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Eyewear & Opticians

11160 Veirs Mill Rd Wheaton, MD
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MaJ C.

Snazzy new look, snazzy new prices. I shop elswhere for my cardigans now.

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MarriedUtopianStriver W.

I bought an essential clothing item from this Wheaton JC Penney store in order to be ready for a job interview. The cashier scanned my order quickly and was cheerful even with an event that impacted them. One of the sales people came up to ensure that I was finding what I was looking for.

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Ryan Z.

This JC Penney has been totally remodeled and has an excellent home goods department. Not only are the prices excellent, but you can usually an additional 10-20% off coupon (either pull it up on your smartphone or print it at home from the website). Twice I had somebody come up to ask me if I needed assistance which was really unexpected. I was really impressed by the selection in the home goods department and found from excellent deals - better than you'd find at a Bed Bath and Beyond.

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Suze B.

I always flock to the juniors section here. Bargains to be had. No matter what the price tag says - it always seems to be on sale for less. Fitting rooms are neat and uncrowded. Staff is usually helpful and friendly. They have a great selection so I always end up buying something here. Also check out their swimsuits! Absolutely adorable.

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Lin I.

Went here because they had an nice selection of swimsuits on their website, but I knew I wouldn't be happy buying swimsuit online. They had a variety of sizes, shapes & colors. Sometimes the sizes weren't the most organized (size 8 next to size 22W, etc.) but I found quite a few I liked and narrowed it down to 4 or 5 I could live with. Convenient to buses and Metro across Viers Mill Road at Wheaton Station.


Jeff Chuh, OD

Optometrists, Eyewear & Opticians

Pentagon City, 1750 Crystal Square Arc Arlington, VA
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M B.

I went to Crystal Eye Care today and was pleased with the service. Dr. Chuh was thorough and took the time to answer my questions. His staff was knowledgeable about both the products and about my vision coverage (I have VSP) and the staff was able to explain prices and coverage. I ended up purchasing contacts and was pleased that there wasn't a high contact lens fitting fee like some other places.

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Fabio B.

This is really tough! Can I put below 1 Star?

I went there my first time, and I ordered fancy Oakley with transition and light refracting lenses.
The total, payed in advance, was $624.
I got their first and last call after a week. I was really surprised because I was expecting 15 days.
Both lenses were totally scratched, and I had to leave them for replacement.

After 8days, I showed up without waiting their call. My glasses were ready but they forgot to call me.
The order was wrong one more light refracting lenses.

I waited for 10 days, I showed up again, and It was told me to wait one more week. At this point, I asked my $624 back.

I wear glasses since I was 9. Never, and I say again never in my life, it has happened before.

The worst service ever!

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Stephanie W.

I went to Crystal Eye Care based upon the one Yelp recommendation that was written and I have not found a local eye doctor in the area yet. They were very friendly, and were knowledgeable of my VSP coverage. However, the doctor was not thorough enough with my eye exam (did not dialate my eyes, and did not do anything to my response saying my eyes felt like they were always dry and caused me discomfort, and had me 'adjust the vision' for my lenses but I felt like I could not do my right eye good enough and he said 'let's use this for now').

When I picked up my glasses 3 weeks later, I still noticed my glasses were just not right, and I was told that I just need 2 weeks to get used to it. I have had glasses for at least 10 years now so I should know when it 'needs time to get used to it'. They were very willing to fix my glasses if in fact I still did not like the prescription since I was under warranty, but I would have liked to have had it right the first time- so I found alternative doctors.

I later went to my usual out of state eye doctor to get my contacts prescription (since I don't pay a 'lens fitting fee' there) and he noticed that I had a problem with the cornea. It turned out I had keratitis and dry eye that Dr. Chuh did not realize I had and that took another another few months to fix.

I have since found an ophalmalagist (not just an optometrist) in the DC area that does a very thorough eye exam to ensure I have good eye care health and a good quality lense prescription.

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Mark D.

I really enjoy my visits to Crystal Eye Care and have been going here for some years. They are conveniently located and offer parking validation. While the selection of glasses frames is not very large and does need updating, their products are well priced and the staff are very helpful when assisting you find a suitable pair. The delivery time is also pretty good. In addition, I have NEVER had any problems from Crystal Eye Care in regards to insurance billing or co-pays, my experience has always been very straight forward. The eye examinations themselves are performed by Dr. Jeff Chuh, who is a very respectful and thorough examiner. Dr. Chuh has always found time to see me, even if I have dropped-in without an appointment when passing. Dr. Chuh is also approachable, knowledgeable, and happy to answer any of your questions or concerns (even outside of normal office hours). I once emailed Dr. Chuh during the evening inquiring about prescription swimming goggles, and while I did not require or expect an answer that day (after all it was not important), he got back to me later that same evening with a thorough answer and advice. Great overall service. Just please update your frames more regularly...

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G M.

I've been going to Dr. Chuh since the day they opened. He has always been caring, attentive and has actually walked me through my history with me with each visit. He knows more about my eyes than I remember. I'm not sure what the issues are others have but I will say, as my optometrist, Dr. Chuh has been the best.


