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For Eyes Optical

Eyewear & Opticians, Optometrists

11011 Lee Highway Fairfax, VA
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Jessica B.

I went to this location about two years ago to get eye glasses. I had my prescription faxed over, got my butterscotch Jill Stuart glasses (back up pair), and went on my way. They are super cool and I love the frames.

Started wearing them full-time about 10 months later as they'd graduated to my main pair, and the "protective coating" flaked, rainbowed, and rubbed off after about 6 months of use. It's a pain, and I assume it was either defective or inferior - no thanks on the up-sell for next time (my husband advised me of this, I didn't listen).

At present, my current backup pair has just been put through the washer (thanks to my toddler) so I called this For Eyes to get my prescription so that I could order a new pair of my sweet Jill Stuart frames...this time, online. Well, the woman who answered, as well as the manager, absolutely refused to give me my prescription in any form, because it was "expired" and "against their policies." Apparently "it is private information" -- umm, yeah, MY private information. That I gave you, For Eyes.

I was given the option of going to a For Eyes downtown to get the smudginess corrected, but that would leave me 5-8 days without glasses. Can't do that. I was also told that I didn't have to use For Eyes for my new frames, as any eye store would read my script from the existing pair -- well, fine, but that eliminates my ability to order frames online, and that seems super unfair and anti-competitive.

I should say that the manager I spoke with, Kevin, and the lady I spoke with were fairly polite, even in the face of my audible annoyance. I suppose they can't help For Eyes' ridiculous policies. I find the policies ridiculous at least.

Anyway, to make a long story short, I called the boutique where I originally got my prescription in 2008 and they gave it to me NO questions asked, just saying that I should be careful about using it (they didn't have any liability if something was wrong) but if I was currently wearing it all should be well. Thank you -- that's all I wanted -- simple enough.

Just reinforces my opinion that discount eye stores that are "big business" are often bad business, and I won't be going back to a For Eyes location any time soon, except perhaps to get my smudges fixed when I get my new online frames and my current ones are relegated back to backup status.

I'm not saying For Eyes selection and price won't work for you, my advice is just to skip the protective coating and be wary of them if you are as serious about customer service and customer rights as I am. Policies should exist to help people get better service and protect both parties from bad situations, but in my opinion they should not exist to seemingly garner new business and foster repeat visits. Just my opinion...

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Tiffany J.

Short summary: avoid this place.

Long summary: Service is terrible. I purchased a $200 frame glasses, and I thought I would receive a better service. They told me that I would receive my glasses within two weeks. Two weeks came, and they called me to pick it up. I went there, and they told me that it would not be there for another week. So I came there the second time to pick it up. They lost my shipment, so they told me it would be another two weeks. When I came for the third time (3 weeks after my order), the glasses prodded out halfway to the front. I asked for a replacement or at least a fix, but the sales lady let out a sigh of annoyance and rolled her eyes. "It's fine," she said. To me, it's not fine since I paid more than $200 for my glasses; plus I needed my glasses and they did not deliver it for 3 weeks now. After arguing for 10 minutes (which I believe I did not need to argue for a protruding glasses out of the frame), they told me to come back in another two weeks for adjustment. I came the fourth time (now the fifth weeks since my order), and I was somewhat satisfied although what they did was to push the lens back so that now it is protruding out of the frame from the back. Mind you that I am -0.75 and -0.25 for the left and right eyes respectively, so I am also a little confused as to why my lens are a little thick to be protruding out of the frames. I was a little too upset to ask this question by this point. Also, they handed me the glasses without putting the time to see if the frames fit and adjust it properly as other stores do. Also, I did not receive my prescription back. I am disappointed with their service. Otherwise, I am happy with my frames and slightly disappointed with the protruding lens.

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Kevil S.

Deciding on the rating is difficult. Prior to now I had been going to Dr. James Gomez for years. He has since left For Eyes. I am learning why through my own experience. If any of you out there went to For Eyes for the talented, personable, knowledgeable and so much more Dr. Gomez. Go see Dr. Vivian Nguyen at Nova Premier Eyecare. in the City of Fairfax on Democracy Lane behind Safeway. She is just wonderful. I have a challenging eye situation and she Rocked it. If you were a patient of Dr. Gomez or know someone that was Dr. Vivian Nguyen is the Dr. he trusts with his patients.


For Eyes Optical

Eyewear & Opticians, Optometrists

3134 Crain Hwy Waldorf, MD
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ADetective F.

I'm returning to "Yelp" with an update on my outcome with "For Eyes Optical." In the past, I was in a struggle with For Eyes failing to return my funds. After, tweeting about the matter "For Eyes" returned my monies. The reverse funds process was super fast. Had a tweet account for some time, but never put it to use. Now, this tweeter account is used strictly for placing complaints to wrongdoing companies in front of an audience. Especially when the company fails in properly addressing an issue within the guidelines of their policies.


Frame Mender

Eyewear & Opticians

1010 Rockville Pike Rockville, MD
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Marie Z.

This is a great personable small business. Lost a screw, have a broken frame? Most of the time they can fix it on the spot, if not it is done in a day or two. Pretty reasonably priced also!

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Craig O.

*** 2 1/2 ***

While driving to work with my Neanderthal of a roommate we began discussing the respective careers of the late great Billy Martin, and Earl Weaver...not so much for their managerial skills but for the entertainment value they brought to their respective organizations. As I was articulating my point I was struck in the face by said Neanderthal's back hand, bending my glasses pretty bad. I was a little salty about this, because A) the glasses were pretty new and B) since when does a grown man slap another grown man. As the great Charlie Murphy pointed out "you don't slap a man...I mean, even when slapping was fashionable, they would have a gunfight after that -- somebody had to go!" My roommate is not very strong and he was very lucky he was driving the car or fisticuffs would have been thrown and he would have met Mr. Jack Johnson and Tom O'Leary.

