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The Eye Center


Merrifield, 8316 Arlington Blvd Fairfax, VA
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Shannon A.

Absolutely the worst experience ever This so-called Doctor treats his patients like meat. The day of my surgery there were over 15 patients in the lobby all waiting. I was given some medication and told to wait in the lobby. When it was finally my 'turn', he was unapologetic and just wanted to make sure I signed all waivers so he wouldn't be sued later on. What a scumbag.

Its obvious he is only in it for the money and tries to herd in customers like cattle and handle as many patients as possible. There are so many other places that do a better job. DO NOT GO HERE.

If you have to wait 3 hours for surgery imagine what follow-up visits are like??!?!

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Sam B.

I had iLasik at The Eye Center this past February. I previously read some of the reviews about The Eye Center and wanted to wait long enough to give an accurate review in case anything had gone wrong in the past 6 months.

So here we are, a little over six months after getting Lasik. I had worn glasses everyday since I was 12. Shortly after my 31st birthday, I decided to look into Lasik procedures. I chose this doctor because its location was convenient and I had previously heard good things about them. I went to the office for a consultation and exam and was given the "okay" to get Lasik if I chose. At no time did the Eye Center pressure me or try to hard sell me. They laid out the options and prices, gave me an information packet and said if I chose to go through with it, the quote was valid for a few weeks (I want to say 30 days but I may be off).

Two or three weeks later, I decided to go through with it and called them to schedule the procedure. The morning of the procedure, I had to wait a little longer than I expected which made me a little anxious. However, once I got started, the entire procedure only took about 15 minutes. I declined the Valium because I usually don't take medicine unless absolutely necessary. But going through the procedure was one of the easiest things I've ever done. The scariest part was when your vision goes dark for a few seconds even though your eyes are open. But it's completely painless.

My procedure wrapped up around 1pm. I wasn't able to see anything for a few hours because my pupils were dilated and everything was bright and blurry. Instead, I took a nap and when I woke up around 5pm, I had no issues seeing clearly. And in the past six months, I have had no negative effects.

Someone wrote in an earlier review that missing an annual eye exam "apparently" voided their warranty. I'm not sure how anyone can miss that. When you sign the warranty paperwork, it says in bold letters that missing any appointment will void the warranty.

If anyone is considering Lasik, I'd definitely recommend the Eye Center. The staff have been extremely friendly and the follow up exams have been 5-10 minutes long (following day, following week, following month, etc.). The price is a little higher than other places but I classify this as one of those "you get what you pay for" instances.

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Courtney F.

What a rude and patronizing appointment person. I won't attempt to call again for another appointment. WOW

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Mtsjunk J.

This people have no respect for your time. Ask you to arrive an hour early to have u wait for two more hours. Avoid this place

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Anna B.

I had surgery here in my early twenties. I thought it would be a good investment and banked on the place not going out of business and got the life-time guarantee.

My vision was fantastic for a couple of years. It was truly amazing to see the world in such detail and I was very happy. However, my eyesight just got worse and worse each year. I missed an annual eye exam which apparently voided my lifetime guarantee (why I don't know since it did not affect the surgery I'd had!). So that warranty was a complete waste of money.

The surgery itself was not worth it either. 10 years later I wear glasses or lenses on a daily basis and certainly couldn't drive without them.

Given the insidious small print and the fact that the amazing vision is short lived I would not recommend Lasik to anyone. I'd wait and see what the people who write wonderful reviews think in a couple of years. :( It was fun while it lasted.


True Eyecare

Optometrists, Eyewear & Opticians

6015A Wilson Blvd Arlington, VA
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James L.

