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1003 Fairlawn Ave Laurel, MD
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Erica C.

I have been to this office about many times in the last 9months and have had 2 eye exams, purchased 2 pairs of glasses and got contacts for the first time. I have had a good experience every time. They are usually very busy but seem to be well staffed. They have fixed issues I have had quickly and without a bunch of drama. I would recommend this office to anyone in the area.

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Amy B.

I had a different experience from the other reviewer, but this could be because I came in for a different issue. I had an ongoing eye infection for three weeks. I needed to see someone on a Saturday. This Hour Eyes opens an hour earlier than a lot of places do on Saturdays (9am rather than 10am) and I was able to quickly get an appointment.

The doctor quickly confirmed that I had an eye infection, gave me a prescription for eye drops, and had me schedule a follow up.

So, I am grateful to have a place this close to my house that has such good hours. The Pearle Vision across the street didn't have a doctor in until Monday.

The only downside is that this place doesn't take my insurance and so I have to submit the receipt for a reimbursement.

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Ralph K.

I always come here to get my eyes checks by Dr Barry Sapperstein. Great Dr!! The staff are cool too, I just don't like the frames that this place offers. You might like them though, so you never know until you go see for yourself.

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M T.

I brought a new eyeglass prescription here to pick out frames, not wanting to spend an exorbitant amount of money. If my past actions are any prediction of my future actions, there's a good chance I'll step on these at some point.

Hour Eyes had a good selection of frames but I quickly found that the ones readily available to try on were not going to work out for me and I had to move to the glass cases. That got kind of annoying since I wanted to try a lot on and had to have the girl hand me each pair. Plus, is it really necessary to have brands Candies and Jones New York behind a glass case? It's not like I'm trying to buy a pair of Armani glasses or anything.

I finally found a pair in the Guess section and got a call 8 days later that they were ready for pick up. I asked the girl at the counter to adjust them so they fit right on my face. She obviously had no idea what she was doing, at first bending the glasses from the middle before her manager came over to bend the glasses from the arms.

They didn't spend much time at all trying to make sure the glasses fit on me and since I was in a rush, I didn't pay much attention, assuming they were now fine. My bad. Here I am, sitting at my desk, wearing crooked glasses. Guess I'll be making another trip to Hour Eyes, hopefully this time they can get it right.

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Lisa M.

Only one girl was working the front desk when I came, and the phones were ringing. Someone asked how come you are not answering the phone. She took at least 2 calls before helping me. Then, told another customer we help customers in store first. Then, another person started to help me then said "o they were recalled" really? Then she helps another person why helping me...I find this very very rude. She finally said they were recalled because Acuve isn't selling the six box anymore so we sent them back. Well this the only place I cannot get the six pack. If they are not selling it anymore don't say they were recalled.. I was also told it would it would take 10 days to get in. When I first started coming here everyone was friendly now they are not. They lost a customer.



Eyewear & Opticians

Tysons Corner, 8359 Leesburg Pike Vienna, VA
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Craig F.

If I could give ten stars I would. Dr. Kraft was outstanding and extremely professional. I will never go to another eye doctor again. Went over and beyond with his services and will be forever gratefull for him taking the time to explain to me the effects of diabetes on everything not just my vision.

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Kimmy L.

My little brother needed contact lenses and an eye exam. This place is a great one-stop shop for vision needs because they have tons of glasses and contacts in stock so you can get your eyewear needs immediately. Very convenient and they match competitor prices too.

It was incredibly easy to make an appointment and the optometrist who gave his eye exam was really sweet. She is great with kids and very patient. All of my siblings have had great experiences here. Our appointments are always on time and completed in less than 45 minutes.

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B O.

I'd recently bought prescription glasses and sunglasses here. I found the selection to be good (they even had rimless), the service was good, and the prices were competitive (although I always feel that prescription glasses are overpriced). The only downside regarding selection was that a lot of the frames were made in China, which I've generally found for other products to be a bit inferior in quality, but we'll see how these hold up.

After the glasses were ready, I tried them on and noticed that the vision in the left eye was a bit off. After wearing them for a couple weeks, I got a followup eye exam and realized that my prescription had worsened significantly over the nearly 12 months since I'd last gotten my eyes checked. Even though it was no fault of Visionworks, they honored their return policy and are presently making two new pair for me. They were really nice about it. In fact, they even fixed my old pair of glasses (that I'd bought from a competitor) while I waited.

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Jack D.

Horrible Service. The person helping me with the glasses was extremly rude. And when I came to pick up glasses a week later, they were the wrong ones and another employee kept on insisting that they were right.

Do not come here there are definitely many better places!

