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21 Wisconsin Cir Bethesda, MD
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Ron S.

Went there to get my eyes examined and get new glasses the Dr was great and the glasses were amazing. Great service, fashion frames and superior quality at a reasonable price. Will send all my friends there They take almost all insurances and go out of their way to make sure you are happy

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Gary S.

While eating lunch at Clydes in Chevy Chase I noticed a new optical shop that opened recently. I asked the optician if he could fit my mother with glasses who lives in a nearby retirement home. The optician made a call to her home with a variety of eyeglasses, fit her with a beautiful pair of glasses and deliverd it to her. Great Service. Thanks.

1 1 2 3 4 
Geoffrey E.

I had a bad experience, and I guess I was expecting the high price of their frames to correspond to better service. I was happy with the frame selection, and the sales people were friendly, but my wife pointed out that the final price of $546 for a single pair of glasses was outrageous. They had given me a 20% discount for the frame because of my BCBS plan, and she had received a much greater discount at other stores. Still, I was happy with the frames, and thought the location and service made the prices tolerable. However, when the frames came in and they custom cut them, they failed to predict that the custom shape would obstruct my vision almost beyond usage. Instead of being gracious about it, they said I would have to pay $170 for new lenses if I wanted a pair of glasses I could wear. Given the prices, this was exactly the wrong response - i would have predicted that they would have made sure I had a pair of glasses I could wear. So, I went somewhere else to get the lenses replaced.



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Tysons Corner, 8093L Tysons Corner Ctr Mclean, VA
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Kierphe S.

Overall, I'd say they're pretty expensive, but the employees were helpful without being pushy or "helicoptering," and they took good care of me.

I'm generally picky about glasses; I went to 5 or 6 different stores before I found frames that I liked. I found a pair at the Tyson's Lenscrafters, ordered them and they were ready in just over an hour. I couldn't tell if the RX was proper because I was wearing my contacts when I picked them up, but I noticed they were a little off over the next few days.

I went back to my eye doctor, confirmed the RX was wrong and got a new one--Lenscrafters made new lenses free of charge (as their guarantee says) without asking questions; they were nice about it and after another hour I was on my way home with my new, much better glasses.

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Cielo S.

The basics: Eyewear store with independent optometrists next door located in Tysons Corner Center

What you need to know: The doctors and staff are very helpful, polite and efficient and the actual eyewear store has a good selection of frames

In all honesty, I cannot say I have had a bad experience here. I have seen two pleasant eye doctors who examined my eyes, professionally explaining whatever issue may or may not be lurking within. The reception staff are extremely efficient but polite, verifying insurance, etc. Afterwards, I always check out the LensCrafters next door, trying on every pair that would catch my eye. The cordial staff are always on hand to answer my questions about which frame will accommodate my lens. I highly recommend both the doctors and eyewear store for your visual needs!

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Alex C.

I came here during the last hour to buy a complete set (30% off) and they had the frames I wanted. Harees, my sales representative was awesome! No pressure, friendly, & informative. Even the lense technician, Markan, was very attentive and super quick to make my set perfect(within an hour)!

I would highly recommend to stop by this Lenscrafters if you're in the area. It's next to LL Bean on the lower level.

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Dave S.

I've been to other LensCrafters in Florida. I've always been pretty pleased with the service. I had also had a experience at this location in Tyson's Corner Center. I was greeted right away from an associate. The girl who helped me was very friendly and helpful. She showed me many different types of frames. She was very patient. I wish i could remember her name, We found a frame style that would look good on my face. I was very happy with the service. I was getting glasses again after not wearing them for six years. I first went to another High-End fancy fancy glasses place in the mall. And I turned around and walked out and asked "Isn't there a LensCrafters in this mall?"
The prices were pretty much what I had expected. And they always have Specials and Deals here. My new glasses were ready in about an hour as promised. Which was very nice too. When I came back to pick them up the associate helped me right away. She was able to adjust them to fit my face right away. And she was also very friendly and helpful. And that's important to me.
I really don't agree with the low stars from the previous review from 2 or 3 years ago. This LensCrafters was just an overall great shopping experience. All the associates really know stuff! I would go back next time I need new glasses.

