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New Era Eyecare

Optometrists, Laser Eye Surgery/Lasik, Eyewear & Opticians

Clarendon, 3105 10th St N Arlington, VA
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Jermaine B.

I recently moved and needed a new eye doctor. Staff was very polite, Dr. was very efficient and polite, I was in and out for a routine eye exam/contact prescription/ glasses prescription in 30 minutes. Very satisfied with experience.

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Andrew C.

They made it easy. I have a rather complicated insurance plan and idiosyncratic contact lens needs and they helped me figure it all out and use the plan efficiently. Would give it a 5, but I did try to show up close to closing and they were already out.

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Hillary A.

I had a wonderful experience with this office. First off, Dr. Adair was very upbeat yet extremely professional - he explained exactly what every procedure was looking for, what my results were, etc. I've been going to optometrists for eye exams/glasses/contacts for 13 years, and I have never learned more from an exam. Second, his staff was great! When I called to make my appointment, I had asked about a specific glasses frame that I wanted. They didn't have it at their store, but at their other location. By the time I arrived for my appointment a week later, they had called their other store for the frames and had them saved for me in the back room! They were very honest in helping me choose my frames (I ultimately chose the frames I had called about) and lenses, and I did not feel pressured to purchase anything I didn't want or need. They were also very accomodating when I told them I had another appointment to run to, and did their best to help make things more convenient for me. I can't wait to receive my new glasses, and will definitely be sticking with Dr. Adair and his team for a while!

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F J.

After totally getting my money's worth off the pair of glasses I wore for several years, I decided to take a chance using a LivingSocial deal. I made the appointment for after work since I work in Alexandria. After using America's Best and waiting up to 45 minutes to see the doctor even with an appointment, it was refreshing that the exam was started less than 5 minutes after I arrived. I saw Dr. Adair less than 10 minutes after that. It was so refreshing to have a Dr. who was so enthusiastic about his practice that I can rank my experience with him AS THE ABSOLUTELY BEST EYE DOCTOR EXAM EVER!!!! He is very informative, thorough, and very kind with state of the art, high-tech equipment. He told me "the shape of my eyeball was perfect." I blushed!!

Although the staff is very courteous, I was disappointed going back to work with one to select the eye wear. I told the young lady (I am old enough to be her mother) that I don't do high end frames or want anything that was flashy. That is exactly what she kept bringing to me to consider (i.e. Coach, purple, zebra stripes). She felt like a used car salesperson and I asked her to stop and I would find what I wanted. Even with the low end frames, the cost was higher than I thought even with the Groupon. I decided not to get one option to keep the cost in line with my budget. The Dr. heard my dilemma with the option. I picked up the glasses a week or so after they were ready. One word: quality control before calling the customer. I checked them out and found there was damage to the lens around the edge. The office is opposite of my driving distance to home and was a real inconvenience to not be able to pick up glasses that were REALLY ready. They had to be sent back to the manufacturer and I waited another week for them to come in and drive back to pick them up This time they were perfect! I also found out that the option I thought was too expensive was comp'ed. Woo Hoo! I am absolutely sure Dr. Adair had everything to do with the make do! I think you can't go wrong with the Dr. It is time for me to have a contact lense exam and fitting. Will consider coming back to him for that service.. I recommend him highly!

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Jaclyn S.

New Era is amazing! The location is great, the store is so nice and clean, and the staff is exceptional. I have purchased new glasses as well as contacts from them, and everyone I have encountered is friendly and helpful. I will be going to them from now on!


Neagle Nick Dr OD


800 K Street NW Washington, DC
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Ed L.

nice office, trendy frames. Helpful staff. Finding entrance was difficult. GREAT that most of their costs were covered by insurance.


Neil F Martin MD

Optometrists, Ophthalmologists

5454 Wisconsin Ave Chevy Chase, MD
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Sue J.

I am so glad I found Dr. Martin. He did my cataract surgery. He is an excellent surgeon and was amazingly patient about answering my endless questions. I have a rather rare genetic condition which can sometimes cause eye problems. He is one of the few doctors I have found who actually knows much about it. I would recommend him to anyone and have already recommended him to a friend who has cataracts.

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Deirdre C.

