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A A.

I've been wearing contacts for over 10 years and within that time frame, I have never come across an optometrist as dense as Mr. Schneid.

1st visit: My first visit at this Uptown Vision office was towards the end of May for a general contact lens evaluation (general protocol is 1 appointment) and some inflammation within my eyes. Upon leaving I was under a satisfactory presumption that Mr. Schneid properly took down my optics for my eye and wrote down an appropriate prescription medicine for my eyes. I pay my $60 copay.

2nd visit: One week later (initial week of June) I came into Uptown Vision to pick up and test out my initial trial lens which were ordered. In a haste, Dr. Schneid hands me the 7 day trial daily lens' and requests I come back in 1 week. (I have never EVER seen an optometrist simply a patient a box of contacts without evaluating them on their eyes prior to leaving). I insist I do not want to leave without trying the lens' on. After trying the trial lens' on I noticed that my visual acuity is blurry and I cannot see objects or text from afar. I point this out to Mr. Schneid and he blames this on the fact that my eyes were still inflamed (which they were not at this point anymore). Dr. Schneid insists I take the trials and come back within another week AND continue my steroid eye drops (Lotemax). In the meantime, Dr. Schneid was ordering another set of lens'.

3rd visit: I heeded Mr. Schneids advice and continued to take the eye drops, 2x a day until my third appointment. On this visit, the next set of lens' were also blurry. I bring this to the attention of Dr. Schneid again, who attempts to belittle me with his demeaning tone and posture. Mr. Schneid re-evalutes my eyes and and determines that the prescription has changed once again. I decide to halt the numerous alterations in my prescription and request that Mr. Schneid simply order my older set of contacts (which i've happily been using for the past 3 years). Mr. Schneid informs me that he will be on vacation for the next few weeks but will have the lens' ordered. While attempting to leave Mr. Schneids secretary attempts to bill me for $70 (2 co-payments). I insist this is robbery and that the Dr. is attempting to loot me for my money since none of the contacts thus far fit. (Wouldn't you agree? - Why should one pay copayment if the job of the doctor has not properly been performed). I decide to mediate the situation and meet in the middle and pay an additional $35. Total = $95. The doctor keeps insisting I use my drops.

4th visit. (Doctor is on vacation). When I go to pick up my contacts, I noticed the prescription was correct but the size was not. When attempting to remove my contacts, they were stuck on like opposite magnets. The secretary sees my struggle and notates that the lens' must be re-fit once more and that Dr. Schneid would re-evaluate my eyes upon his return. (After secretary speaks with Dr. Schneid who is on vacation, she informs me that he would be available in the first week of July - At this point my tone is upset since it's been 4 weeks and no sign of proper lens' ahead. I apologize to the secretary for my defensive attitude but explain this is not professional at all on behalf of Mr. Schneid.) - In addition, secretary informs me to continue Lotemax Eye Drops.

5th visit: Me and my wife are attempt to discuss the incorrect fit of the lens with Dr. Schneid. (I was under the presumption Dr. Schneid would re-evaluate my eyes but sadly I was not even admitted to the back) Immediately upon our arrival, Dr. Schneid once again challenges my knowledge of lens' and attempts to belittle me again in FRONT OF OTHER PAITENTS! After 10 minutes of bickering back and forth, my wife (who is livid at this point) intervenes on my behalf. My wife asks Dr. Schneid why he is so defensive and not willing to cooperate and assist me in finding the proper lens? Dr. Schneid immediately responds to my wife in an aggressive tone and I intervene in the middle and tell Dr. Schneid not to raise his voice since I was 'calm, collective and professional' the entire time. At this point Dr. Schneid STILL continues to challenge my opinion of the lens'...At this point (I must admit I snapped a bit), I tell him not to continue raising his voice at me or my wife since he would get on my bad side (any man would defend their wife from an argumentative man) . At the same time I point out to Dr. Schneid That I have been taking the Lotemax eye drops for up to 6 weeks (Online it says to use precaution after 10 days). At this point, Dr. Schneid tells me that my relationship is over and to seek advice elsewhere.