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Lauren S.

Terrible service. I came in just to replace a warranty. Waited 35 minutes until I finally went up and said something. It then took only 10 mins to get everything done.
Very unorganized



Optometrists, Eyewear & Opticians

11110 Mall Cir Waldorf, MD
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Kyle S.

All I can say is-Do they even want your business?

I called there at 10:15am on a Monday that was not a national holiday to check if my prescription was still valid to get contacts. After being put on hold for five minutes the woman came back on the phone and said she would have to call me back. So, I gave her my number I waited about an hour for a callback. After no one called I drove over there and there was but one customer in the store with four employees sitting around.

Now, this happened to me after being a customer there before. Even my first visit was like this. If you want information from them--Good luck, it's better to just drive there and speak to someone in person. They don't write down your phone number to call you back and wait for you to call them back.

Needless to say, I'm in the market for a new eye doctor.

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Martell G.

This is my eye place. I usually don't buy eyewear(i like crazier frames) but, I do purchase my contacts from here. The staff is great. You will get a new girl every now and then...she will make the visit more entertaining for you(not the doctor LOL)but, everyone has always has as great attitude. They are very engaging, neat, and busy.


Making an appointment is very easy never had any issues with that, you can even walk in...if you happen to do a walk-in, do it early or you will regret it.


There is a nice selection of frames, from some well known names. Don't go in looking for Dior, Chanel or Versace...Try somewhere else. If you are looking for a good pair of affordable glasses this is the place. The do accept several types of vision insurance and they also offer a very nice discount to those with out it...a very nice one.

This location is near Macy's, on the lower level of the mall, plenty of parking


Go Early!!! lol

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James D.

Sooooo... It turns out they didn't ship it. I got a call saying that it was still at the store?! Today is monday. So i went and picked it up myself and drove an hour and a half. Very friendly when i arrived if not overly friendly. I came in calm and collective, no use in wasting energy on poor customer service. I thanked them and left and will not be coming back.

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Elissa L.

They were ok as Hour Eyes but I haven't had a positive experience since they became Visionworks. The doctors are alright but the rest of the staff is extremely rude. They are always misleading when it comes to pricing and coverage. I've heard similar complaints from everyone I know who goes here, but the general consensus is "they take my insurance and there's nowhere else to go". I'm definitely looking for a new place to buy contacts where I won't be treated like an inconvenience to the staff.

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Ali R.

This place does get packed but if you schedule an appt. you won't have to wait too long. The best time to go is in the afternoon. The receptionist aren't too good with the phone but are nice in person. Is it the best customer service? Not really but they have great specials and prices and again as long as you have an appt it will be a decent experience.


Visual Eyes


8931 Woodyard Rd Clinton, MD
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Janine H.

This place is so ghetto and overpriced, I would never ever go there again. I went in for an exam and contacts. The contacts hurt my eyes really bad. I was looking at frames, not to mention that the frames are very over priced. I got a copy of my prescription and went somewhere else. When I went to the other office, I could not get any glasses because visual eyes charged me for contacts that i did not order or receive. I had to go through a lot of trouble to get the charges reversed. I wouldn't go there if it was free. Very unprofessional staff.

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Malia V.

Had to wait for a bit, and it was clear they had not registered that I wanted an eye exam though I spent a long period of time on the phone giving all my insurance info and confirming this before arriving. Staff were helpful and doctor was very thorough -- really cool equipment that assesses prescription initially. Very frustrating that they would not give me my prescription though I had requested it and did not note they could do so after booking a return visit until I called back. They were intent that I purchase contact lenses through them rather than be able to order them online -- just don't have the time to do so.



Optometrists, Eyewear & Opticians

Pentagon City, 1100 S Hayes St Arlington, VA
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Chris M.

Awful in so many ways. Let me count them.

(1) Confounding insurance and pricing system. You might go in thinking you know what to expect to pay, but be prepared for unpleasant surprises! They will all come after you've elected to use Hour Eyes and have already taken the eye exam, naturally.

(2) Having contacts mailed to you is apparently reserved for orders beyond a certain amount. Why? That makes no sense. Every other place I've been to will gladly ship them regardless of amount.

(3) Lousy customer service. First of all, they tell you they'll call you when the lenses have been delivered (so you can bring in your frames and have them cut and inserted). They never called. I had to call Hour Eyes after a long period of time passed; turned out they had the lenses but never bothered to notify me as promised. On top of that, it turned out the first lenses had a scratch, so they had to reorder a new set. Again I waited for their call, which never came. Called them myself after waiting beyond the expected 10 days, and surprise! The lenses had just been sitting there.

