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America's Best Contacts & Eyeglasses

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8650 Georgia Ave Silver Spring, MD
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Juliana C.

I'm leaving the country in a few weeks. I realized this weekend that (1) I have one pair of two-week contact lenses left before I go, and (2) my prescription expired in May.

As I have no interest in stumbling around the rain forests of Costa Rica half-blind, I decided to schedule an eye exam. You can find out which time slots are open and set up your appointment online, which is pretty cool. I chose 3:00, thinking that would plenty of time for me to renew my license at the MVA (my days off are seldom fun). Well, a half hour trip stretched to two hours and I was forced to call and re-schedule. They had another slot open at 5:15. Excellent!

Metered street parking... eh. Not a fan, but at least there were several openings. Luckily I put in an hour and 40 minutes' worth of quarters, because I was waiting in the lobby for a whiiiiiile. They gave me a bunch of routine tests, had me wait a little longer, and then the doctor was in.

The lady who assessed my vision was fantastic. She was very personable, asked questions, and wanted to keep my prescription as conservative as possible. I'm part of the America's Best Eyecare Club, which means I get trial pairs of contacts for free in order to evaluate them. Unfortunately, they were out of the magnitude needed for my left eye, so I have to come back in a few days to pick the pair up. Then I have to wait a week to come back for a reassessment.

Fingers crossed I can get my new batch in before I'm peering nearsightedly into the mouth of a volcano....

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Brandon B.

I happened to walk into this location today looking for a pair of eye glasses. I have to admit that I wasn't expecting much, but as soon as I started looking, I was pleasently suprised! They have an extremely nice selection of name brand frames at extremely competitve prices.

I was so shocked at my final cost for one pair that I ended up getting two pairs instead I still remained within my budget and I was in and out of there with no problem. I would highly suggest that you stop in this location if you're in need of eyewear.

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Katelyn K.

This is my third trip to this particular America's Best, so I am surprised I hadn't rated it before.

Appointments: It is easy to make an appointment using their online system. I broke my glasses on Wednesday and was able to get the first appointment on Thursday morning through their website.

Doctor: Every time I have gone in for an exam, I have had someone different. And we aren't talking like waiting a year or two we are talking maybe every six months? It feels like a revolving door up there.

Frames& Lenses: Lots of options and reasonably priced especially for designer frames.

Service: I think they may be understaffed. The assistants are often rushed because there is a long line of folks who need help.

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Jesse D.

Worst customer service I've ever experienced.

I came here for the first time to get my eye exam. Scheduling my appointment online was very easy. When I arrived in the store, it was moderately busy. The doctor was very knowledgeable and very friendly. The assistant, James was incredibly rude and arrogant. He adopted an exasperated and condescending tone and began speaking slowly as if speaking to someone who was of limited intelligence. Why was he so hostile to customers? All he cared about was getting your money and getting you out the door ASAP.

And for contact lenses, you can certainly get better prices elsewhere, but it is nice that you can get your contacts onsite if needed. The store has a great selection in eyewear.

You don't need to make an appointment, they run by mess schedule.

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Laura W.

I have been here a few times over the past couple of years, because I have their "Eye Club" plan which is $100 for 3 eye exams. In short, the doctors are great, but the eye products and waiting room staff are mediocre.

The doctors: they've always come across as polite, straightforward, and honest. They've tended to be conservative in their eye care recommendations, like NOT sending me to expensive specialists or NOT trying to sell me reading glasses I don't need. This has happened to me at other businesses, but not at America's Best. The down side is, you can't schedule your exam with a particular doctor. America's Best seems more focused on selling eye products and less on building patient-doctor relationships. That's unfortunate because the quality of doctor care is actually the top thing they have going for them. Luckily, you can schedule exams as a walk-in, and exams are easy to book online too.

See the docs, but don't buy your products here. The glasses are poor quality. You can ask the doctor to give you your prescription and shop elsewhere. I bought a pair here only about a year and a half ago. The coating is totally chipped, and the frames are flaking. I have worn glasses since I was 8 and have never seen anything like it. As with most eyeglass stores, the frames may not cost very much, but lenses are EXTRA and cost a lot of money, and there is usually an upsell on different kinds of coating. Be prepared to spend $250+ for your "$70" glasses, especially if you have a stronger prescription.

For those who want to wear contacts, getting trials here is a pain. They don't keep many in stock, so you have to wait a week to get your trial pair. It took me weeks before I finally ended up with a brand of contacts that I could tolerate. I'd have to keep going back to the store, getting a new recommendation, waiting a week, trying them for a week, repeat. You should also know that you *have* to get your contacts checked within 2 weeks, otherwise your prescription "expires" and you'll have to go through the eye exam all over again.