The only beneficial thing was when Dr. Schneid told me to seek medical advice elsewhere. After stopping the drops abruptly after 6+ weeks, my eyes are consistently now in pain. I'm afraid i'll have to start a medical malpractice lawsuit if my eyes don't improve.

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Robert G.

Got my contact lens presciption wrong once and my glasses prescription wrong twice. I've since gone elsewhere.

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P. N.

Dr. Schneid is amazing. I've been going to him for years now and he's never let me down. It is very easy to get an appointment here, and if you have an eye infection or some other urgent need, he is very accommodating. The staff is very helpful with glasses selection and they have a wide variety. The eye exams are very thorough and he is just a very friendly man. He is also very knowledgable about various insurance plans and will work to accomodate you. I have no complaints and would highly recommend Uptown Vision and the Takoma Park location.

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Andre D.

This place is okay. The doctor was nice and the two girls who work in the front are really sweet and helpful. The only problem I have is that they are very $$$. I bought eyeglasses for almost $300 then found exact same pair on line for only $100. That and the doctor seemed to rush my eye exam.

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R S.

Dr. Schneid is great. He is friendly, accommodating, not pushy, and remembers us from year to year. He squeezed in my daughter for an appointment when she lost her glasses. The office is convenient. I think they are expensive, but I pay a discounted price because I have insuranc.


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Rachel M.

I'm really just confused. I just went there for the first time. I entered and told the receptionist my name and was told to sit down. I wan't given anything to fill out and he didn't give anything to the doctor. I waited for 15 minutes even though the doctor was in her office alone and no one else was there. She refilled her tea. He (receptionist) told her that she had a patient waiting. She asked me why I didn't fill out my form (what form?). She told me I made the wrong kind of appointment because a regular vision exam does not include contacts. I tried to explain that I've been experiencing some irritation in my eyes but she quickly told me I was fine.

When the "exam" was over, I was told to sit down in the waiting room again. The receptionist told me their computers were down but they would call me when they were back up again so I could come back and sign forms, pay, etc. Had I known the doctor was barely going to look at me and that the computers were down in the first place, I would have just left. He told me to call when their computers were back up (but I thought he just said he would call me?) and then they would order contacts. Are you confused yet? I am too.


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Samantha D.

I went for my annual check-up and to get more contact lenses. I knew I was in trouble when I called to make an appointment and the receptionist was rude and took a long time. He explained that they were using a new system and that they were still getting used to it. And that he'd have to take all of my information before he could even tell me what availability was.

When I finally came in for my 9:00 AM appointment (their first available was 2 weeks later), the staff came in right at 9:00 AM and none of their computers were on yet so we had to wait. Overhearing the conversation between the eye doctor and receptionist it was clear that they were still learning a lot of things and operations were far from smooth. There were 2 of us with a 9:00 AM appointment and I was rudely told by the doctor that my appointment was actually at 9:50 and that I'd have to wait.

At that point, I left. They'll probably screw up everything anyway... Especially when it came to charging my insurance. No thanks. I'd prefer to avoid that hassle.

Ownership must have changed since I was there a year ago because it was a great eye doctor's office then. I didn't recognize any of the staff this time. Definitely a different optometrist. To be fair they seemed to be rude to everyone.

Stay away as far as possible.

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Amanda W.

My dad and I went there the other day. They were great and very helpful. Both the manager and the doctor were very attentive. We will be using them going forward!!!

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Josh K.

Had never been in before and came in to get my glasses repaired. They were incredibly nice and did a great job for no charge. Looked around and try had a great selection. Will definitely come back when it comes time for a new pair!

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Jennifer F.

I think United Optical is the best. Linda Kintu is very knowledgeable. She also makes sure that the glasses look good on your face. She had me try on several pairs and took pictures of me wearing each pair and then I made my decision. She is very professional and cares about the customer and is very detail oriented!

She welcomes everyone that comes in the door. She always meets a customer's needs. If someone needs an eye exam and/or needs glasses, I recommend that you go to United Optical in Silver Spring!