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Rana Iman, OD


9535 Braddock Rd Fairfax, VA
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joe g.

So my son broke his glasses for the 3rd time this year and instead of going to the regular place his mom takes him to, I decided to go local. First called and spoke to a very kind lady by the name of Jimmie. I explained to her what had happened to my sons glasses and she said that she could maybe save the glasses but would need to see them first. So my son and I drove to the office. I was greeted like I was a regular by Jimmie. She asked to see my sons glasses. She then took it to the back room. While we waited my son and I browsed around and looked around the store. 5 mins later she came back and handed my son his glasses. It looked like it was never broken at all. I then asked if she can show us a few frames that my son liked. She was so helpful and took her time with us that we walked out of there buying two new pairs of glasses for him. She did such a awesome job that I highly recommend seeing her.


Ryden Optik


800 Pleasant Dr Rockville, MD
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Basilio T.

Nice and friendly business.
For the last 5 years, I take the whole family here for our eye exams and glasses/contacts needs. They always do an excellent job.

We don't waste time wih sales people tring to upsell nor do we wait in lines to be seen. We show up at the appointment time, the doctor takes care of us immediately and we don't feel like we are in a production line.

They have helped understanding the benefits for the optical insurances we have had in the past. They deal directly with the insurance companies so we don't have any paper work to worry about.

Strongly recommend this facility

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Gil L.

Dr. Thai was so kind, a truly plea sent experience from start to finish. No hard sell, she was a real professional thru and thru. Her recommendations were all in the best interest if... ME, the patient! Unbelievable! When we were done with the exam, I looked through her selection. When she did not have the magnetic clip- on sunglasses that I wanted, she simply gave me the prescription and recommended I search elsewhere. No pressure, no hard sell, very pleasant and gracious. It was clear that she cared more for what was best for the patient than her cash register. A rare find these days. I'll be returning to her for my future eyeglass needs.

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Morgan C.

Dr. Thai was very friendly and thorough during the eye exam, which put me at ease. She didn't try to upsell me other products and services either. You know the feeling of ease you feel - not having to watch your back, in an eye doctor's "store."

I deducted a star because Dr. Thai was not able to match the Costco price. She gave me two weeks of daily lens to try. I just went back this morning and had her write me the prescription so I can purchase the lenses at Costco or somewhere else.


Robert C Hsieh, Md


6510 Kenilworth Ave Riverdale, MD
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T R.

I'm in Lanham for 2 weeks (home is CT). Before I left home yesterday, my eye was very red and puffy-because it was Sunday, I had to go to a walk in clinic to get my eye checked out. The MD told me I had conjunctivitis, gave me drops and an antibiotic. I took them and then left for Lanham in the afternoon. Last night my eye hurt-I took the drops, went to sleep and woke up to my eye throbbing this morning, in Lanham.

My colleague broke out the YP directory and found an ad for Dr. Hsieh. I called the office, the gal who answered the phone was very nice and able to squeeze me in as an emergency. When I arrived at the office, I walked in and although a little dated looking, I was so grateul they were able to see me. I was quickly escorted to a patient room and within minutes, a super friendly and smiling Dr. Hsieh walked in and greeted me warmly. I had seen a couple of old reviews online about his office and they did not do him justice.

Dr. Hsieh is funny, warm, decisive and thoughtful. If I were local to this area, he would be my go to doc for my eyes.

Thanks Dr. Hsieh! I hope you see this!!!!

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Melissa D.

Funny, patient, and very helpful


Richard M Davidson, OD


8025 Tysons Corner Ctr Mc Lean, VA
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Lourdes T.

First time patient. He not only squeezed me in even though it was only 20 minutes before he was due to close, he also did not rush my exam! I was absolutely delighted that he was mindful of my questions (I have a background in medicine and have researched a bit on my eye health in the past), and he answered them as succinctly and thoroughly as I needed. Dr. Davidson was just as thorough with his exam with me as a new patient. There were no pressure tactics as a previous reviewer commented. Having met Dr. Davidson in person, I don't even see where the previous reviewer got that he hated his job because Dr. Davidson was nothing but patient and thorough coupled with genuine care with me. I appreciated the time, patience, consideration, and expertise he lent with me as a last minute addition to his day. I would most certainly recommend him and would return to his practice. Top notch clinical provider from a fellow clinician.

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Barbara H.

I have seen Dr. Davidson for three years now and I will keep my review honest and short - he is THE best, the best Doctor, person, professional and I am a very difficult patient. Dr. Davidson is so thorough and so good yet is personable and caring,never even remotely rude, unprofessional, etc AND he has an excellent sense of humor. His reception area is small but he schedules his appointments such that there is never a wait and I have NEVER experienced a rude front desk person in my three years. Dr. Davidson has never even held against me my numerous "no shows" and THAT is amazing. You will love having Dr. Davidson take care of your eyes.

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S G.

This doctor is rude, impatient, arrogant, and tried to make me feel stupid for not knowing what I wanted for my contacts even though it was my first time ever getting contacts and glasses. He made it seem like answering my questions was a huge burden and wasteful of his time.
When he did the eye exam and would ask which of the two options made me see clearer (with the little machine thing), you could see the rage in his face if I took too long to answer or asked him to repeat or go slower. It wasn't until I went to a new doctor that I realized he wasn't just pressuring me, but also trying to get through the exam absurdly fast.
The receptionists I encountered were always unprofessional and never knew what was going on. When I needed a new prescription for my contacts after 6 months I gave him a second chance but I had the same horrible experience as the previous two times I had seen him. He seems to hate his job and people in general. Don't go.

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Edward B.

Great eye doctor and staff

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Ducci N.

The best doctor that has ever taken care of me. This review is long overdue.
Sadly I don't live in the area anymore and am paying the price when it comes to my yearly eye exams. For over 10 years, Dr. Davidson has thoroughly and comprehensively examined my eyes and vision. It is never routine with him and he makes sure that any and all issues are addressed--never rushing.
He has a very warm demeanor and it shows that he cares. Unlike the other reviewer, I've never seen the office in disarray in my over 10 years there. I only have one low point to mention, and that was when he told me I shouldn't box anymore due to my over-stretched retina.
I hope to visit him again when I'm back east.

Addendum - Wow, I just read the one filtered review. Sounds BOGUS to me. In over TEN years there I've never experienced a bad receptionist, dirty office, an angry Dr. Davidson (??), pressure to use Sterling, or hidden charges. I actually have to have additional testing done due to high pressure in my eyes and he always gives me the option, along with the full information that I need. Thank you, I rest my case.


Retina Consultants PC

Optometrists, Ophthalmologists

6410 Rockledge Dr Ste 400 Bethesda, MD
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Dee B.

I've been genetically cursed with poor vision. So poor that over a year ago my optometrist (the great Dr. Glenn - see my review) recommended I see a retinal specialist. If a person is very nearsighted, their retina has a greater possibility of tearing or even detaching.

So, every 6 months I see Dr. David Parver, who practices with Retina Consultants. I really should give him 4 stars, as he's a good doctor, the office and staff are nice. But I dislike going to see him. It involves eye drops, getting my eyes dilated and then having a very bright light shined into my eyes. Of course, after dilation, my eyes are super light sensitive, and I have to sit in the dimly lit office for a while before I can comfortably leave and drive.

In case I haven't scared you off, and if you would never need a retinal specialist, I would recommend Dr Parver or any of his colleagues.

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