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Hour Eyes

Eyewear & Opticians

12950 Highland Crossing Dr Herndon, VA
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Tonya W.

I've been to this location three times and always received excellent eye exams. The exam has always been very thorough and unhurried.

It is the retail staff that is frequently less than stellar. At my most recent appointment, I left when one of the staffers was telling someone else that the glasses are overpriced. If the staff doesn't think people should buy the glasses at Hour Eyes, I'm going to take that as a hint. I will return for my annual eye exam though.

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Sara W.

I went into this store to get an eye exam and glasses. Easy, right? I guess not. The staff was incredibly rude and not helpful at ALL- except the manager. She was very polite and helped me pick out my frames.

So, I get my prescription and the doctor tells me they can cut them today. Well, No, guess not- ALL of the technicians who can cut the lenses are off on Thursdays! I asked the girl at the front to call other stores, which she does after 10 minutes- nope, nobody is available.

Finally, they find someone to cut my glasses, and apparently it was very interesting because they all stood in the back and laughed. Whatever, I just want to see! I get my glasses, pay my $110, and go home. I examine them in my car in front of my house, and they are already broken- there is a crack in one of the lenses.

I call back, and as I tell them that the lenses are already cracking, the girl on the phone LAUGHED. Yes, she laughed.

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Charlie P.

I've used this Hour Eyes when they were in Reston Town Center and by the Herndon Clock Tower. They recently moved to this new address. They have always been pleasant. They've always helped me find the best deal, not the most expensive deal.
I recently had a "work emergency" where I broke my glasses. They quickly replaced my frames at a very reasonable price. They replaced another frame, under warranty, a while ago.
I will continue to go to this Hour Eyes as long as I'm in the area.


Hour Eyes


5801 Duke St Alexandria, VA
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Laura W.

I went to Hour Eyes after breaking my only pair of glasses and needing to get a replacement. The staff was very friendly and professional. I was greeted by just about everyone in the store as soon as I walked in. I wanted to look at the designer frames, so they opened up all the locked cases so I could browse at my leisure. They didn't watch over me or try to pressure me, but there was always an employee nearby if I needed something.

There were several promotions going on at the time, and the saleswoman went over all my options to make sure I got the best deal possible. Unfortunately they didn't have my lenses in stock and had to order them, which took two weeks. But so far I'm happy with my new glasses!

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Heather D.

I had a very pleasant experience getting a new pair of glasses from Hour Eyes in Landmark Mall. A wonderful saleslady named Chante told me detailed information about what my insurance would cover, and then asked pleasantly, "Can I help you look for frames?"

Usually I will try and brush off people that ask to help me so that I can look in peace, but she seemed so darn genuine that I agreed. I am so glad I did! She must have brought me almost 30 different styles to try. She listened to my preferences and found me a great pair which was a bit more "stylish" than I probably would have picked out myself - but I love them!

She was straight up about what add-ons were worth it, and I felt I got a genuine deal from her. She made sure to answer all my questions, and her enthusiasm wore off on me. When I left I was so excited to pick up my glasses the next day.

They were supposed to be ready after 5:30, but at 2 PM they called me to let me know my glasses were ready. I headed over there and Chante was there again. She looked them over closely, and found that there was something off with them, so brought them to the back and asked me to come back in 10 minutes. I was happy to wait in order to get a good product.

I will definitely recommend this Hour Eyes to anyone looking for a good value on a nice pair of glasses.

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Jennifer P.

I was going to be a new customer--I live near this mall and am due for my yearly checkup, new glasses, and new contacts. When I looked up possible providers on the insurance website, this location came up as a possible choice. I called earlier in the week to book an appointment and the lady who answered asked if my insurance was through Davis vision--I told her I didn't think so, it was a medical card, and asked if she could check it out. She took my information and told me she would call back. She did--but yesterday and only to confirm an appointment for today. I asked her if she was able to confirm that my insurance would be accepted and she said she hadn't called and took my information again and AGAIN said she would check out my insurance and call me back. She never did.

I called today to speak with a manager and let them know I was cancelling my appointment for today and that someone who worked for them was not doing there job. She answered the phone with, "What do you want" (with an awful attitude and tone). I said, "Excuse me? I was calling to let you know that I was cancelling my appt and that someone on her staff was not doing their job and I was unhappy." She told me that "everyone is extremely busy". I asked if this was a normal attitude of a manager to let customers know that they won't provide a standard level of service--that it had been almost a week since my initial call and after having asked twice if my insurance would be accepted, the question was still not answered. And no, I would not be in because I still did not know if Hour Eyes accepted my policy.

After receiving this attitude from the manager today, it is no wonder that the store's employee does not do her job when the level of expectation is set so low.

Customer service no longer exists.

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Chyrell B.

The winner of where my princess got her first pair of glasses!!! The staff is ok nothing extradornary. They asked me if I needed help I told them yes because I needed help still no help!!! Eventually when my daughter did find a pair it did not work out because they were only readers something that could have been avoided if I had help instead of smile and a nod. After that they could see I really did need help who knew? My daughter already picked out a couple cause I was hoping for the buy1 get 1 free deal. Everything from once I got help was smooth sailing. Found out they actually accepted my insurance so I got a real good deal!!! The sales rep that took my order said they would be ready Wednesday she called later and said she made a mistake and it would be ready Thursday no problem then they called Thursday to tell me they were ready and Friday to pick them up already. I hate being reminded of something I already paid for especially a day after pick up. We went in Friday and had them fitted that visit was ok and they gave my daughter a extra case!!! All in all it was just ok!!!