I found this business by accident, when I was visiting a cleaner next door. It is located in a small strip mall across from the Dominion Hills pool. I had lost my glasses and was leaving on a trip. Dr. My-Hahn Trieu gave me an exam, and they then made a new pair of glasses on the spot, for $99 including the frame and the lens. A few months later I returned with a problem with one of temples. I take my glasses on-and-off frequently, and they take a fair amount of punishment. Dr. Trieu gave me a new frame, free on the 1 year warranty, and I was out of the shop in a couple of minutes. I highly recommend you consider this place for eye exams. The selection of new frames is not huge, but in my case, I found a pair I liked for a good price, and had everything done in less than an hour.

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michelle y.

I take my parents every year to get their eye exams and glasses and can i tell you it is one of the most excruciating experiences ever, that is until I found this office and Dr. T. The place my parents used to go to United Optical in Alexandria which closed a few years back, thank goodness, so I had to search for a new place that was accepted by their insurance. I was weary with it being in a small strip mall but it is down the street from my parents' house so we gave it a go.

I can't tell you how much I love the place. The selection does not look to be so big but it is big enough and they carry such a wide range of styles and designers so it works. The best part though is Dr. Trieu who is kind, patient, has a good sense of humor AND is knowledgeable as well. She actually listens to what you are saying, she even does the glass fittings at times and will also suggest better frames if the ones that you picked are not quite right.

The reason why I hate taking my parents is that for some reason their glasses were always ill fitting and usually accompanied by another trip to the office to try and adjust them and then still not fitting and my dad trying to adjust them and breaking them etc. Every year, year after year. My parents are Korean and so I go so for the language reason. My dad gets mad feeling like the people do not listen to him, my mom complains for any reason that she can find, nightmare I tell you. Well after finding True Eyecare the visits are actually pleasant and both parents' love, love their glasses and find that they fit super well. The bifocals are perfectly lined up, the frames do not pinch, etc. They also look great. I don't know what else to say other than Thank you!

I am surprised that there are not more positive reviews but that may be b/c a lot of the patients that I see there are Vietnamese speaking families with kids and adults so maybe not exactly the yelping population.


Target Optical

Eyewear & Opticians

1200 Edwards Ferry Rd Leesburg, VA
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Alexa M.

I have had excellent experiences here over the last 5 years. I've been coming here since 2009. I have brought one of my kids here as well.

The O.D.s Dr. Gage and Dr. Bierly are excellent. I typically see Dr. Gage but I have also seen Dr. Bierly. They are thorough and complete; they do not rush the exam and are very careful with recommendations.

The eyeglass part of the store is also good. I have never had a problem with them and I have used them a few times. They are honest about how long it will take and also seem to try to really help you pick out glasses that are right for you.

I would highly recommend this optometry practice and store.

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Hope C.

Dr. Marsha Gage is amazing! She sees my entire family. She is always thorough and patient. Best eye exam I have ever had and she fits us in on Saturdays.

The ladies in the store to help with glasses and contacts are always there to help me. They always make sure we are getting the best use of insurance and their sales. They have great brand names and the newest styles.

I would recommend everyone give them a try.


The Eye Center

Optometrists, Laser Eye Surgery/Lasik

44055 Riverside Pkwy Leesburg, VA
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Kim F.

This post is in regards to the Leesburg location. Over the past several years my elderly mother has gone to The Eye Center for her regular eye examines. A couple of years ago at age 79 she begin to experience trouble seeing out of one of her eyes. She called The Eye Center in July and expressed her symptoms, condition and her change in vision. The reception informed her that the earliest they could see her was September. Trusting that this medical staff had her best at heart - after all she had been a patient for many years, she scheduled the appointment for September. That September she went to The Eye Center to learn that she had advanced stages of AMD in her one eye. She was immediately referred to a retina special - her condition was so advance, that a same day appointment to the retina specialist was required. The outcome became that she lost the eye sight in her right eye. The retina specialist told her if she had come sooner he could have saved or save a portion of her vision. As the months have gone along, my mother has faithfully gone to the retina specialist every six weeks for regular checks on her eyes and for careful watch of her AMD. She has also gone to The Eye Center for regular vision check ups. A week ago my mother went to The Eye Center for one of these regular visits and learned that she had high pressure in both of her eye's and the early stages of glaucoma. The Eye Center doctor showed absolutely NO sign of urgency and scheduled a follow up appointment for a month later. This was even after my mother expressing her concern of saving her ONE good eye. Fortunately, my mother had an appointment with her retina special a week later. He too was concerned over the pressure in her eye. My mother shared with him the outcome of her visit to the doctor at The Eye Center. The retina specialist was so alarmed at the lack of urgency to tend the only good eye she had that he referred her to another doctor, specialist. I'm relived to say that this doctor was amazing and could NOT understand why any reputable doctor would delay treatment of glaucoma when there is only one eye left to save. As of today my mother has started eye drops, canceled her future follow up appointment with The Eye Center and will never return. I urge anyone who reads this post to give great thought and consideration to your eye care. You only have one set of eyes and this place does NOT fine that important. Proceed with great caution!!!

