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Doctors On Sight


Tysons Corner, 8369 Leesburg Pike Vienna, VA
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Eric N.

This is probably the worst experience I've ever had with any business, bar none.

I went in originally to get a new prescription (back when I lived in the Mclean, VA area). Did some optional tests that I paid for, gave them my insurance info, everything was good - the staff and doctor were both friendly and professional. I ended up picking up some contact lenses from them and was quoted at a set amount after they had talked to my insurance to see what was covered and what wasn't. When they arrived, I came in, payed, and by all accounts, I thought I was done.

Fast forward a few months, and after multiple attempts to get my prescription from them, I was unable to do so because they were always busy (like seriously, how hard is it to spend 4 seconds writing out a copy of my prescription)?

I then started receiving bills saying I owed them almost 200 dollars. I didn't think much of it, because I confirmed with the staff there was no balance. Fast forward (again) nearly a year later, I received another bill saying they were going to add another charge and send it to collections.

I promptly called them, and they said, yet again, their system showed the balance was payed in full, but somehow there was 200 dollar additional charge and they had no idea what it was or how it got there.

I'm still waiting to here back from their business department because the receptionist who helped me (who was quite nice) had no idea how the charge was applied or what the charge was, and said my account was square in the computer system.

They're nice people, but what a terrible business. I'd never do anything with them ever again.

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Kathleen S.

I have been going to Drs on Sight in Tysons for over 3 years for annual exams, scratched eye, pop ins for more contacts or glasses and they are always very genuinely friendly and helpful. The wait is very short and the doctors are all very friendly. I have United Healthcare/VSP and after my exam they always explain every charge/fee and give me a few options to use my glasses or contact allowance to get the best deal. I love the girls behind the desk and Kelly is the best!!! I started going here because it's beside my office but I will continue to go here should I move job locations. You can't beat their service!

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Laurie P.

I just received a personal phone call from Dr. Schwartzberg, the founder and president of Doctors On Sight. He was very concerned about what happened to my daughter. He agreed that Dr. Woods was unprofessional and stressed that the board would "take care of it." They are back on my plus list.

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Amy S.

Great find. I demand great selection and great service for eyeglasses, and received both at Doctors on Sight. My first experience there with both the eye exam and choosing frames (distance and sunglasses) was painless and informed. I will be returning for my next eye exam. They are helpful and professional.

I do not know anyone that works here or owns any part of this business.

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Lydia M.

If you are like me and refuse to get Lasik because you have delusions of a mad scientist standing over you and drilling into your eye while looking at him/her, then this is the place for you!

I have been blind for a major portion of my life, so I guess that makes me sort of an expert in the Optometry field. ;-) That said, I loooove funky glasses! Doctors On Sight in Tysons has a huge selection of designer frames and their staff is courteous, knowledgeable and professional.

I happened to drop by with a couple pairs of glasses to have them adjusted on their frame machine. I have a terrible habit of falling asleep with my glasses on, trying to catch that last minute of a movie or attempting to read when I know I should be snoozing, which results in lopsided specs. When I presented them to the young lady behind the counter she laughed and said "Wow!". My specs were "Wow!" worthy and she adjusted them perfectly! She added that they were no charge, ensured that they fit properly and sent me on my way with a smile. How cool is that?

I will be hitting them up soon for an eye exam...


Dupont Optical

Eyewear & Opticians, Optometrists

Dupont Circle, 1615 17th St NW Washington, DC
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Ally P.

These guys are amazing. I only wish they took insurance so I could see their eye dr. I came in on a Friday in a panic after being told by my eye dr that I'd have to leave my glasses with them for TWO weeks or buy new frames in order to get a new prescription (LOVE my current glasses but need them to see everyday), and they not only took great care of me here, but even suggested some cute glasses "for the next time I want to buy some"- no pressure to buy, they just thought they'd look good on me. And they did.

Came back - with an appointment - to get the new lenses put in my glasses and it took less than half an hour. They were super friendly, remembered me, and then took extra time to make sure everything worked out well. They even gave me a rebate to get some money back and suggested submitting the receipt through my insurance as "out of network" to cut the cost even more!

Extra bonus - it only cost $75 more than what it would have cost to use my insurance to get new lenses. With the rebates and submission to insurance, it's a wash. I'm definitely coming back to get new lenses next time (and maybe even a cute pair of glasses!)

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Niko P.

So I am testing out some contact lenses, I have been a glasses wearer for 12 years now and frankly want to be able to wear my sunglasses and still see! The doc at Dupont Optical was really quite good. It was the best eye exam I've ever had. Hands down, super thorough and was willing to answer any question and had great, detailed answers.

The gentleman working the phone and the floor was also super nice and very helpful.

Really I only have nice things to say.

They don't work directly with any insurance plans so know that, but they worked out GREAT for me so far. I have a follow-up in a week and I'll update my post then.

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Agent P.

Between Dr. Dunn (best eye doctor I have been to) and the amazing and unique selection of frames here, I give it a big five stars!