1 1 2 3 4 
Carol L.

When I bought my son's sports goggles a month ago, the staff was very friendly. My son got a pair he liked and even though they were having a big "sale", we still spent $400- after they pushed hard for us to buy the warranty. We lost the strap that goes behind his head and I went in to ask if I could purchase another one. They told me I would have to BUY the $400 pair of GOGGLES AGAIN in order for me to get the stupid 2 inch strap. WOW. Not so friendly anymore! I looked on-line to see if I could buy them somewhere. Edmonds in McLean had them so I went in and the TRULY friendly staff gave me the strap off one of their goggles and said it would be no problem for them to order a strap from the company. I will NEVER go back to Lenscrafters. I regret purchasing anything from them. Really snobby people if you don't have a buck to spend!



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Fair Oaks, 11784 Lee Jackson Hwy Fairfax, VA
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Anne C.

What saved this particular lenscrafters from a 1 star??

an absolutely kind gentleman tha works there by the last name of byronski (spelling absolutely butchered)...but basically my friend and I went in to try on glasses and see if there were any pairs we liked...for the first 30 minutes we were ignored and not even acknowledged. A particular gentleman in fact went out of his way to avoid us (or that's what we felt like) and I was getting so frustrated i knew I just wanted to leave. However, this kind gentleman came to us after he had finished with another patient and my firend told him about his predictament (his head is wide so it's difficult to find nice glasses that fit sucks for him=P) and this gentleman literally went into the plethora of glasses, picked out ONE and it fit like a CHARM! a pair of gorgeous zegna glasses and he was SO pro at his job. He went over our insurances and took the time out of his schedule even though we had told him that we were going to have to come back tomorrow due to schedule conflicts....if this gentleman was not there, this place would've been a one star! Thank god lenscrafters hired this friendly, helpful gentleman!

1 1 2 3 4 
Lisa P.

Rude, rude, rude! I should've read the reviews before coming here. The main girl at the front desk has an awful attitude. She nasty to anyone on the phone with questions and rolls her eyes if you need anything. It seems like she's related to the Dr. because her behavior is uncalled her and is very comfortable being unprofessional.

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Nini T.

This review is based on phone conversation trying to find out information.

I can tell you they have plenty of people answering the phone. I called for two simple questions:

1. Do you take VSP (answer: no, out of network)
2. How much is for eye exam if out of network and how much it cost without any vision plan?

I kept being on hold by 5 different people who answered the phone. I guess because the first etc person put me on hold and other thought I'm not being help? Waited and waited the first and second person never got back to me. Finally the fifth person answered (which i sound annoyed and said "for the fith time im being on hold) and said you have to come in and we will call your vision plan to find out, otherwise it is $89. Let me tell you by the fifth person, i wish i had recorded my questions ;-)

All that just being on hold total 11 minutes. Woot!

1 2 1 2 3 
Anya P.

I have mixed feelings about this place. I will rate each aspect of the experience separately on a scale of 1-5 (where 5 is the best):

[5] Quality of Service & Materials - The doctors were knowledgeable and professional - they truly valued me as a patient and helped me understand all aspects of my prescription. I picked out a pair of Rampage glasses which are extremely durable, have no-scratch coating, and have not failed me yet (it's been 5 years).

[2] The Wait - This was a long, boring experience. Even with an appointment, expect to wait up to an hour. Seriously, bring a book or a magazine, because this can get tedious. The entire appointment took 2 hours, including the wait-time. Time is $.

[1] The Cost - The total cost for a few boxes of contacts, two eye exams, and a new pair of glasses was $400. I kid you not, they're asking for a small fortune. Their recent price is $150-$200 for a contact-lens exam alone. Really? 'Cause a ton of local optometrists do it from $50-$100 and include lenses!

For people on a budget, their rates are not sustainable, but the service is great - there's always a trade-up!

1 1 2 3 4 
Pug s.

I went here a few years ago and the doctors were awful.

