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Pearle Vision

Eyewear & Opticians

11001-B Lee Highway Fairfax, VA
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Lily B.

Really Deceptive Advertising.

I drove 30 minutes to go here because I had seen their commercial online for "Buy One Get One Free." Up to this point I had been impressed with them, because they said they'd be able to order a pair of RayBans for me that they didn't stock, but that I'd seen at a different glasses store.

Well, their two-for-one deal certainly isn't. My two glasses priced out around $700! I said - "uh, the second pair is supposed to be free," and they said "yes, you get $200 towards a second pair". Well, that isn't two for one. That is buy one, get $200 towards a second pair. Call it what it is.

You can't buy a complete pair of glasses there for $200.

Seeing that this offer was a joke, I walked out of there. I found another store that that could get me the exact two frames I wanted for under $400, and that's without a purported BOGO deal.

Their selection isn't great here to begin with, but their deceptive advertising is the kicker in why you should avoid this place.

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Nicole S.


Today I just happened to be walking past this Pearle Vision on my way home from the pharmacy. I have an exam tomorrow, and maybe I wasn't thinking clearly because of stress, but I thought it would be a good idea to get my glasses frame tightened so my glasses would stop falling off my face.

My glasses were loose. Besides that, there were a few scratches and the frame was a little less shiny than when I first bought it. But the glasses still served their purpose: namely, I could see out of them.

A few minutes after handing the technician my glasses for tightening, he handed them back to me and they no longer served their purpose. I could not see out of the left lens anymore. Now, there is a great big area of fine crackle patina on the left lens, bigger than a nickle in radius, creating a great big blur in my vision. As it happens, the blur is exactly at that spot one looks through when looking forward towards a computer screen. In other words, it will be very hard for me to study for (and read) my exam tomorrow.

Not only did the technician refuse to acknowledge the damage, but after some discussion, his best suggestion to me was that I wait till Friday for his boss to call me and possibly offer me new lenses at a yet-to-be-determined discount. So apparently Pearle Vision not only fails to empower their staff with the means to fix vision-impairing accidents as they happen, but the good sense to be honest and apologize for them immediately. And, I should pay them money for that.

You may be reading this and thinking, what kind of idiot walks into a random shop to have their glasses adjusted by some random stranger? Good question. As the technician informed me AFTER I pointed out the fine crackle patina, Pearle Vision would not be liable for any damages incurred in the "repair" of my frame. So in retrospect, I should have known better. It's just that having worked at an optician's shop myself many years ago, I am hard pressed to imagine how such severe heat damage could incur so quickly upon a lens, in such a way that a technician could completely fail to notice what was happening... let alone fail to own up for it afterwards and offer to ethically and reasonably compensate for this. But I am human. I make mistakes.

Yes, walking into this random Pearle Vision shop to get my glasses tightened may have been a foolish thing to do. Lesson learned. However, I suggest that anyone who reads this and thinks this Optician can properly handle more delicate work like making and fitting actual lenses may be equally foolish. I also suggest that anyone imagining this Pearle Vision will be motivated to address errors in their work- errors that some other business might take pride in fixing and perfecting- may need to get more than their eyes checked.

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Went here for an eye appointment and to get new glasses....the doctor was running over 30 minutes late. They kept telling me "another 10 minutes...." Very unprofessional shop and I finally ended up leaving after waiting 30 minutes and being told would be "soon"! Forget 'em!


Panner & Wen, P.C.

Optometrists, Eyewear & Opticians

7771 Ashton Ave Manassas, VA
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Paras G.

Dr wen is really sincere and easy to talk too. She goes above and beyond a normal
Eye exam to make sure your sight is perfect.

She checks focus and peripheral vision and ability to distinguish contrast as well as more.

Her office staff is helpful and friendly.


Providence Opticians

Eyewear & Opticians

1802 11th Street NW Washington, DC
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Vanessa B.

Kyle was friendly and helpful and extremely reasonably priced. He gave me no mumbo jumbo and fixed my frame quickly, for $5 and a smile. I will be going back! Hurrah for neighborhood opticians who care!


Perraut L Edward Jr MD

Optometrists, Ophthalmologists

5454 Wisconsin Ave Ste 1540 Chevy Chase, MD
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Alison T.

I am now a month out from my Lasik surgery, my vision is 20/15, and I have to say, it doesn't get any better then Dr. Perraut and his team!

I came to him after Dr. Perraut did a friends Lasik surgery 4 years ago, and she raved about her eyes and experience with him. I also did my own exhaustive research on him and he is one of the top 5% of Lasik surgeons, and also teaches it. And while I wanted to have this surgery for a long while, I was nervous about the procedure, after all it is yours eyes. I even went as far as scheduling a surgery date last year, and then chickened out.

So in January I finally met with Dr. Perraut and his team, to determine if I was even a candidate for the surgery, and I told myself if I wasn't feeling good vibes from the visit, I wasn't going through with it. But after meeting with him, and his patient consultant, Nancy, who has to be the sweetest woman on the planet, all worry went away. He thoroughly walked me through the procedure, really took his time to answer all my questions, I had a MILLION of them, and reassured me that I was a good candidate and that it would be fine. He even took me into the laser suite to see where the procedure is done.

On the day of my surgery, he carefully walked me through it step by step, told me what I would hear, etc. And before I knew it, it was over. The actual procedure is about 5 minutes per eye,and is 100% painless, he makes SURE you are completely numb before he does anything.

I've been back now for several post op appointments, and aside from a little dryness which at this point I really don't feel anymore, my eyes are amazing! I've worn glasses/contacts for more then half of my life, so it's a wonderful feeling to be able to see without any assistance. If I knew how easy the procedure would, and how great Dr. Perraut and his team were, I would have done this years ago.

So if you are thinking about having Lasik done, run , don't walk to see Dr. Perraut, it doesn't get any better!


Premier Optometric Services

Eyewear & Opticians, Doctors, Optometrists

1300 Edwards Ferry Rd NE Leesburg, VA
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Charlie T.

Convenient and nice value are how I would describe this office. Costco has the cheapest contact and glasses prices and I needed to update the prescription. The optometrist office next to Costco is small and clean. I was able to walk in and been examined right away. I've had ultra low price eye exams before and they barely examined me before rushing me out the door to herd the next cow into the room. So, to my relief, I was glad this was not the case here. Doctor Bowen is nice enough and did a thorough job. Her waiting room had one other person waiting, but she still took her time to speak with me. That's always appreciated. Yelpers like a good value and this place fits that description.

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Bill C.

Dr Bowen does a great job and is very nice and professiona.I like going here also because I don't leave feeling like I was taken. My wife made the mistake of going to a random place in ashburn and was charged triple at the end without them tlelling her ahead of time. I don't have to worry about that here.

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