The receptionists and technicians seem overwhelmed and stressed out every time I come in here. Sometimes they are tolerable, other times they are just plain rude. Assistance in picking out frames is non-existent. On a couple of occasions the staff have made snide "joking" remarks to me, such as, "If you would hurry up picking out your glasses, I could take my lunch break."


Andrew E Holzman, MD, FACS

Ophthalmologists, Laser Eye Surgery/Lasik

Tysons Corner, 7930 Jones Branch Dr Mclean, VA
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Jessica A.

I must say, this was by far the most amazing experience I have ever had at a doctors office. I have never had any surgeries before and the doctors were great at walking me through the steps of what to expect. The whole time while I was having LASIK done, I was astonished at what was happening. The prep time and surgery was so fast, I was shocked! It was blurry immediately after surgery and the next day I woke up and could see. It was hazy but expected. The next day I went and saw some family members that are considering it. My cousin has complete fear if anything touchs his eyes, even eye drops! I explained that I thought I was going to want to blink because I would think my eyes would be itchy from being open. I told him how cool it was and that my fears were easily relieved as soon as my eyes went numb and I put my trust in Dr. Holzman. My cousin is now getting excited about getting it done next year. It's been about 2 weeks now since my surgery and the haze has went away and I can see words I never seen before. Truly the best gift you can give yourself! Dr. Holzman has been great at following up with me and I recommend him to everyone I meet!

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Charlene C.

I just had my Lasik done with Dr. Holzman a couple of weeks ago and my only regret is that I didn't get it done sooner! The procedure itself was very quick and I got up from the table able to see much better right away. I was a little nervous at first but Dr. Holzman helped calm my nerves and made sure I was comfortable. Later that evening, he even called to check on me and make sure I was doing okay following the surgery. If you're considering Lasik, I'd strongly recommend him. Even if you're not, take advantage of the free consultation and decide from there. I'm sure you'll love it! Enjoy!

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Dave C.

I am delighted with the care and treatment I received from TLC and Dr Holzman. After much looking around, talking with people, and researching doctors and treatments, I settled on custom wavefront LASIK from Dr Holzman. The entire experience was straight-forward, as the staff at TLC guided me through the process, worked with my regular eye doctor to ensure everything was all set, and performed the surgery. By the next afternoon, I had 20/20 in one eye and 20/25 in the other -- and I had very significant astigmatism and short-sightedness until that day! I'm delighted with the experience and would definitely recommend Dr fact, my wife is scheduled for a PRK treatment with him next month!

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John B.

Excellent doctor. I'd recommend him to anyone who is looking for a corneal specialist to perform their LASIK surgery. They employ the best staff and have the best technology for laser vision correction.

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Todd R.

After deciding to go with laser eye surgery to correct my nearsightedness I was disappointed to learn that I was not LASIK eligible. Instead I would have to get PRK. I was a little scare based on the horror stories I read online but after meeting with the staff at TLC I decided to go for it. The procedure itself was easy. Dr. Holzman was great to work with and made me feel comfortable before and during the procedure. With PRK you are going to have some pain and discomfort. Mine was not too bad and only lasted about 2-3 days. I am now a month out from my surgery and my vision is 20/20. My optometrist that I am doing my follow up care said he expects me to be 20/15 by my 3 month appointment. I highly recommend Dr. Holzman and TLC rockville!


America's Best Contacts & Eyeglasses

Eyewear & Opticians, Optometrists, Ophthalmologists

916 Largo Center Dr Upper Marlboro, MD
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tasha m.

Make sure when you come that there is more than one doctor seeing patients that day. We had an appointment and are still waiting an hour since getting the pre test, to see the one doctor that is here today.

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Larry P.

