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BJ's Optical

Eyewear & Opticians

101 S Van Dorn St Alexandria, VA
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Jennifer P.

I have to agree - the BJ's team really makes this a great experience. We got my nephew two sets of Rx glasses that he has to wear ALL the time and were very pleased with the results.

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K T.

Good price, decent selection. Today was get the family new glasses day.... Walked out with two very nice pair of glasses (with multiple upgrades) and beautiful pair sunglasses (all prescription and polarized)-- for under 500. For us, that is good! polycarbonate, scratch resistant, warranties, glare resistant, polarized, etc.

Now, let's see how long it takes for the order to come in. I'm allowing two weeks.... Let's see!

UPDATE-- my glasses came in after only five days! All three pairs! All very nice. HAPPY.

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Mister H B.

I was there with my dad on a Saturday to pick up his glasses..the gentleman that helped us was very kind, friendly and had excellent customer service skills! Congratulations to BJ's and to their Optical Dept for making sure that people that work in service do have the proper skills and know what good service is! Great job!!

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Michael K.

Juana helped me pick out my first pair of glasses and she was beyond helpful. She was very knowledgeable, but more importantly she was very caring. The entire time I felt very comfortable with her professionalism and any company would be lucky to have an employee as good as her.

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Lois B.

Cheap prices, VERY small selection of glasses, and it takes a very long time for glasses and contacts to come in. Some emplyoees are much more helpful than others. But it's a good deal IF you don't mind a long, long, wait for your glasses and contacts.


Bj's Optical

Eyewear & Opticians

Potomac Mills, 14123 Noblewood Plz Woodbridge, VA
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Daniel S.

I ordered my glasses March 30, 2010... Here it is April 27, 2010... still NO glasses. Every time I called, I was told by the very friendly staff, "they are still at the lab". Finally, I said to the manager, I just want to let you know I WILL be expecting a discount, since I have had to wait so long. I was instructed to call the labs customer service. They said, "we will give you a $25.00 gift card". Really???? SERIOUSLY???? I told them to cancel the order and credit my card. I have waited long enough.

I will never use the optical department, and doubt seriously that I will renew my membership. A little customer service goes a long way people.


Blink Optical

Eyewear & Opticians

Logan Circle, 1431 P St NW Washington, DC
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Jana O.

Yes, Blink is expensive. Yes, they tell you if a frame isn't good for your particular face/coloring. Sometimes, we don't want to hear that. But I had great, personal service by Maggie at Blink on P street. When I resisted the colors she was recommending, she was diplomatic. But she was right about colors I was going for washing me out too much. We reached a compromise as I just don't do purple.
Yes, they tell you their frames are more exclusive than the other stores. But they are. If some reps do come on too strong, I didn't overhear such.
After selecting a pair of frames, I went to the 18th street store for my eye exam a few days later. Maggie was working there that day, by chance. We looked at even more frames as the selection is somewhat different. I stuck with the original pair. And everyone was very, very nice to me.
So for the people who said they were treated rudely, I don't know what to say. Listen to them first, pause and consider if what they are telling you just may be true (about whether something looks good on you) but you don't want to hear it.
If a rep is overly rude, just tell them so. Ask for another rep. Because if you want a great pair of glasses that don't look like everyone else's, this is the place to go! I am willing to spend more for great glasses. This is the jewelry I wear every single day. I'll definitely be back.
And for the Blink folks, perhaps some reps are rather abrupt at times about things like the superior quality of the inventory. Tone it down a bit. And people sometimes just won't listen to you. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, indeed (but it's gotta be hard to sell something you know isn't a good fit).
Thanks, Maggie!

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Lexi K.

I went into this place to get my glasses tightened. I didn't have any idea about what kind of glasses they sold or if it was acceptable to go in and ask for a tightening but I went in anyway because I was passing by. I asked for them to tighten my Chanel sunglasses because they were loose and they lectured me about how I shouldn't invest in a "brand name" such as this. They said they weren't handmade and that I should be careful making a decision to buy them. I am a fan of Chanel glasses and no matter what brand make or model it shouldn't make a difference. I felt very uncomfortable asking them to tighten my glasses because I knew that anywhere else wouldn't be a problem. Next time I will just buy a glasses kit to do it myself.