They were not happy that I asked questions and reacted as if I was threatening their authority. I personally think people should come to their doctors appointments prepared. I will not be a passive bystander when it comes to my health care. I WILL play an active role. Even when it comes to my vision care.

I asked the doctor what astigmatism meant she did not want to explain it to me at all.

When I picked up my other contacts, I wasn't sure what aspheric meant. Another doctor was there and I asked her what they were and the doctor said, "Aspheric means aspheric." Oh gee thanks that clears it up. I had to go to another eye place (BTW thank goodness I found them) and have them explain to me what that it really meant.

Ugh, I can't remember all of the details because it was around 2-3 years go, but I remember being really disgusted and unhappy with them.




Saint Chrls Twne Ctr Waldorf, MD
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Bob P.

This review is strictly for the repair of my sunglasses. Let me start off that I shouldn't complain because they will fix your glasses for free, even if you did not buy them from Lenscrafters. Anyway I went into this shop to have the frame repaired because a screw came off of one of the hinges, (please do not ask how that happened *cough cough I sat on it) the young guy put in a new screw. Ok cool. But fast forward two weeks and the darn thing comes loose while I was looking triple OG in a clothing store. I hung it in my shirt so I didn't notice until the sun went DOWN and was gonna wear my sunglasses at night. That's what I get for trying to perpetrate... needless to say I'm upset because they were a gift maybe expensive (Armani exchange) but I learned if you have sunglasses wear them or put them away. So embarrassing.



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21100 Dulles Town Cir Sterling, VA
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Marco M.

Kathy is the best. She helped me out with choosing the frame. Her positive energy got to me. I totally recommend her and this palace

1 2 3 4 1 
First C.

The eye doctor next door is fantastic. I would highly recommend and would give her 5 stars.

LensCrafters is great with a few hicups. The manager there was very kind, I believe her name is Kathy. We were there in the evening and waited on my husband's glasses. We didn't buy new frames, just new lenses. We decided to wait and walk around the mall and it was near closing so when we returned it wasn't ready yet. It turns out the lens cutter misplaced my husband's frames so they were frantically trying to look for it. Luckily, they did. For having to wait so long after closing, they gave us free supplies of our choosing, which was very generous. We just got lens cleaner and wipes.

About a month later my husband's frames broke. We returned to LensCrafters and they said they can't fix the frames because of where it broke, but since we got the lenses not too long ago, they said we can do a return and purchase new ones with frames. It was a long process, but the person who assisted us was extremely friendly and helpful.

At peak times it's ridicuously crowded and you could be waiting a long while for someone to help you. The best time to go is weekdays during the day, weekends when they first open or after 7pm.

1 2 3 4 5 
Russell Z.

Ask for "Kathy." She is very nice and upbeat and seems to legitimately care about your vision needs and eye health. She does not rush you or use any high-pressure sales tactics on you. I've been getting my glasses at Lens Crafters for twenty-five years and now, any time I go in, I always call first just to make sure she's working!!

1 2 3 1 2 
Sandy B.

My prescription was too complicated so my glasses were sent off. I chatted with LensCrafters online and they told me my glasses were at the Dulles store. I went to the store, waited for 45 minutes for someone to tell me they had no idea LensCrafters had an online chat feature and that they had the ability to tell where my glasses were at. I left the store. Same day I received a call that my glasses were in. I went back to the store and waited for another 45 minutes. LensCrafters... Hire more people or make the lab people who stare at us while we wait at least help those who are just picking up!!!!

1 1 2 3 4 
Heather G.

My husband bought a pair of glasses here for $400. They broke within 3 month's and these people refused to fix them. When my husband went back to ask them to fix the glasses the general manager was to busy flirting with some woman that he couldn't even be courteous enough to acknowledge my husband's problem. He just gave him a rude attitude and told him to use his insurance to buy a new pair... The glasses they sale might be name brand but they are made cheaply and are over priced! You would definitely expect better quality for the price then what you get. Really, they break far to easy. Oh yeah and I agree with another poster, we waited what seemed like forever the day we got his glasses just for him to order them and be measured. It was insane! Don't waste your time or money, you can find a better place then this!

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