We are so incredibly fortunate to have found Dr. Martin for my mothers cataract surgery. The entire consultation process was impressive in its kindness and completeness. My mother was able to make a very confident choice, filled with a complete perspective about her eyes and their health in relation to the approach she chose. The results are miraculous!


New Vision Optica


Columbia Heights, 3431 14th St NW Washington, DC
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Xochitl C.

Horribly aggressive receptionists!! This review is purely based on the unacceptable and aggressively rude experience with ROBINSON over the phone. If a new costume calls in to inquire about what type of eyewear products are sold at this office (because they do not have a webpage) I highly encourage he receptionists/ front desk staff to be highly educate on their products but most importantly be component enough to provide better, if not the best customer service. They front desk personnel represent Dr. Bruce Lazerow and with their performance this morning over the phone it was a poor example of what can be offered. Rather than ask me what type of insurance I have to help better field my questions on eyewear and service ROBINSON began SCOLDING me for nearly 15 mins about how over costumers come in uninformed about their insurance. I did inform ROBINSON of his unnecessary aggressive tone, patronizing attitude, for constantly speaking over me and not listening. I also stated that the conversation would be more productive if he would allow a person to complete their sentence so he actually learn about what the customer is seeking. I support local businesses and it is unfortunately that optometrist has to bare the burnt of my review.

Dr. Lazerow, please consider having a serious conversation with Robinson and the young woman that worked March 25 at 11am. I wanted to take my business to your office but will be seeking else where because of their ill customer service.

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Penelope T.

Came for the convenience, will return for the competence.

I needed new lenses and didn't have a prescription so I looked up the nearest optometrist. Dr. Lazerow is extremely thorough and a lot of fun, to boot. Doc gave me the old-fashioned triple-check routine plus some non-judgmental advice about my CL usage.

Super convenient to Columbia Heights Metro. Reasonably priced for no insurance coverage (I paid $95 - he wrote three scrips - one for the contacts, one for reading glasses, and one for regular glasses, and comped me a case and solution.)
Lovely guy. Takes walk-ins.

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Amy M.

ABSOLUTE WORST COMPANY IN COLUMBIA HEIGHTS!! I have had nothing but issues with them. The one star is only for the actual doctor that works there sometimes. The review is mainly of the owner and staff...if you can call them that.

I was told after my exam that the type of contacts I needed had to be ordered by the office and that I could not use insurance to pay for them. Turns out I could order these contacts online and that they charged me more than double!! AND they didn't give me a full one year supply. Now I can't even get a receipt to be reimbursed for

My insurance company informed me (after-the-fact) that this office is in-network so that $130 of my contacts themselves would be covered. They instructed me to ask the office to file a claim with them for the $130 and then they could refund that to me. It took over 12 calls just to get them to call me back to tell me that the doctor there is in-network but that their supply chain is considered out of network. They actually never even bothered to call and tell me the end, I had to go in in-person JUST to get a response to my question. At one point I was dealing strictly with the owner and he had even promised to return my call later in the day and when I called back a couple of days later, they said he had gone on vacation for two weeks and was the only one there that could handle dealing with the insurance companies.

Whatever the case, the insurance company said that I could still file an out of network claim for $105. But the office had written me a receipt with insufficient information. So after numerous calls and much arguing, the owner finally faxed me a new receipt. It turns out that he wrote the INCORRECT code number on the receipt. Then when I called to ask for a correct receipt, HE SAID NO!!! He insisted that the insurance company was wrong and that he was right and said that he can't just keep giving me receipts. When I asked why, he wouldn't give a reason. He kept YELLING (actually yelling) at me over the phone saying that he wanted to talk to the insurance company. But when I tried to give him the number, he said that he couldn't take it because he was driving and that I needed to fax it to him. Why I had to supply him with the number in the first place is beyond me.

Whatever the case, the staff here are rude and incompetent. Nobody seems to understand the processes except for the owner...and even he seems like he doesn't know what he's talking about. He's extremely rude and unhelpful.

The Dr himself is awesome though. Dr. Lazerow really knows what he's doing and is very kind and funny. It's a shame he's working in such a terribly run place. It's also a shame because I have a 6 year old son and was planning to bring him here just to see this doctor....but not anymore. And they're right down the street from my, added bummer.

