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18111 Town Center Dr Olney, MD
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Lokin S.

Walked in blind, walked out with eagle eyes. Thanks Tommy & Dr. Mathes!

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Patty P.

The staff is very friendly. The doctors are really smart and easy to talk to. Good selection of glasses and contacts. They can text you when your glasses are ready.

Dislike: the eye exam waiting area is a small at the end of a hall. It's very quiet there, but the acoustics from the entire store funnel there. It's really loud and awkward. You hear the beats from the stereo system, the glass grinder revving, employees laughing & having inappropriate workplace conversations & showing each other video clips on their phones, the sales people making customer sounds like there's a freaking party up front. Put something in the waiting area--add a speaker so you can here the lobby music or put a TV or a sound machine, an air filter--something! I'm very rarely made uncomfortable, but your waiting area did just that.

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Joanna R.

I needed to get my eyes checked as I knew my old prescription just wasn't cutting it and my mom recommended the My Eye Dr in Olney. I was planning on looking into it and then I found a great coupon deal for any My Eye Dr location in the DC area. I went to this one after work one day, didn't even phone ahead to make an appointment and I was able to schedule one for that afternoon and was seen almost right away. The staff and Dr. were great, and the appointment only took about 20 minutes. As soon as I had my new prescription in hand the sales people attended to me and explained the terms of the coupon and suggested several nice pairs of glasses that would be fully covered by the coupon. I had Jay and he was great. I was just browsing and he gave me the time to just look by myself as well as suggesting a few frames for me. After selecting the frames I wanted (and it was a good 30 minutes of browsing) he was really helpful in explaining the different pricing options for the lenses and treatments. He told me my glasses would likely be ready the next day and helped me get a great deal on them. All the staff at My Eye Dr were kind, courteous and really helpful. I'd recommend them to anyone looking to start out in the area or looking to make a switch!

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Shannon L.

Best experience ever here! Dr. Mathis is great, very patient and takes the time to explain what is going on with your vision/eyes. I suspect I have had astigmatism for awhile now, since my vision has always been a little "off" for the past few years, but my previous optometrist was too focused on efficiency and productivity to take the time to find out what was wrong. I had never worn contacts for astigmatism before so it took a couple of trials and follow up check up appointments, but Dr. Mathis was very willing to help me find what was most comfortable and the correct prescription.

I also have a lot of dryness, which I finally learned was due to the fact that I sleep with my eyes slightly open - again, something Dr. Mathis took the time to explain to me, and recommend eye drops as well.

The staff is also great, amazing customer service. Everyone is very patient and never makes you feel rushed, takes the time to answer all questions. Shout out to Gia and Thomas :)

Recommended MyEyeDr to my family and friends.

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Dana C.

I felt that I was given a pretty hard sell to buy a more expensive lens than I wanted. I also found their prices on both lenses and frames to be much higher than the competition. I will not be returning to MyEyeDr.

UPDATE: Wow. It seems a regional manager for MyEyeDr. read my review and he took the time to comb through the Olney shop's records and find me. Called me this morning asking how he could make up for my less-than-stellar experience at MyEyeDr. I am VERY impressed that he took so much time to find me and then to offer me money back and a second pair of glasses to make up for my displeasure. Enough to make me change my rating from 1 to 3 stars! Kuddos, MyEyeDr on the customer service.



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9419 Lorton Market St Lorton, VA
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Chris C.

Went into the store to inquire how much it would cost to replace just the lenses. Was told it would cost $900 dollars plus just for the lenses. Over 2x more than the estimate I had already rec'd. What a rip-off.

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Jamie W.

I've been wearing contact lenses since I was 10 years old, and have never been written a worse prescription than the two I've received from My Eye Dr. I was told I was a bad candidate for bifocal contacts, that bifocal contacts were not worth the price, and was encouraged to not wear a contact in one eye for near vision (in an eye with a -4.25 prescription? No wonder I had headaches.) Staff gives you a VERY hard sell, although I give the storefront props for having a large variety of attractive eyeglass frames. After two years of being unhappy with my prescription (and follow-up visits where I was told "this is the best we can do for you") I finally found a great eye doctor at the Woodbridge Costco, of all places. a toric lens in one eye and a lens for presbyopia in the other; much, much cheaper than My Eye Dr., and even better - I can SEE!

