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Wood Opticians

Eyewear & Opticians

10400 Connecticut Ave Kensington, MD
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Wendy L.

This is the second time I stopped by Wood Opticians for help with my frames. They found a matching nose cushion thing to replace the missing one. Once again, no charge and they even gave me a free bottle of lens cleaner. My next pair of glasses will be purchased here.

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Tom C.

None better.

But they're not cheap.


Wilmer Eye Center

Ophthalmologists, Laser Eye Surgery/Lasik

7315 Wisconsin Ave Bethesda, MD
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Chaz C.

Caring staff and doctors. Nice clean office, very professional.

Parking unfortunately is terrible.


Wink Eyecare Boutique


1095 Seven Locks Rd Potomac, MD
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Monique S.

Love, Love this office! Very professional, appointments always on time, great staff. They make you feel like you are the only patient. Dr Cohn and Amy have a great talent picking out frames that fit your face. Fabulous glasses and sunglasses. Two thumbs up!

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Wiley L.

A great place for total eye care - it doesn't get any better. If you value your eyesight, want a great selection of frames, and are looking for a team that cares, then this is the place for you. Dr. Cohen uses the latest technology to examine your vision. They have extensive on-line capabilities, appointments are always on time, and follow-up care (if needed) is exceptional. I have been going to Wink for 3 years, have referred many friends, and everyone has had a positive experience.

After going to the "Box Eye Care" stores this is such a welcome relief.

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Jonathan M.

The best review is probably the email I sent to the doctor after my visit:

Dear Dr. Cohn,

I met with you on Tuesday of last week for a new prescription and wanted to send you an email reviewing my experience with your office.

First, I would like to mention that your staff is very friendly and helpful. My experience with them was very positive and you have built a very strong team there. My experience began taking a turn the moment I mentioned my desire to purchase glasses from an online vendor. Keeping in mind your explanation that your office has had a history of issues with online vendors, I found the approach from that point forward to be a bit pushy and salesy. This started when you explained that you would not do a PD test, thus making my effort to purchase glasses online that much more difficult. Instead, my wife had to do my PD test which resulted in 10 completely different readings and so I will probably end up with the wrong prescription when I receive them this week. I would have been happy to sign something that stated that I would not hold your office responsible if the PD reading did not work in my new glasses but I was not given that option. Instead, I left your office with an incomplete prescription that I then had to guess at myself. This does not give me a sense that you care about my vision and what is best for me. That may be your intent, since you do not want your patients buying poor quality glasses from online merchants. Instead, what comes across is that since I am not buying glasses from you, and thus providing you with that piece of my business, you will make it as difficult as you can for me to get my glasses elsewhere.

When I explained my above concerns with a member of your team on Thursday over the phone, they stuck to the story of issues with online providers for a bit. After a while, she admitted that your office must protect itself and so if I am not going to purchase glasses from you, then your office will not provide me with necessary information to get glasses elsewhere. This was interesting since it confirmed my suspicions.

I think it is very important that you hear this from your customers since it has caused my wife and I to decide to visit a different office in the future. My wife actually did purchase lenses from your office last year and so losing her has been a loss to your visit income and sale of glasses/lenses. We also plan to write a Yelp review so that others can benefit from our experience and know, ahead of time, that they will need to purchase glasses from you if they want a positive experience.

It is disappointing that I feel singled out due to my wife and I, really, just not having the money to afford your designer glasses. I understand that the quality of your selection is higher, but we are a 1-income family and money has been extremely tight and so we unfortunately have to go for the cheaper deal when we can. Business and revenue seems to be the bigger priority over my vision and comfort and for that, you have lost our business. This "buy from us or don't come" feeling that I am left with may work for high-income individuals from Potomac but we are young professionals just trying to make ends meet and I think it is important that you know that your current approach will not work with our demographic.


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Brittany M.

Update: I just called MyEyeDr in Bethesda to find out about scheduling an appointment, and they informed me that the exam costs $69, it will be covered by my Tricare insurance, and that they won't charge me if they can't determine my son's prescription.

I should have gone to MyEyeDr instead of Wink!

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David W.

Wink has great customer service! I have been going here for years and have always had a very positive experience. Everyone is very attentive, they take their time and treat me as if I am the most important customer they have that day.


Walmart Vision Center


45415 Dulles Crossing Plz Sterling, VA
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Jason B.

The doctors are great and the price is right.

Most of the optometrists in this area love to slip in hidden fees here and up-charges there. It is not so at the Walmart Vision Center. The prices are clearly listed in the store and also in the vision center. There are no surprises.

There are two optometrists on staff, Doctors Kim and Morgensen. Both are nice and professional. As the practice itself does not dispense glasses or contacts directly (that is handled by the broader store's optical department), there is no incentive to sell you on gimmicks. You get what you need, and will work best for you.

Scheduling is pretty easy. On some days, they can even accommodate walk-ins.

They accept a variety of insurance plans, but even the listed prices are a deal.

Save yourself some surprises elsewhere, and stop in with them for your vision care needs.


Weinstein Eye Associates


RR 301 Waldorf, MD
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Joshua W.

My wife went by while I was at work and they produced my glasses. I would like to keep my current 1 star rating. They still suck.

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Yvette D.

If there were an option for negative stars, I would give it. I first came to see Dr. Aaron
Weinstein after I experienced blurred vision in Jan. 2010. He told me that I had a Posterior Vitreous Detachment, which he assured me was very common and not a problem unless iI noticed a sudden change in vision such as new floaters. I experienced what seemed like hundreds of new floaters on March 12, 2010, along with some loss of vision. I called Weinstein Ass. Immediately to tell Dr. Aaron Weinstein the new developments in my vision. He was booked and would not see me until the following day. His wife, Dr. Melinda Weinstein saw me on March 13th and diagnosed a retinal detachment, for which I had emergency surgery at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore. Now that I know more about retinal issues, I know that Dr. A. Weinstein should have suggested that I have cryopexy, or freezing of the PVD, to avoid a full detachment. Knowing my retinal history, he should certainly have seen me as an emergency visit the day I first called with complications. I probably shouldd have sued him for medical malpractice.

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James L.

Ordered an item but did not get it when promised. Checked with other eye glass businesses and found them to be much cheaper for the same item. Requested a discount but was offered only a small one. I requested my money back and they required a 20% restocking fee even though I never had possession of it. In the end they did refund all of my money. Based on that I changed the rating to two stars.

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Lisa J.

I received three phone calls on 2/12 to confirm my 2/13 appointment and that they planned to be open. The receptionist made sure to confirm that IF the office closed early due to inclement weather on 2/13, they would CALL ME to reschedule. Well--no call received, so I figured they must be open. I called their office twice today (because I don't want to be charged a penalty for not showing up for my appointment) and their phone greeting says "Hi -sorry we can't answer your call right now because we are helping another patient right now and cannot answer your call. Please leave a message and we will call you right back...." I even call to say I'm running late cause of the weather-same message. I arrived at their office at 2:40 PM on 2/13 and see a sign on their door "OUR OFFICE WILL BE OPENING 2/13 AT 12PM DUE TO INCLEMENT WEATHER".

Guess what... THEY'RE CLOSED! How professional. Now I get to drive back home in that inclement weather that they could not make it through today and I get to call and schedule a new appointment at THEIR convenience. (Seriously-I understand the decision to close due to weather but you could not call customers to notify them or even change your greeting? Was that too much to ask after notifying customers multiple times of your intent to be open and to notify of closures???).

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