Oh and their hours are strange. Sometimes/days the doctor is there and some he's not (nobody ever seems to be consistent on this). But they don't have another doctor to cover the extra sometimes they just close. I went back to get a pair of glasses (before all the craziness) and they couldn't open half of the cases. And the girl didn't know how much the glasses were anyway. Just really, really poorly run. Save yourself a headache and go somewhere else.

Oh and I just looked at another review that refers to a bad experience with "ROBINSON". That's the owner...


Nova Eye Care Center


3223 Duke St Alexandria, VA
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julie u.

I just went to Dr. Vu for the first time and really liked her. She is young and seems very knowledgeable, professional and sweet.

The physical office is tucked away, seemingly as an afterthought, in the back corner of the building, next to Sears Optical Department at Landmark Mall (it's very near the pickup area/covered parking). It is a really small office (and waiting room) and is truly a one person/doctor show.

On the day I was there, her receptionist was out and Dr. Vu handled all of the new patient paperwork. I mean, how many doctors could you find who are willing/able to do the front office work? That in itself told me a lot about her down-to-earth personality. Kudos to her for that.

Her office does not sell glasses so there is no hard sell from that quarter. But that does mean a trip elsewhere to get glasses, if needed. There was also no hard sell on treatments I may or may not need, that was highly appreciated.

I will definitely use her again for any eye related needs and highly recommend her.

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Lily Z.

I was pretty happy about my experience here. Dr. Vu's office is right next to the Sear's optics, but you enter through a small door from outside. I got an eye exam and a contact fitting since this is my first time using contacts.

Here is a list of things that I liked about her office:

1). One of the common complaint about optometrists at some of the large chain stores is that they act too much like a sales person. Dr. Vu's office doesn't sell glasses or contacts, so there is no pressure to buy.

2). Her office is really small and she's the only one working right now. You will get more personal attention here than one of those large clinic own by an association of optometrists with a dozen assistants and a separate billing department.

3). She is a young doctor, who is still trying to establish her patient base. She is well connected electronically (facebook, email, twitter). Setting up an appointment online was easy.

The only change the clinic needs right now is to have a receptionist to do the mundane stuff like answering the phone and filing paperworks.

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Armando Z.

Tiny office and great service. Dr. Vu is a sweet woman and took care of my wife fast. Nice people.

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Timur P.

Best eye doctor I've had. Been coming here consistently for 4 years now! This is the relocated location (from Landmark Mall) on the second floor. These are the pluses that make this place stand out:

(1) convenient location---if you come with a buddy or family member he or she will have plenty of places nearby to eat, including Subway, Baja Fresh, Noodles & Co., and Panera Bread, and Starbucks. Just be aware that the shopping center has very limited parking.

(2) easy scheduling---I never have to wait a long time to make an appointment. It's fast, appointment times are aplenty, and cancellation is easy, and they are very understandable. Last week I had to cancel an appointment because I needed to go to urgent care, so I was able to reschedule for this week, same time, so I was quite pleased.

(3) clean, pleasant office--this office is bigger than its previous one, and I admire a doctor who takes pride in the appearance and look of the waiting area.

(4) short wait for doctor--I never have to wait a long time for my scheduled appointment. The doctor is thorough and diligent and keenly aware of appointment times, which helps my often hectic and busy schedule.

(5) courteous staff--always friendly, understanding, and accommodating. Multiple insurances are accepted, and getting all the initial forms completed is easy peasy.

(6) dr. vu is certainly calm, congenial, and caring. Eye exams are comprehensive, unrushed, and addresses all my vision-related concerns. Even though I've moved to DC, I still drive 30 min to visit this eye doctor.

(7) e-mail, phone, and text reminders for appointments--to facilitate communication. I'm glad their tech-savvy and forward-thinking.

As if my glowing review didn't make it obvious---I highly recommend this eye doctor's office!

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Michelle L.

This is a very no-frills office with a small waiting room and friendly staff. My boyfriend and I both scheduled exams together, and unfortunately had to wait a little to be seen, as the office appeared to be backed up. Dr. Vu was very personable and got down to business. It was probably one of the fastest eye exams ever, which I appreciated. She was great, and we'll be back the next time we need eye exams!

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