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GoodDay S.

Dr. Pearlman is decent, but if you care about office staff or time of wait - don't go here.

One lab tech is great (the one I saw) the other is NOT (who my husband saw last time). Most importantly, the front desk ladies, are very unprofessional.

Status: They over charge you, you tell them, they don't verify, they still over charge you, you go back to get your refund, and they sing "she's baaackkk"...

Consider yourself 'not a valued customer' who just got disparaged behind your back without fair cause. (Mind you, they over charged me! If you don't mind being over charged these days, AND being talked about behind your back - go on it for your eye exam.)

Dr. Pealman - be advised your front office staff is not helping your business. And neither are you based on the letter you sent me after your staff behaved this way.


The Eye Center

Optometrists, Ophthalmologists

4900 Seminary Rd Alexandria, VA
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R R.

Terrible experience, wish I had read the reviews of their other VA locations. I called ahead of time to verify that I had insurance money left this calendar year to cover contacts. First receptionist said yes, and that my eye exam would be fully covered as well as my contacts. I went ahead and booked, as otherwise would have just ordered contacts online. Upon arrival to my appt, the receptionist told me that I had no credit available and showed a different date for my last re-order than the first receptionist (could have been the same person for all I know). After several questions from me, she realized that I DID in fact, have partial credit (not full like one person said, or none like she originally said).

Doctor was 45 minutes late. She had no clue what type of contacts I had ordered the previous two years from them, which was important since I wanted to go back to my original kind. I would think that would be an important bit of information for a doctor to have. She then told me there was a "contact lens fitting" fee of $60 in addition to my co pay for the eye exam. Told her I was never informed of that and I had specifically called to find out the charges before booking, and she said, "well it gets very confusing for them". I still have no clue how I was "fit" for contacts....I wore my own in, wore my own out, and never tried on any others. She never looked in my eyes when had my contacts in. Oh, but she was kind to quote me different prices on 30 and 90 day supplies of various contacts.

Then, she wanted to know how old my glasses were....which I never wear. And of course, asked if I was interested in buying a pair. At least she did say that if I don't wear them much, there really wasn't a "need" to.

Normally I would be okay with the actual eye exam since it was very quick and my eyes don't typically change year to year. However, given this experience, it makes me realize I read a total of 4 lines (2 per eye) and then had drops put in to look for glaucoma. Probably not the most thorough exam.

And then when placing my order for contacts with the doctor, she says it is $25 to have them sent to my home! I said to forget it and I would just order them online where they will ship them for free.

When I complained at the front desk about the additional charge and said I would not sign the credit card receipt, the receptionist told me I "had" to since she had swiped the card. I wrote on the receipt that I would be contesting the unauthorized charge for services not rendered.

This place is all about the money and not patient care, and I felt like it was a bait and switch with the "fitting" charge.

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J R.

I arrived at 3:15 for a 3:30 appointment. When I was not seen by 3:50, I told the desk that obviously they had overbooked, and that they should call me to reschedule, when they can keep the appointment. I will not be back.

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