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Apex Optical

Eyewear & Opticians

10317 Westlake Dr Bethesda, MD
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Alan M.

Some say Apex Optical provides highest quality service but is very expensive. I would suggest that Apex provides highest quality service and is not expensive. Let me explain.

I will have cataract surgery in 8 months. My opthalmologist gave me a prescription for new eyeglasses and suggested his own optician who is conveniently located right in the opthalmologist's office. That optician quoted me a price of $405 for two lenses.

Then I went to Apex. The optician at Apex said it would be foolish to buy new lenses now because as soon as I have my cataract surgery, I would need a new prescription. He said that since my present eyeglasses work well, I should just wait until right after my surgery. Then, he would put in two plain lenses for one month (at no charge) and then my opthalmologist would give me a new prescription which Apex would fill for $418.

Apex just saved me hundreds of dollars. So, in my book, their honesty and professionalism makes me trust them.. They just saved me about $400 - so in my book they are not expensive.

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Debby L.

I have purchased two pairs of glasses here; the staff are very knowledgable, and take the time to make sure that your glasses fit as perfectly as possible. They are pretty expensive, however, and most of the frame selection is "fashion forward", mostly for a younger demographic. If you're looking for hip, up-to-date specs, give them a try!

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Gerry B.

So helpful and they remember us every time we come in to get my sons glasses adjusted.
They could rent out their associates to other businesses on how to treat customers and providing service.

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La G.

Apex Optical in Bethesda is one of the best optical stores in the Washington, D.C./Montgomery County area in terms of great customer service. The staff are all knowledgeable professionals and well-trained in explaining what the different options are for materials, lenses and style, and if you want, they will help guide you in choosing which frames you look best in. The store also has top quality eye wear (many European brands) you don't see at the chains. I was very impressed with the entire experience. While the prices may be a bit higher than the chains, the personalized, patient customer service and choices you'll see are definitely worth it!

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Kathy C.

I have been going to Apex opticals for 4 years now. I could not imagine going anywhere else. The staff is friendly, extremly knowlegable and honest., The selection is second to none. While on the pricey side it is worth every penny after all glasses are the first thing people notice. I always get compliments when I am wearing the glasses I got at Apex!


AP Eye Care

Optometrists, Eyewear & Opticians

9665 Main St Fairfax, VA
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Tracy C.

This eye clinic used to be Wright Eyes, which was headed by the very excellent Dr. Dean Wright. Dr. Phan took over the business when Dr. Wright retired, but my family and I stayed on because I was assured that they would still accept Tricare. I set two general check-up appointments, approximately six weeks apart, for me and my daughter. Before each appointment, they happily accepted our insurance information with nary a comment. It wasn't until we received our bills that we learned that Dr. Phan did NOT in fact accept Tricare. Dr. Phan was listed as a Tricare in-network provider, and I was repeatedly assured of this. When we last spoke to Tricare, we were told that this wasn't an isolated case and that Dr. Phan had stated she has no intention of becoming a Tricare provider because "they don't pay me enough." Had I known this, I definitely would have found another provider. Dr. Phan spent the majority of each appointment trying to convince me to order contact lenses from her. Not once did she mention not accepting Tricare, even though she was RIGHT THERE when we checked in with our insurance information. I do plan to file a grievance over Dr. Phan's shady tactics. Dr. Wright's active duty/retiree/dependent patients who remained with the clinic should beware.


A Visual Affair


150 Congressional Ln Rockville, MD
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Roy S.

A new optical has opened in Rockville in the place of the old Village Eye Center which closed down earlier this year.

They have kept the original fixtures and the look of the place is very similar to what was there before. It is cleaner and newly painted which is nice. The guy who was inside was helpful while I looked around at glasses.

They have only been open for a little while so the Doctor is not there very often. They will take all insurances which is good. They have nice frames but nothing that is very unique or hard to find. Lots of known brands.

I hope they do well.

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Zoey P.

I searched the interwebs for a good eye place relatively close to my home and hopefully covered by insurance. Turned out their website does list the new Rockville (Congressional Plaza) office! Wow, this place was a VAST improvement over the Myeyedr, who I originally went to and found out was just awful.

As always, THANK YOU YELPERS for the introduction to AVA.

