Yau Thomas H


8630 Fenton St Silver Spring, MD
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Kitrina H.

Dr. Yau makes you feel rushed and uncomfortable in his office. He pushed me to have an MRI done when it was unnecessary. When I was hesitant and questioned him about why I needed an MRI done for a eye pain he failed to give me an adequate explanation. He said it was exploratory and that may explain the cause of the pain if it was related to the brain. I felt pressured to go to Bethesda MRI where he had a friend that he called in a "favor" for. I was seen immediately on the same day, but charged $3,500 that I had to pay up front because Dr. Yau's office and Bethesda MRI did not check with my insurance carrier first, despite repeatedly asking them to prior to leaving the office. In the end, I went to another eye specialist and got a second opinion, the result was the MRI was unnecessary, and nothing other than time itself would heal my eye pain. I wasn't even given eye drops. I would not recommend this doctor unless you are someone indecisive and has a lot of $$$ for unnecessary procedures.


Your Eyes Opticians

Eyewear & Opticians

1520 Rockville Pike Rockville, MD
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Joe B.

I felt way too much pressure from the sales staff to buy my prescription there. I found other sales staff from other establishments to be more helpful in finding an affordable option. I was able to reduce my contact lens cost by 1/2 with the help of another business. I really suggest you look into other options before you consider shopping here.

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Jenifer W.

As many noted Dr. Kellner is fantastic. He loves his job, loves what he does for a living and very pleasant man. I would give him a 5 star rating.. HOWEVER,,, his office staff- middle-age possibly Indian women was AWFUL! She has the WORST, no customer service at all. I had to call several times to check on my order, she was just as rude over the phone. I asked her for her assistance when I was there and she was no help. She made me feel I was inconveniencing her with my questions. HELLO LADY, your paid to provide a services! I will never provide them with business again. I really question why Dr. Kellner keeps her around? She has to hurt his business. I visited the office 2 times, and made my husband return on the 3rd time to pick up my lens. He too felt she was incredibly rude. She rolled her eyes, was very short with him.

I will not be returning to that store, I am actually paying more for frames elsewhere because I can't imagine having to spend 5 min there again.

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Ian A.

Their Optometrist, Dr. Kellner, is a fantastic doctor. He is caring, knowledgeable, and a great individual. The optician, however on two separate occasions caused us to question her ethics. It was the worst customer service experience I can remember. She tried to sell us contacts for 50% over what you can purchase them elsewhere. She ordered the wrong prescription, "forgot" to issue a credit she promised to issue, and was outright rude when I brought the lenses back for a refund. I've never posted a negative review of a store - but she earned it.

I give Dr. Kellner 5 stars (he is a master at fitting contact lenses). I give the store 1 star (since 1 is the lowest score you can give). Get the exam from Kellner, but avoid buying any products from the store.

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June F.

Horrible. Your Eyes violated my trust as a patient. The optician said my exam was not covered by my insurance, and it was. Made me pay out of pocket. Optician would not fix the problem, despite several calls from me and my insurance company. The optician refused to give me a prescription for contact lenses. She said I had to buy something there first. BY FEDERAL LAW an eye care provider MUST GIVE A CONTACT LENS OR EYEGLASS PRESCRIPTION AFTER EXAMS ARE COMPLETE. Violation of this federal law is grounds for filing a complaint with the FTC. (The link below has a description of the laws and how to complain.)

The Maryland Attorney General can help with consumer complaints.

Montgomery County can also assist.

A message to Your Eyes Opticians -- TRUTHFUL FREE SPEECH IS PROTECTED BY LAW -- Maryland's Anti-SLAPP Statute, 5-807. This description reflects the true experience of the reviewer with Your Eyes.

In response to Your Eyes' claim that they have not been paid -- She made me pay out of pocket for my exam (3x what I have seen insurance pay). I never received a refund from her for that amount. The BBB complaint was closed, because it wasn't worth the stress for me to continue pursuing it. It wasn't "thrown out" (as claimed by Your Eyes) because of any findings by BBB.

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Peter M.

As a followup to my review I didn't expect any apologies, but not surprisingly the store manager/owner sent me a response email which read " Why would like to be such a lying malicious person.I guess hell would be waiting for you with open arms." .... =0!!!!
I will leave it up to the public to draw their own conclusion.
Thank you.

PS Please note that my previous review does not reflect any opinion in reference to Dr. Kellner which unfortunately I haven't had the pleasure to meet and I've been told, is a gentleman and a scholar.