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Oneyda V.

Walk in to My Eye Dr at lorton thinking that I was gonna get a better service than other places bt came out more disappointed. Customer service was not what i expected no help at all and when finally someone approached me, he easily left and started another customer and didn't even get someone else to help me. I wish there was more helpful people. Management should real put some cameras and take a look how your customer services really is.

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Amber D.

I would certainly have to agree with the person who said this location lacks professionalism. I have been going here for about 2 years and have finally had enough. From losing my information (more than once) to forgetting to call me when my contacts were in, this place is about as unprofessional as they come. My prescription was also never correct on the first try, which left me coming back in on my time for additional exams. I finally had it when a staff member was EXTREMELY rude and talked down to me on the phone. I'll be taking my business elsewhere from now on.

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Ana P.

I've been to this location for several years and always find the staff to be helpful!

Dr. Spellman performed my last exam and was very informative and patient with me.

Sonia helped me pick out my frames and the manager, Alan allowed me to use a $20 off coupon before I even filled out their Customer Satisfaction Survey.

I really feel valued by the staff members and plan on returning!



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6832 Old Dominion Dr McLean, VA
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A A.

Will not prescribe the contact lens best for you, but only what they have an ownership interest in selling you at their store or through them. They are very pushy about this, the doctor and staff have no concern for what best fits your eye. I was forced to get a prescription for a contact that I already know does not work with my eyes because they don't sell it.

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R D.

The actual eye doctor here was very good. The first problem was the staff that spent so little time discussing the actual written prescription and what would work best for me (bifocals, regular glasses, progressives). After remaking the glasses twice, the product I have is not something that actually helps me much. All those issues aside -- this location should be shut down. After seven to nine requests -- in person, on the phone, via text -- they have REFUSED to ever provide the actual prescription to me. I've been lied to numerous times that it was mailed, or would be mailed, or it wasn't available because it had to be sent out to make the glasses. I'm not sure what their game is, but I'm looking into a formal complaint with the state licensing board or other regulatory body. AVOID.

HERE's an update -- since I got a response to this complaint on Yelp, I called numerous times, but always got voicemail. I emailed twice -- once it bounced back and once it went through; I gave very specific information that I needed -- the prescription and my name/address, and even referenced the response and gave the name of the person who responded to my Yelp complaint. Guess what??. No one ever responded or sent me the prescription. Apparently customer satisfaction is not even remotely a concern. (Dec 2013)

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Matthew P.

Based on past reviews - I decided to only give MY Eye Dr a 4 star review and see what happened when I actually picked up my glasses... well, ready as promised. Once again, staff was very nice helped me out immediately - they even had my other pair of glasses that I purchased from another My Eye Dr location sent to the McLean store to save me the trip. Great experience.



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401 Maple Ave. West Vienna, VA
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Jesse H.

October 05, 2011: still waiting; stated wait is dependent on Oakley

September 26 update: still waiting.

August 10 update: 33+ days later, I still don't have my sunglasses... non-prescription Oakly lenses on double back-order apparently. So, I'm waiting for a call to pick up.

I had to give away my prescription lens GROUPON since I couldn't use the $200 voucher ~ as suspected, even after they gave a discount she paid $100.

Summer is almost gone now, when will I have my shades man?

I'll have to return to use my GROUPON but ... I went there with my 8 year old after 6 p.m. pick up from his Karate summer camp. We walked in and it wasn't too busy, but everyone seemed to be occupied with something or someone. So I walked around and looked at the sunglasses. (My GROUPON is for $100 sunglasses) I noticed that most of the sunglasses are well over $100. Hmmm.

So, after looking at the selections and occasionally standing at the front desk eating the wrapped mints... I started wondering if anyone actually noticed we were there.

Well, finally I decided to leave. As my arm reached for the door, one of the people behind the desk asked, "Have you been helped?" (My personality is a lot like the Red Hot Chili Peppers - Can't Stop lyrics) I just smiled and continued on. We were hungry, you know what I'm saying Yelpers!