I wandered in on a WEDNESDAY evening for my initial appt with Dr. Bindal. The optician was friendly and I was immediately brought in to see the good doctor, who spent the better half of a half hour listening to me talk about the devil that is gas permeable (read: hard contact) lenses. He then explained ALL of my options and the pros and cons of them all. Unlike other places, I didn't feel like I was being sold to, but rather custom fitted for the best ocular option out there.

In one visit, I popped in (read: had to have the young man pop in this newbie's eyes), a new pair of contacts, for a week's test drive, and was merrily on my way, within the hour. I came back a week later (again, conveniently on a mid week evening) and being only 98% satisfied by the visual clarity, was prompted by Dr. Bindal to try another pair, just slightly adjusted. A week later, 100% clear, I was in love with soft contacts. I put an order in, and walked out, thanking the A.V.A. crew for a great experience.

But it didn't end there. (In)conveniently, I left my brand spankin' new lenses at my family's house, right before a major business trip. Bespectactled for a business meeting? No thank you! Dr. Bindal and his staff didn't hesitate to give me a trial pair to hold me over until my new lenses arrived (while I was out of town). *

+ **they also gave me receipts and info for a cash-back rebate**


Get your glasses and lenses right here folks. Hometown feel with hot-stuff glasses, phenomenal service near the metro!!


Amanda N Hale Od


1635 N George Mason Arlington, VA
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Brent W.

Dr. Hale has been exceptional for me. I see her once per year for diabetes follow-up and she maintains an incredible history. She has given great support on not only the diabetic follow-up, but also in care of my eyes as I have progressed to bifocals.


Amy Kotecha, MD

Ophthalmologists, Optometrists, Laser Eye Surgery/Lasik

Virginia Square, 3801 N Fairfax Dr Arlington, VA
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Maria B.

I saw her several times during the summer of 2010, first for a check up and then for dry eye issues. After she tried to hard sell me on getting what I though was an unecessary and expensive medication for my dry eyes, I decided to go with a different doctor.

Unfortunately she has re-emerged. After a year and a half, all of a sudden I have received a bill from her, dated November 2011. This is the first time I have received a bill from her, yet it says "second notice." To figure out how in the world I could stil owe her money, I called the number of the "biller," which goes to what sounds like a personal voice mail and is unintelligible. Nobody has called me back from that number. I also have tried to call her office several times to address this problem. Surprise surprise, I haven't gotten a call back from them either.

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J K.

Dr. Kotecha has been my opthamologist for over three years and I've only received the highest quality of advice and treatment from her. I would not hesitate to recommend her for any eye treatment. I see her every four months to monitor a partial loss of vision from my neglecting high glaucoma readings that occurred before I chose her for my doctor. Her staff has always been professional and seem qualified to perform the necessary exams I take before she does a thorough analysis of my eyes.

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Jillian C.

I feel compelled to write a review since for some reason Dr. Kotecha has a really low rating despite being one of my favorite doctors. There are a lot of 4 and 5 star reviews that are hidden for some reason.

I've been seeing Dr. Kotecha for years and she has been wonderful. She is very knowledgeable and sympathetic (other eye doctors have been really rough with me and my eyes are sensitive - Dr. Kotecha takes her time and is understanding when my eyes are reactive). She has diagnosed issues that other eye doctors have missed. I saw another doctor when I was in a bind once, but he didn't fix the issue at all - Dr. Kotecha caught and diagnosed it very quickly and I was back to normal. She's very patient with questions and explains things thoroughly. She definitely really cares about her patients and wants to help.

I haven't had the issues with the staff that others have experienced here. They are friendly and have been helpful with paperwork and scheduling. Sometimes there is a bit of a wait when I arrive, but usually I am seen by the doctor within 10-15 minutes of arrival, which is pretty quick for a doctor's office.

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Abigail M.

I have been to Dr. Kotecha's office and it's ALWAYS a pleasant experience. She is a wonderful doctor and really cares about her patients. She is very thorough, kind and always friendly. Same goes for the staff, very nice and helpful!
I have and will continue to recommended her to family and friends!

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Philip K.

Dr Kotecha has cared for me for four years, demonstrating technical knowledge, compassion, and flexibility. She communicates clearly, explaining complicated issues in lay terms without condescension. I appreciate that she will lay out options (e.g. meds vs. surgery) without attempts at upselling. I recommend her without hesitation.

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