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Carole M.

Our initial visit to pick out glasses went very well. However, when we returned to pick them up, they were bent in several places, and the salesperson was unable to fix them. She stated she was trained to sell, not to repair. She got very angry and defensive, and said that the trained technician only worked from 10 to 4. Other eye places seem to have multiple trained technicians, at all hours, so this just floored me.

However, she assured me I could take the glasses to any Hour Eyes branch to have them fixed during those hours, or returned. This of course turned out to be a lie. I took them to the branch on G St NW and they were unable to handle it. I could not even do a return because apparently only general managers can perform returns from another branch, and the manager was out sick. Again, this is not the case at other eye places like Lenscrafters. You really get what you pay for. After a third visit to Hour Eyes, to finally return the apparently unfixable glasses, I have vowed never to go there again.


Hour Eyes

Eyewear & Opticians

21031 Triple Seven Rd Sterling, VA
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Ariel S.

I hate going in there.

They have some really cute frames, but it always takes forever.

The last time I was there, they also lost my glasses......... They let me pick out a replacement pair for free, but I had to wait another 2 weeks for those to come in.

There is also a lady there who is kind of rude. I've complained about her before, but her attitude doesn't change.

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J E.

The name of this place should be "week and a half eyes" as their service time is nowhere near an hour. The people seem friendly and helpful, and we have gotten great prices on glasses for my daughter there, but it takes the forever to get the glasses made.

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Kim G.

Not really thrilled with this particular location. There is ALWAYS a long wait and once you do finally get to speak with someone it is another LONG wait before you leave.

Very unfriendly, uncaring employees.

Do not feel customer service is even in their vocabulary.


Hour Eyes

Optometrists, Eyewear & Opticians

Potomac Mills Mall Woodbridge, VA
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Jennifer G.

My biggest complaint about this office is the poor customer service. My daughter and I sat and waited for 20 minutes for a sales associate to help us get the order for our glasses. I suggest putting a more organized process so that patients are not standing around waiting to order their glasses. Besides this Dr. Nyguen was wonderful!

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Mayra L.

I Took my son for my Dr Appointment and it was excellent and they helped my son choose the right glasses he was very happy and he love it we enjoy the visit and the service was excellent ,I will recommend friends to visit this office Dr in Potomac mills


Heloi Stark, OD

Optometrists, Ophthalmologists

3900 Jermantown Rd Fairfax, VA
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Kim S.

I absolutely adore Dr. Stark - she's super nice, engaging and most importantly a great eye doctor. I've had problems trying to make contact lenses work for me and she was able to find me the perfect pair - FIRST TRY.

The office staff is also very friendly and helpful with figuring out insurance questions. Great selection of high end (as well as reasonably priced) frames and sunglasses too.

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Dixie J.

I just recently had first visit at Dr. Stark's office (Visual Image Eyecare Associates) -- I've dealt regularly with optometrists my entire life; Dr. Stark spent the most time with me in exam, capturing my history, answering my questions and concerns, and she has a delightful personality to boot. Her thoroughness was impressive; her staff was friendly and detail-oriented; they did not "hurry" me in and out when choosing glasses, they were very helpful in finding me the right frames. They handled my insurance and did their best to find the "best deal" for my choices. I've since received my glasses; I am a very happy client. It's been a long time since I've been in any medical office where the doctor/staff spent so much time with me. 5 stars from this four-eyed yelper, I highly recommend!

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Christina G.

I don't know why Yelp filters her good reviews..

Dr. Stark is an amazing doctor. My family and I have been coming here for over 10 years and I absolutely love her. We recommend her to everyone. She takes time to listen to you and figure out exactly what you need. Dr. Stark is a good person and will do anything to help. She is very knowledgeable, which makes me feel very comfortable.

I love that you can go online and fill out your paper work ahead of time, which is really helpful for my busy schedule. The office even preauthorizes your insurance so you don't have to deal with that while you're there for your appointment. Her staff is also very friendly and eager to help, the customer service is great. They will help you pick out frames and work with you to make your perfect custom frames and they will not rush or pressure you into buying anything. They have an extensive selection with high end name brand frames and also have frames that are reasonably priced. I get complements everywhere I go on my frames every year!

I also get contacts every year too, and I love that she is able to correct for my astigmatism and fit me for toric lenses.

Visual Image Eye Care is a much better choice than a chain store. I truly feel like family here, and I know I am in good hands with Dr. Stark and her staff. I highly recommend her to everyone!!

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Sarah H.

I am so impressed with the level of care I received at Dr. Stark's office. Not only was the staff patient (as I spent a half an hour trying on frames) but they were also friendly and kind. Dr. Stark's explanations were thorough and she patiently answered all of my many, many questions. Excellent experience all around.

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Ruben M.

This was the first eye doctor I went to when I first moved to the area. I had gone back in '09 I believe. What I remember on my first impression was that she was a good doctor and I liked her. But the reason I gave her 2 stars is because of the way she reacted when I requested something. I have been wear gas permeable contacts for as long as I can remember and when I went in to see her, I was asking about switching to soft. Switching to the soft was not good for me at all and when I told the Dr of my issues/concerns she came back to me and said that I couldn't go back to gas permeable. I didn't like the fact that she refused to put me back on to gas permeable because she found soft much better regardless that I was putting in eye drops every 30mins and could barely keep my eyes open so it appears as if I'm constantly squinting.

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