Do I need to write it? Upon entry to your business, a short greeting would have been nice. At some point while we were eating your mints in front of your face, a greeting would have been nice. (The mints were 4 star b.t.w.) With that out there, I suppose I understand why you didn't say a "good bye" to us.

So like I said, I'll be back to use the GROUPONS. I also have another GROUPON for an exam and $200 prescription lenses... which I was told I cannot use because I don't need prescription lenses. Errr. So, my friend gets a nice gift. (But I'm thinking she'll have to pay extra beyond the $200 for certain.)

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Jess Y.

If you are blessed to have spherical eyes then 5 stars.
If you have astigmatism then 2 stars. Unfortunately, I fall in the latter category.

Dr. Frank Cassella was an extremely courteous, patient, and knowledgeable optometrist. He was friendly and efficient and clearly cared about the patients. The other representatives I dealt with also appeared pretty friendly and helpful.

I went for an eye exam for a contact lens prescription and then ordered a year supply of contacts. Apparently this also includes a free pair of non-prescription sunglasses (I think they basically just give away the model frames that are now out-of-season. They've been tried on multiple times, but they clean them for you and it's a nice freebie).

What I did not appreciate was the sneaky way that I was overcharged. The exam prices are ridiculous and they have a separate charge for the toric (astigmatism) exam. At my old optometrist, both exams were under one name so my insurance covered both. After calling my insurance, I discovered that many eyeglass/contact stores will separate the charges out and charge extra for "New Patient" or "Toric" exams (this store just charges for the "toric" exam separately). These are NOT covered by my insurance and thus, I had to pay $120 out of pocket just for part of the exam! Not cool in my book. And I'm sorry, but added together, it honestly does not cost $295 (which is the out-of-pocket cost) just to do a 15-minute eye and contacts exam (even with the oh-so-forbidden astigmatism). Also, I found the contacts online for cheaper so next time I would not order from them.

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Elizabeth X.

I went there a year ago to get glasses and contact lenses at the same time. Check up and everything was fine. Standard procedure. The charges were outrageous and not informed beforehand! They informed me that the check up on my glasses was covered by insurance, however the check up on my contacts was not and that was an extra $100. So what does this $100 entail? It entails, that I put my the pair of contacts on myself, the doctor taking 10 seconds to check each eye and see if they fit.

That entire 20 second was an extra $100!!!!!!!!!

I have purchased contacts and glasses at the same time for many years and never had to pay each checkup separately

They only want your money. I was disappointed.

Would not go there again.

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Chas R.

Easily the worst eye care place in Vienna. Have managed to get every single order wrong for me, my wife, and two of our kids. Late arriving contacts, wrong prescription, inaccurate orders, etc. Truly terrible. Definitely take your business elsewhere.

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Philip L.

I've been here a few times over the years for glasses and contacts, back to the old location in the Village Green, before Dr Casella was there. Each visit has been consistent and easy. The staff is helpful, they do their job, sometimes fast, sometimes not as fast. I feel that they've always tried, some of the posts make it seem like this is the DMV or something.

Dr Casella is easy going, informative, and efficient. He seems honest, gives his professional opinion, and I never felt he was pushing product or anything. Each time is a good experience and they've been helpful when I've needed slight adjustments or fixes to my glasses.



Optometrists, Eyewear & Opticians

617 Potomac Station Dr Leesburg, VA
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Ang D.

I had the worst experience here a few weeks ago. I had attempted to order contacts, and never received a confirmation call regarding them, and if they'd arrived. I called back a few weeks after the fact, and was told they were never ordered, although I did pay for them. I was told they would be in that Friday. I went to the office on Saturday, a day after they were supposed to have arrived, and was informed that there were no contacts under my name. The manager, I believe, was rude to me, and informed me that the person I spoke to regarding my order, was misinformed about my having payed for the contacts...that apparently was a different order.