(4) Crappy installation of lenses. The first set of lenses they installed (the ones with the scratch) were put in the frames in such a way that they click out of alignment somehow and make the frames crooked on my face again and again. I have had these frames for several years, with multiple lenses over time, and never once had this problem before. Also, the lenses stick out from the frames and do not look well-fitted. I am hoping the second set (to replace the scratched ones) are installed better, but at this point I have little confidence in that.

All in all, the staff at this place are grossly incompetent. They apologize for their many mistakes but then continue to make them. Never going back.

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Jim M.

I was in and out of this place pretty quickly for contact lenses. Doctor was professional with the exam. I recommend this place.

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H. G.

I went in to this Hour Eyes about 5 years ago. It was fine, doctor was fine, considering it's an optometrist in a mall, got my prescription for contacts, and have been reordering them successfully through 1-800-CONTACTS ever since. I know my prescription hasn't changed as I've been wearing glasses since I was 7 and know when I need to go in. I've had no problems with my eyes and even went to see another optometrist about a year ago who confirmed it, but I didn't like the brand of contacts she prescribed as much as the ones on my Hour Eyes prescription, so I went back to those.

Today, I realized I was on my last pair of contacts. No biggie, put in an order through 1-800-CONTACTS online, and received a call from a very apologetic woman there, who said that Hour Eyes was refusing to authorize the prescription because it has just been "too long" and I need to come in. Now, I understand that, but when you're not giving me any advance notice, I'm going to be traveling for work for most of the next few weeks, and I'm not going to have a chance to get in anywhere before I run out of contacts, that's a problem. Since they've had no problems authorizing me for the last FIVE YEARS, the 1-800-CONTACTS woman called them, explained, and asked them to authorize one last renewal. They said no. So then I called them, explained, and asked them to authorize one last renewal. The woman on the phone said no and said I should consider myself lucky because usually the doctor won't authorize a renewal after a month (???) has gone by.

So now, thank you Hour Eyes, I am screwed. I have to either try and take a morning off work assuming I can get an appointment (somewhere that is not Hour Eyes) before I leave, or end up wearing my glasses to client meetings. Awesome.

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David J.

After almost $1500 in business I'm certain I'll not visit again. I should of known better after getting my son's glasses made there. We had the prescription already and knew some people who worked there but I guess poor management overwhelms even the best employee intentions. His glasses were repeatedly delayed due to problems with Hour Eyes changing back end labs. That may be the case but a 2 month delay and no update calls or clear information when we called, that's unreasonable regardless.
Nonetheless when I needed new glasses because mine broke and my old pair was several exams out of date I went back, again thinking the good employees I knew would over come the "back office lab" mistakes. After all they changed to another lab - right? Wrong.
First the 2 for one deal wasn't that great especially since they dropped the price in their ads later on. Second, as it turns out not only was the prescription wrong but the "new" lab made them wrong on one pair. With the new prescription however both pair had to go back. Funny the lab's QC didn't find the bad make the first time. I had to call to find out what was going on repeatedly and never got good answers till I went in person even after they were returned to the lab for a remake. Strange when I called the first time to say the glasses were wrong they tried to tell me different - I just needed to wear them long enough to get used to them. I've worn glasses my whole life - I know when they are wrong. Nonetheless when I convinced them they needed to be rechecked and even though they say they take walk in's I had to wait and make an appointment. Sure enough when reexamined the prescription was wrong. I've still not tried the contacts I got and they didn't bother to check that prescription but I'm so over I guess I'll just eat that cost. So much for a money saving deal.
Any way I finally got the correct prescription and glasses - both pair but only after 6-8 weeks of frustration and repeated calls the last one being to their corporate HQ. At least that yielded some results - from there but not the store. Management there still never took any proactive steps to address the issue or to communicate with me.
It's true all they care about is the initial sale. Don't look for any customer focus or service.
Stay away. There are others out there better and cheaper.

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Magic Mark L.

I needed new glasses so, since I was at the pentagon city mall i figured I would try here...

They have the typical eyeglass place scam going. You know, by one get one free and the frames seem reasonably priced, so you end up saying sure, why not... But they always get you on the lenses. My eyes aren't even that bad, but I ended up dropping over $500 for the 2 much for a good deal.

But my disappoint with this place doesn't come from just the price. I probably would have sucked it up if the transaction went smoothly. But I was heading out to Korea in 4 days and wanted the new glasses for the trip. They have to send out the lens order to their lab in Texas. I asked if they could rush it and they told me they would try -- it took 6 weeks!! One of the frames broke later...

The staff is overly subdued.

And of the managers (not the GM, she is nice) is rude.

Bad place. Don't go.

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