Regardless my frames were bent pretty badly, and one of the lenses popped out. When I got my glasses at Hour Eyes they recommended I go to this guy for any repairs I might need. Since The Frame Mender is local I decided to give him a shot after work. They claim to be open until 6 on Wednesday, but when I got there after work at 5:45 they were closed, which kind of frustrated me. I went back Saturday morning and
they guy told me in a fairly smarmy tone that he would have them done in about two hours, but if I wanted to pick them up that day it would cost me an extra $5. Since the hours here are very limited and it was only five dollars I said whatever. It was kind of annoying though and while five dollars wasn't enough for me to leave, it certainly is enough to cost him a star on Yelp.

The five dollar same day surcharge brought my total up to $70, which was a bit pricey, although he did do a pretty good job. Aside from a minor chip in the paint, you can't tell anything ever happened to them. When I tried them on they fit perfectly, although they were covered in dust. I guess he was just trying to save me from the $5 wiping your glasses fee. I'm pretty sure if I did some research I could have gotten this done cheaper, but certainly not better. If you are in a pinch and are really attached to your glasses I'd take them here, but I'd look around and see if you can get it done cheaper at an optometrist or something first.

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Nicole R.

Very happy customer! I dropped off a pair of Gucci sunglasses to be repaired; one of the nose pads broke off recently.

They were able to fix them in 20 minutes and the price was reasonable. I am happy with the end result and I will definitely go back in the event that I need another repair in the future.

An added bonus that they have three locations and they are open 7 days a week. (call for hours)

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Sunil S.

At the recommendation of the good people at the White Flint Mall LensCrafters, when I inquired about trying to repair my Versace frames, they recommended me to "The Frame Mender." For $65, I was able to get my frames mended and though I didn't need them same day, they do provide service "while you wait" as well. It's a small little place, but I found that the guy working there really knew his stuff. IT's definitely as advertised: people with great experience in fixing glasses, repairing broken frames and fair prices too. Would recommend to others.

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Cesar P.

This guy saved my hide. Thanks to my lovely 14-month old child, my glasses had taken quite the pounding. And today they popped, right where the lens frame meets the arm. My glasses are a thin wire frame, so it's not easy to fix (though I did try... see below). I've got terrible eye sight and no spare glasses, so I was in a very bad way. Luckily my wife found this guy thanks to a reference from an optometrist that uses the Frame Mender's services.

We showed up 20 minutes before the place closed, and I had exacerbated the situation by trying to super glue the broken part, which held (for a little bit), but made a mess of things (excess glue, no longer a clean break). When I handed it to him, he was freaked out by the damage I had wrought. He said he didn't think he could fix it before closing... But fixed it he did. Great repair job, my glasses fit properly for a change, and it'll definitely hold until I get my new pair. Yeah, it was $70, but a lot of places would have charged me more for the soldering job he did. And he guarantees the work, which is nice.


Fissel David A OD


6740 Old McLean Vlg Dr Mc Lean, VA
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Hendrik J.

This was my first visit to Dr. Fissel's office. (See also the reviews of his Wash., DC, location). They got me in within 24 hours, and he gave me a pretty thorough eye exam. He's at this location on Tuesdays and Wednesdays; presumably he's in the DC office on other days.

I was in for a contact lens exam, and I was pleased that he volunteered to give me my eyeglasses prescription, since I wanted to eventually get a pair of lenses, but not necessarily there.

Fissel's prices are high for the exam on lenses -- I have primary AND vision insurance, and I was still out of pocket $110 for the exam and 4 boxes (24 weeks) of contact lenses. You have to keep in mind that he's in the heart of McLean, VA, where most cars are Mercedes or Lexuses, so I wouldn't call this unreasonable. If I had been shopping price, there's always Walmart.

I DO intend to go back next year.


Focus Optician

Eyewear & Opticians

Georgetown, 1330 Wisconsin Ave NW Washington, DC
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A. P.

I got an US$80 groupon for this store as a gift, and unfortunately will not be using it. Went there to see what I could buy, and the place is very expensive. So I found a pair of sunglasses on sale for $160, thinking that with the groupon they would cost me $80, but the sales clerk refused to accept the groupon, since the item was "already on sale". The groupon did not have the condition printed on it, but the guy justified it as "it's already cheap". Clearly, the place made some good money with the groupon deal and now refuses to live up to its obligations. I won't be shopping there ever again, just don't need the pretentiousness and the dishonesty.

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T P.

Very disappointed. I went in asking for a sporty pair of sunglasses that would be good for trekking. I said I'd previously worn Maui Jim and Revo but had recently lost both pairs. The owner recommended Persol and said they were very good for sports. He said Persol were better than Revo.

Two months later, I went on a trekking trip. The glasses are AWFUL. They keep falling off my face because there is no grip. I will never bring them on another trek and now have to buy another pair of expensive sunglasses.

I went back to the store and two store employees said Persols are fashion glasses and are NOT sporty glasses and that the owner shouldn't have recommended them to me.

Also, the owner charged me about $35 over MSRP - the manufacture's suggested retail price - which is absolutely unheard of, and I learned after searching the Persol website that they are a very old style.

Since the OWNER of the store completely mislead me AND overcharged me, I thought we could work something out for an exchange. I take very good care of my glasses and they looked like new. But the owner was completely inflexible with the return policy and very unfriendly.

I purchased from Focus to support a local business but was burned big time. Next time I will just got to the Sunglasses Hut.

I would not shop here again. Either the owner is completely ignorant about his products/brands or is intentionally selling people the wrong (overpriced) stuff so he can make a sale.

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