I was fairly understanding up to this point...but THEN when I requested a pair of contacts to get me through the next couple weeks until my new order arrived, I was told that the Dr. was with an appointment, and that I'd have to wait. No apologies for the inconvenience...just a LOT of attitude. After 5 minutes (they said I *may* have to wait up to 20) I told them to forget my order, and that I would be taking my business elsewhere...this My Eye Doctor, and office staff is definitely not worth the headache. I now go to the Springfield location, and they are WONDERFUL. Great customer if you can, choose another location!

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Blaire R.

I decided to order a year's supply of my contacts from them, because their price was the exact same as 1800-Contacts. I gave the girl the wrong debit card number and she tried calling me twice to correct that, which I appreciate. I just got it resolved and my contacts will be in tomorrow. She was really nice and patient while I got that taken care of. I'm a fan again :)

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Joshua D.

Not bad, but they are very unclear about insurance coverages and claim filing. They tell you if you are out of network that they know for sure there's a discount and that their patients never complain about what gets covered. There's a lot of rigamarole to figure out exactly whether this is the optometrist for you.

But once you do, the doctor is really great. He's an older white guy who seems sort of like a really nice hippie/nerd. He does a great job getting you in and out quickly and explains everything sufficiently. Nice dude.

The employees are a little rougher around the edges. I kind of hoped the beefy tattooed girl working the instruments wasn't going to try to beat me up when she closed the exam room door and turned off the lights. The guy who fitted me for my glasses forgot to do one thing and had to call my cell phone after I'd already left and have me come back.

Overall, they seem less squared away than the Vienna My Eye Dr. location I went to previously, but considering this is a once every couple of years thing for me, who knows if I'll come back or what next time and if any of the same people will even be there.

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Matthew K.

Had a appointment scheduled for 12:30 and I didn't see a Dr until 1:30. Need time management for scheduling appointments. They also tried to sell me $400 contact when my insurance cover the cheaper disposable versions. They wouldn't give me the prescription from the appointment either.

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Trish F.

I had a horrible experience at this location in Leesburg. Dr. K is very very good. The manager and staff are terrible and should be replaced. I had a visit there and have 2 insurances that covered ALL charges- they wanted me to pay $20 for a digital something that was not covered by insurance- OK- I explained that I had a flex spending card and did not have it with me that day- no problem the fellow who waited on me stated. Plus I assured him that I was sure that the insurance would pay 100% as we have the best plan in the Cigna company- we pay no co pays and 100% of all is covered. (french based company USA plan) so long story short- i communicated I was headed out of the country for 3 weeks and would be back- they stated no problem- no problem. I showed back up 3 weeks later to pay the copay $20. and was told my entire visit had been deleted from the system-b/c I didn't pay my $20.00. The fellow stated he deleted my medical visit- I became very upset and explained that it was illegal to erase/delete a medical visit- he became very combative- telling me i didn't pay my bill and therefore he deleted it from their system. I asked for the manager- he stepped in and tried to help-but became very irritated when I stated the laws to him- he had to get another employee to help retrience my records- which took 30 minutes- during this time he was clearly out of his element and unable to answer any of my questions. Finally the records were retrieved and I asked if he had both of my insurances on the account and he couldn't figure this out- very incompetent and rude. He became irritated when I stated that I would file a complaint and that he was very un-customer service orientated- and that he needed to educate himself and his employee's on insurance and customer service- he told me loudly and rudely that I should pay my bill and it wouldn't have been a problem. I will be sure to spread the word over all social media that this office is unprofessional and not qualified or educated.Before I left for my business trip- I asked the office to fax me a copy of my prescription and the estimate for the glasses- this same fellow stated to me - that he could not do this - no way to print off the quote- i had to be very firm with him, and insist- so that i could submit to my flex card account and get it paid. The bottom line is I purchased the same glasses for 150$ less at a competitor- the next day. Also MyeyeDr processed a claim for the glasses which held my insurance and complicated my purchase- my new retailer got it all straight and I was able to pick up my glasses the next morning-but they had to call myeyedr and the insurance to get it released- I will file a report with the BBB and alert the OIG on their practices and communication on removing peoples exams from the computer. Do not go here- Leesburg VA !!

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