John Cochran, OD


13320 Franklin Farm Rd Herndon, VA
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Lydia H.

I have been going to Dr. Cochran for a few years, and I have never had a bad experience. The office is never too busy, and he is the only doctor there, so you always know what you are going to get.

The support staff is friendly and patient, and they have a great selection of frames on-site from which to choose.

Bonus points for having Saturday hours - a godsend, since it is all the way out in Reston.


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Jon L.

Today was my first visit to the Doc.

It was a better than average experience, I'm going just four stars since this was my first time. He get's one star just because he and his staff all speak english which I can understand. Ahhh, isn't communication a wonderful thing when it comes to your health.

I liked that you can fill out all your new patient info on their web site.

The staff was nice and friendly. I had a 930a appointment that I was five minutes early for. I was seen after 10 minutes so not too bad.

The Doc, is very professional, very!

The testing process is very thorough which I liked. I ordered some new lenses and frames so I'll be going be continued.

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Cynthia R.

I'm so excited to see that someone else in the city makes the 20mile trek to Herndon to go to Dr. Cochran's optometry!

I grew up in Herndon and have been a client of this establishment for over 10 years. Probably closer to 18 to be exact. I was the kid with glasses at age 8. Wow...I am aging. How unfortunate.

Totally still worth the 20+ mile drive despite living in the city!! Definitely have nice staff. Have a great selection of contacts and glasses -- I had my eye on a pair of Gucci's with rhinestone filigree...but I wasnt about to drop $450 on them.

CAUTION: Don't ask Dr. Cochran about a few things...

1) Reimbursement
2) The age of the technological equipment in his office
3) How they deal with the elderly who visit his office and how the geriatrics manage said equipment

I dont think he was very amused by my questions.

Anyway, loves it!

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Ned D.

Did u go online to do the paperwork?
3 phone calls and nobody asked me to, how about that.
What is the point of making an appointment if you are going to make me wait more than an hour for a simple eye exam.
Over staffed and under worked, busy pretending to look busy.


John D Mitchell , MD

Optometrists, Ophthalmologists

130 Park St SE Vienna, VA
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Sandra A.

I wish there were an option to give 6 stars. Or 7. Dr. Mitchell is awesome.

So 4.5 years ago I had him do my ICLs, which were fantastic because, as someone with vision in the -10 to -11 range in each eye, in addition to dry eyes, I was not a LASIK candidate. Those ICLs made it so that I didn't have to wear glasses anymore, and could see just like everyone else. Hooray!

But then about 2 years ago, I had a corneal lesion (don't ask, you NEVER want to have one of those-- SO horribly painful) and that (likely) set off a downhill slide into ... CATARACTS. Yes, a 38 year old developing foggy vision, especially in the left eye, where I'd had the corneal problem.

By the time I was 40 (earlier this year), my left eye was completely fogged and useless and my right eye was halfway fogged up. It was like looking through an opaque fogged up shower door all day long. I couldn't see squat. 40 year olds aren't supposed to have cataracts! Grandma and grandpa are!

Well, in swoops the gallant Dr. Mitchell to save the day, yet again. During surgery, he pulled out the ICLs and the fogged up natural lenses and gave me crystal clear new lenses and now I'm seeing better (mid-range and distance) than I ever have. EVER. Even with the ICLs. (The reason for that is it's always better vision the fewer lenses there are - so natural + ICL is going to be worse than just natural.) Because I had an astigmatism to fix and they don't make toric multi-focals (and the Dr. says he thinks they wouldn't be that good anyhow because it's trying to do too much), I will always need (pharmacy-bought) reading glasses for the two feet or so in front of me, but sheesh! I can see again! I can read street signs! I can see leaves on the trees instead of just a blob of hazy color!

I. Am. Thrilled.

Marry me, Dr. Mitchell? :-)

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Joy F.

When you need the very best doctor for your eyes - go to John Mitchell. I was lucky, found him through a friend in my neighborhood. I had a tricky eye situation pop up suddenly and I was terrified. Dr. Mitchell must have spent two hours with me calming my fears and giving me a diagnosis and a plan. And whatever caused that sudden AMD like situation did go away although we monitor it.

Fast forward to earlier this year, when I was pulling vines out of tall trees and some icky leaf mold and dirt got into my eyes. The ER couldn't seem to get it all out, so I made an emergency appointment with Dr. Mitchell's office and once again - relief. I saw one of the other eye doctors who work there - and they are all excellent. Again, left there with the eye feeling better, a diagnosis and a plan and the eye is fine.

I should add that visiting his office in Vienna is not convenient for me but I am happy to make the effort. Getting first rate care for your eyes is worth it. Recommended.


Joseph Colleen MD

Optometrists, Ophthalmologists

1515 Chain Bridge Rd Mc Lean, VA
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Dr L James V.

Nothing to write home about... Hassled me about my insurance, saying that since there was no "medical finding", I couldn't use my insurance (even though my GP had referred me to her, after I experienced dizziness/blurred vision!). Sounds like a convenient way for them to generate more revenue. I will definitely avoid these people in the future... And staff wasn't too friendly or helpful either...

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