I rarely ever write reviews but this place drove me to writing a negative review. I am going to give them 2 stars because the initial visit was smooth. There was virtually no wait time. I was able to get in and out fairly quickly. The agents were very helpful in picking out two sets of frames. I ordered on October 8th and was told the typical 7-10 days but could be sooner spill. Having done business here prior I knew the drill. I also knew it wasn't going to cost 69.99 for 2 pair of glasses at the end. Anyway, I was extremely patient I waiting until Oct. 23rd before even inquiring about the frames. I called and was told one pair had arrived. I was thinking in my head why wasn't I informed that even that pair had arrived! But ok...I go to the branch location Oct. 26th. That is 13-14 business days excluding sat and sun. and a possible holiday. They search for my glasses and tell me only one pair are there. I leave and was told I would be getting a call later that day from the manager. No call. I called back on Oct.28 only to get the run around. The manager first told me she would call me back in 30 minutes 4 hours later I call the store back. She gives me attitude saying that she didn't call back because she hadn't heard anything from the company who makes the glasses. That's when I finally had enough and called the corporate branch. The rep informed me that BOTH pair were shipped and should be there. Now a second order has to be created and yes that means another 7-10 business days before I see my second set of frames. But you best believe they have my money already! I will never EVER use them again. I had issues with my last order as well but I let it go. Do not use this company!

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Bolatito I.

My family and I have been using America's Best for close to 10 years mostly because of the $70/ two frames deal.
In my experience, the process is very smooth. My glasses have always come on time and I appreciate the adjustment they do when you come to pick-up. The last time I ordered glasses, one of the staff went above and beyond to help me find frames that I would like, going to the back room, pulling out
My only complaint is that they can never seem to find my file (actual paper, not electronic) and they never seem to change their 59.99-69.99 selection. I saw frames that I got over 5 years ago there. However, the selection is fairly extensive so.


Had a great experience, will continue to go to this location.


Anne Arundel Eye Center

Ophthalmologists, Optometrists

127 Lubrano Dr Annapolis, MD
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Bobby F.

Went here back in May because I had a severe case of Conjunctivitis. The staff was excellent in assisting me to get emergency same day appointments. I was truly in severe pain with my eyes and they were great every step of the way. Dr. Frank was very professional and I credit him with getting me back to normal. It took about 3 different visits of getting my eyes cleaned out, and things finally took a turn for the better. I am truly grateful to the whole staff for assisting me in my recovery!


America's Best Contacts & Eyeglasses

Eyewear & Opticians, Optometrists, Ophthalmologists

Bailey's Crossroads, 5503 Leesburg Pike Bailey's Crossroads, VA
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Jason A.

This was my first visit. Upon arriving I was quickly greeted by the receptionist, but after that I might have well not existed. There were a half dozen employees walking around joking and not one asked if I needed any help. The office manager several times walked by and just stared at me not once saying good morning. I had a 9:15 appt. The dr doesnt arrive til 9:30 and at 9:45 I still had yet to even have a "pre-exam." The woman who performed the pre-exam was very pleasant a nice change from the initial impressions.

The optometrist I saw was Amy. She was very pleasant and more thorough than I've experienced elsewhere. Very pleased at my experience with her. The other optometrist also seemed to be very pleasant and I'm sure good as well.

After all was said and done, I was pleased with my experience. However, the "front end staff" and corresponding lack of service are a huge drag on the overall quality of the business, thus the 3 stars. If they had better front end staff/office manager and a little better selection of frames I'd certainly rate this business higher.

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Denise V.

As an update to my original review, I was contacted by the GM who did listen to my reasons for the poor review. He said that he would be speaking with the staff at this location and helping them to improve their service. That is definitely a step in the right direction. I am pleased with how he cared about me. I will most likely give Americas Best another try because of how well Mr. OConnell listened and cared.

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Kate V.

The customer service was terrible. When purchasing the glasses, we had to wait an extra 15 minutes because the woman couldn't find a charge in the computer and never got up to ask someone or call someone. She just kept asking us what we thought the charge in the computer would be named. I also paid $10 extra to have them shipped out. I was called twice about 2 weeks after I purchased them and they were letting me know that I could pick them up. I told them that I paid extra to have them shipped out. Finally someone called and got my address for the third time and were shipped out. I ended up getting the glasses a month and a half after I purchased them. I gave them a two instead of one because they are nice glasses, though. Just don't expect too much help from the staff.

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Kristy G.

After reading such negative reviews of this America's Best location, I booked an appointment anyway because I had been to an America's Best in the past and I know that they have really good deals. I got an eye exam for contacts and eye glasses. I didn't purchase my glasses here because the selection wasn't what I was looking for, so I just got a copy of my prescription and took it elsewhere. All I really wanted was an eye exam and I signed up for the $99 deal where you can get free eye exams for 3 years. Everyone was friendly and helpful. I don't really have any complaints about this place. My needs were met.

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Melissa W.

Horrible. I call with an emergency, I have an America's Best eye prescription, and I lost a lens. I wanted to pick one up or order more expedited and the guy on the phone was really rude. He was no help at-thanks for nothing. Next time I get my eyes checked it will not be with this company.

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