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Style M.

Frankly, I feel like some people lack individual style and they give bad reviews because they just aren't with it or are too cheap.
However, I love my frames. They were pricey but so what..... I like to express myself through clothing and accessories.
I found everyone quite polite and very helpful.

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Jermaine G.

Athough my frames were expensive I absolutely love them. The staff were very professional and knowledgeable about what would look good on me and not overselling a pair of frames that I obviously didn't like. When my frames were ready I found a small defect which were repaired within minutes of leaving the shop! They are also very helpful over the phone and I'd recommend them to anyone who is looking to change up their look with some nice, albeit expensive, pair of frames!

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C C.

I love this place. Fantastic frames with a staff that remembers you, impressive given that you don't typically visit an eyeglass store very often. This is an upscale sales experience where the sales staff serves as your fashion consultants, so keep that in mind. You also kind of have to "manage" the sales staff. What they want to do is offer you a selection of frames they think is good for you. That's great, because they give great suggestions. However, *first* you should look around, then tell the sales staff what frames you want to look at, and then ask them to offer some suggestions in addition.

The appeal of Blink is that they offer high end frames that you can't find anywhere else. That said, if you CAN find their frames someplace else... well, you should probably buy them from that other place because they will be cheaper there. And that's really the problem: Blink has the best frames in DC. But all you have to do is find another city where the opticians carry the same brands, and you will get a better deal. I have a hard time following through with buying anything from here because I'm usually savvy enough to find what I'm looking for elsewhere at a better price. It's one thing to charge the MSRP on your products because you're offering a premium experience rather than serving as a discount outlet. However, at Blink their frames are consistently sold at ABOVE MSRP, and that is something I cannot abide by if I can find an alternative.


Blink Optical

Eyewear & Opticians

919 18th NW Washington, DC
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Padraic R.

Great frames

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Virginia C.

I have not purchased anything, yet, from this store. However, the service is the best I've ever received and the selection is PHENOMENAL!!! Definitely worth a trip out here to check out the selection. Brian and Maggie are the best. Up until this point, I thought "glasses are glasses"--no, this place will introduce you to a totally different world!!!


Bachman David MD


1133 20th Street NW Washington, DC
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David B.

I was just made aware of this negative posting, and feel terrible that Sara H. had an unpleasant experience in my office. I try to give each patient my devoted attention and have been told that I am one of the most compassionate physicians that patients have encountered. I appreciate the nice reviews posted on Yelp by my other patients Sally M., Jess M., and Dharm G.
Dr. David Bachman

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Jess M.

I just came back from Dr. Bachman and I need to say how great he is. Definitely a caring doctor who takes the time to give you the attention needed. He likes to read aloud what he writes in your chart so you know what he is writing. I always have a great experience at his office. If your eyes are nearly as broken as mine, Dr. Bachman is your guy!

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Dharm G.

I have been a patient of Dr. Bachman now for over five years. He is without a doubt the most knowledgeable ophthalmologist I have seen. Not only does he know his stuff, but he takes the time to explain things to you as patient.

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Sara H.

I had seen Dr. Bachman several times of the last few years and was generally impressed. However, i had a very surprising and rude encounter with him recently, in response to a question he asked me, I replied and he responded "let's cut out the b.s." This type of rude reply was unexpected and shocking. Nothing excuses this behavior from a professionally-trained medical doctor. We all deserve to be treated with respect. I will seek another doctor, as i consider respect essential.

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Sally M.

A superb Ophthalmologist. Sharp. Quick. Straight to the point.

Offers thorough recommendations with no nonsense. Honesty. Integrity.

Reminds me a lot of Dr. Neil Raskin in SF: in his bedside manner.

p.s. Upon check-out / payment, be sure to check out the comics under the glass on the counter ;) Hilarious.

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