Dupont Optical is a fun little local spot that has a world-class selection of frames and the owners know what to do with them! They make some great recommendations. When I was there last, they had sweet vintage couture sunglasses for about $75. I could go nuts in this shop and buy frames for every day of the week.

Dr. Dunn really did a thorough job helping me with a long-term plan for repairing the damage allergies have done to my eyes. Who even knew that allergies did long-term damage? I didn't. He really spent time with me, getting everything right.

I'm glad I cancelled my appointment at one of the chains when I remembered Dupont. They have a range of prices from moderate/economical to couture-caliber.

LOVE those guys!

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Laura G.

Eyeglasses as ... a fashion statement .. wearable art .. yes! And if you want an amazing experience of personal service with 2 guys (Ben and Doug) who do a great job of choosing frames that suit your face and your personality/style, then you must go to this store.

If you prefer to support a local business, rather than a chain, go to this store. If you value high-quality design, just go! And if you value your eyes and the quality of your eye care .... the optometrist, Brad, does an impeccable job.

I've been going for over 10 years and have always had an great experience from start to finish. Oh, and I get tons of compliments on my glasses!

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Tim H.

After moving to the District from 25 years in San Francisco with the same optometrist, I did my research in finding a new one here. Dupont seemed like a great choice and indeed delivered for me.

They have great selection of frames, but what I was most concerned about was getting the best prescription and lenses. I have wacky vision and am now reaching the age where I needed to get reading glasses, bifocals, or progressive lenses. We chose progressive lenses and a great frame.

The prescription needed some fine tuning, and they reordered lenses for me twice to get the prescription right, with no charge to me. (I don't have insurance.) Some might think it was a problem that the first set of lenses wasn't perfect, but for me I'm glad they were able to adjust and fine tune the prescription to make my vision the best it can be.

Ben, the owner, and the other staff provide great service and I look forward to returning next time I need new glasses.


David Fissel, OD


Capitol Hill/Southeast, 635 Pennsylvania Ave SE Washington, DC
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Douglas F.

I have been going to Eye Central for years. The doctors are great and the staff takes good care of you. If you like the idea of a good old fashion neighborhood Optomitrest and not some chain store poking at your eyes, this is the place for you.

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Dao N.

I came in for a routine eye exam, and was fitted for both glasses and contacts. Dr. David Fissel is great - thorough exam, took his time to answer questions in detail, and even went over the most economical way for me to save money on glasses/contacts! Ron fitted me for glasses and provided excellent service, allowing me to take a look around and try on different pairs with great patience and without annoying me like typical retailers usually do. I have no complaints about the collection of glasses here as I'm sure there is something for everyone, it is abundant with trendy and classic looks. The front desk staffer (I'm sorry, I can't recall your name but you were awesome) was very kind and took the time to explain my itemized bill to me at the end of my visit. Overall a wonderful visit and I have and will continue to this office to all my friends!

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Peter R.

I'm very surprised by the positive reviews here because my experience has been so bad. The staff are over-the-top rude. It's not a one-time experience. It was consistent on every visit. I would like to patronize a neighborhood optician but I've taken my business elsewhere.

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K D.

I've been coming here for exams, contacts & glasses for more than 10 years. Dr Fissel is the best optometrist I've ever seen; he gives thorough exams and actually remembers you. The front office staff has always been helpful in my experience.

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Heather P.

I've been a patient of Dr. Foley's for several years, and I recommend him any time I talk to someone who's looking for an optometrist. The staff have always been helpful and professional, and Dr. Foley himself is friendly and thorough.


Doctors On Sight

Eyewear & Opticians, Optometrists

2955 Crain Hwy Waldorf, MD
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Scott K.

This place is unorganized and dis functional . I've come 3 times in 3 weeks and not once have I seen the same face working here. They didn't document anything from my past visits so I have to explain to them why I'm here each time. They are friendly but that isn't enough to keep me as a customer .


Dominion Eye Care

Optometrists, Ophthalmologists

8140 Ashton Ave Manassas, VA
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sheree w.

First my husband and I had an appointment with Dr Jennifer Jacobs about two weeks ago for yearly eye exams. She did a fantastic job. She is very thorough, kind and explains what she is doing in great detail. During the visit, my husband's ongoing issue with an eye problem was discovered and he made an appointment for today. When he was on the way to the visit today, he got caught in a traffic jam and realized he would be late.

When my husband arrived nearly 45 minutes late for his appointment, he expected to be turned away. Not only was he late but BUT he was at the WRONG location!! Instead, he was asked very kindly if he would mind seeing a different doctor?? He was then ushered immediately into see Dr Alan Egge. He was the absolute professional. My husband apologized profusely. Dr Egge said he never looks at the time a patient arrives or the insurance card. He wants to provide great service! WHAT A WONDERFUL experience!!

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Tom Y.

My wife went here to check on some vision issues at the recommendation of our primary care physician. Doctor could not care less to attend to her. What happened to treat the patient/customer with respect? My annual checkups are going elsewhere now. You need to go to an eye doctor you can trust.

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Caroline H.

My daughter and I went here to see Dr. Amini. Both her and the nurse were wonderful. Certainly happy and will be back!

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