follow-up appointment so that he could double check my eye pressure, since I couldn't keep from blinking during the standard test (where they blow a puff of air onto your eyeball). It really seems like he cares about patients' overall "eye health," rather than just churning patients through. I wish that I could find that in a primary care doctor, too.

I ordered a new pair of glasses with my new prescription, they arrived within 1 week, and a friendly member of the office staff called me right away to let me know they were in.

Definitely a step up from some of my previous experiences with the "shopping mall" eye exams in the past. I highly recommend their services.

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Michelle T.

I can't recommend AVS more highly. Dr. Boyles is skilled, friendly, and never rushes through appointments - she's one of the best optometrists I've had since I started seeing them at 6 years old. She found an issue that no one had ever mentioned, and I now see a specialist regularly to keep an eye (no pun intended!) on it. The staff is friendly and helpful, and the hours are fantastic - the office is open late several times a week and has Saturday hours as well. For contact lens wearers, they also have a good selection of samples if you need to try a new prescription out before ordering - I have a strong prescription and past optometrists I"ve used have often not had my prescription in-office.

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Laura C.

I really like this place. All the staff is extremely nice and I have always gotten the right prescription for my eyes the first time in. I would definitely recommend that if you live in the area go to this eye doctor.

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Violet Y.

I have to give this shop a Super 5 stars for their kind service.

I'm not from the area and am not a patient but was in town for business and realized I did not packed extra contact lens. My regular glasses is quite heavy and it's very hard for me to wear it all day. I came here (with prescription) asking to purchase a pair of contact lens and was able to even though I wasn't even a patient.

Thank you very much to your wonderful office. It saved me from looking unprofessional at my work meeting.

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